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Why is it that the positions of the constellations do not correspond to the signs of the Zodiac bearing the same name?

This is one of those key trump cards that the detractors of astrology love to play. In so doing, they are trying to show that the data astrology uses are inaccurate and by nature non-scientific. But please hold on a minute! There is an explanation for everything.

In this case, we are dealing with a confusion that has occurred because of scientists who, convinced of the superiority of Hellenic culture, naively believed that it was the source of our entire civilization. Scientists believed that Plato (428/427–348/347 B.C.) had discovered precession and that the Zodiac dates from the same period, at a time when the vernal point was located in Aries. In fact, from approximately the year 2000 B.C. up until the year 221 of our own era, the Sun entered into the Aries constellation of at the time when the spring equinox occurred, coinciding with the 30 degree interval of the ecliptic that corresponds to the sign of Aries. However, is not permanently the case. This rule repeats itself once every grand year (25,920 years) and it will be the case once more in approximately 24,000 years. Because of precession, the Sun today enters the sign of Aries when the spring equinox occurs but, in fact, the constellation of Pisces is now located there. Nevertheless, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun always arrives at 0° of the ecliptic (the astrological sign of Aries) on March 21st, marking the beginning of spring. In other words, spring always begins on March 21st regardless of the constellation to be found at that moment in the background of the celestial vault. The most important thing is that in both cases the Sun is located in the same place.
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