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Is Astrology a Science?

To answer this question, we must first know the answer to the question “What is science?” At the moment, the definition of science is a coherent set of knowledge with its own laws and subject to being verified through experimental methods.

Astrology, for its part, is based on ancient knowledge of how the Universe functions and on the human psyche. It makes use of the knowledge of astronomy and of ephemerides (precise tables describing the movements of celestial bodies). It also uses mathematical formulas. At the same time, it unifies the knowledge of geography, psychology and mythology...

Moreover, it is subject to the laws of physics and does not contradict the laws of the Universe.

So far, two of the three principles defining the concept of science have been satisfied. We still, however, need to respond to the question, “Can the information that astrology discovers be verified through experiments?” The answer to this question is both yes and no.

The events predicted by astrology for a person, a people or a state can be compared with the events of the past. Likewise, the description of your character can be verified. Therefore, one can, for instance, prove through an individual’s experience that a group of hostile planets found in the seventh house of his horoscope will bring about problems in his marriage, with his business partners and with the law. However, no one can yet explain why this functions in this way, why a group of hostile planets in that part of the heavens corresponding to this person’s seventh house happens to manifest itself in his or her marriage and not in other areas of his or her existence.

According to what we have said so far, astrology resembles science but is not a science because all of its postulates and its laws cannot be demonstrated through experiments. It is not possible to explain why at the time of birth, this or that planet (e.g. the Sun) being situated in this position or another in the Heavens (e.g. at the Zenith) causes character traits one can know in advance. In our example: charisma, leadership skills and popularity.

According to my research so far in the fields of astrology, physics, metaphysics and psychology, the answer is to be found in the interaction between the energy-informational field of the planets and that of the individual.

On the other hand, for any teaching to be accepted as science, it is necessary for its laws and knowledge to be verified through experience. Thus, it is not logical that psychology be accepted as a science and not astrology because the issues that psychology deals with (e.g. feelings, complexes, attention and phobias) are related to a person’s intimate experience. Now, these feelings and states of mind cannot be experimentally demonstrated nor measured. Moreover, here the following issue comes up: does the fact that we cannot currently explain a certain phenomenon (at our level of consciousness and technological development) necessarily mean that there is none and that there is no influence?

– Why can’t we demonstrate the laws of astrology through experiments?

Consider what I am going to say here as simple thought on the topic, which does not mean it is entirely correct. In my view, most of the answer is probably to be found in the way the human brain works. More precisely, we know that the brain is divided into two hemispheres: right and left. While the left hemisphere is responsible for the right part of the body as well as for our reason and logic, the right hemisphere is responsible for our emotions, creativity and intuition. It records our experiences of the subjective and spiritual world and is also responsible for the left part of the body.

It has been shown that people are in harmony with themselves and open to knowledge of the spiritual world only when their right and left hemispheres are equally at work. This happens when the brain is functioning at a frequency between 7 and 14 Hz (ideally 10 Hz) at the alpha level. This is the frequency at which our brain naturally operates before falling asleep, as we wake up and whenever we are daydreaming. This is the frequency at which children’s brains between the ages of 7 and 14 operate. Later, as we grow up and accumulate a variety of information from education and people around us, we increasingly use faster frequencies. This is why more than 90% of adults in the world, according to José Silva’s research, use only their right hemisphere which functions at a frequency of around 21 Hz.

Once this is established, what Jesus meant by saying that the kingdom of Heaven belongs to children becomes clear. To be in harmony with the Universe and its laws and to become united with the Divine within, people must do everything within their power so that their brain functions like a child’s, at a frequency of 10 Hz. This can be achieved through prayer and meditation. Then, without willing it, information regarding how nature and the Universe function will be revealed that was previously hidden and had remained a mystery. We say that such a person is a seer and is enlightened. In fact, everyone is enlightened at birth. Afterwards, in the course of their development, everyone learns to become blind to the true nature of the world surrounding them.

– Has it always been like this?

Certainly not. During certain eras of the development of the human species, people were in closer contact with nature and the Divine within. These people were developed at all levels and were in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Their brains practically always functioned at the alpha level. Therefore, their left and right hemispheres remained in balance. Astrology originates precisely from this period (in my view, the epoch of Atlantis) when the knowledge of science (the left hemisphere) was not separated from that of art, religion and mythology (the right hemisphere). In point of fact, these forms of knowledge constituted a unity revealing how the Universe functions as well as how the people inhabiting the Universe operate. This knowledge disappeared when Atlantis was destroyed, an event that, according to astrology, took place three eras (6,480 years) before the beginning of the first civilization known to us—that of the Sumerians. This means that, with the exception of ancient Egypt and Greece, humanity has been living in darkness for more than 15,000 years. Certain scientists and priests living at that time succeeded in recovering some of the knowledge of Atlantis, thus bringing a ray of light into the consciousness of humanity.

In our own civilization, this separation occurred in the 17th century, when the discovery of scientific laws began to undermine the foundations of religion. For the religious authorities of those times, what could not be demonstrated through concepts of the laws of nature already known represented a miracle, something that had to be accepted as the work of God and not to be investigated any further. On the other hand, for scientists, what could not be measured did not exist and therefore was not worthy of being studied. Moreover, scientists did not want their lack of knowledge to be used abusively by religion. Therefore, the Royal Society (founded in 1660) promulgated an edict separating religion from science. Thus, scientists showed that they were quite similar to religious dogmatists since they turned science into the religion of skepticism. It was then that Edmond Halley, apparently as a joke, told Isaac Newton that he liked astrology too much. To which the king of physics and astronomy wisely responded, “I have studied these things—you have not.”

– Does the problem lie in science? Should it perhaps revise certain of its conceptions and how science itself is defined?

Fortunately, contemporary science is going in this direction. While several centuries ago only prophets spoke by means of paradoxes, and paradoxes were considered errors by science, the situation today has changed. By studying phenomena such as the nature of light, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetism, and the theory of relativity, among other things, science has begun to accept the paradoxical nature of reality. Light, for instance, is simultaneously a wave and a particle. Electrons are invisible but the result of their directed movement is visible (electricity). Similarly, is it true that God does not exist just because we cannot see Him, even though we sense His influence? Do the stars have no effect on people just because we cannot explain how it is they affect us? Or are we perhaps witnessing the reunification of science and religion? In fact, astrology foresees that science and religion will again unite their respective forms of knowledge in the course of the Age of Aquarius.

Therefore, in order to have true answers to much of what is so far not known, that astrology may be recognized as a science, we will have to wait until the true reunification between scientific knowledge and religious knowledge takes place in the course of the next 2,160 years, in the Age of Aquarius.
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