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Why there is no such thing as a daily horoscope

The vast majority of daily newspapers worthy of the name try their best to include a daily horoscope in their last page. Then, in the style of Marie-Antoinette who, unaware of other people’s problems, advised them to eat cake if they had no bread to eat, these same newspapers that are incapable of protecting you from pages filled with violence, hunger, crime and injustice will offer you, at the very end, a “piece of cake” known as the daily horoscope.

There, under the caption “Love,” it says that a passionate adventure awaits you when the truth is your relationship of three years is falling apart. Under the caption “Work”, you can read something about your “brilliant career” just as you are being laid off. As far as your Health goes, your horoscope assures you that you are in great shape when in fact you are in bed with a severe fever.

Then, convinced that astrologers are people who make things up and, depending upon your character, you will either continue reading your daily horoscope just for the fun of it or else you will quite simply ignore this page in the future.

– Do astrologers lie?

Unless you see the full name and picture of the author on the page, it is very likely that the horoscope was not written by an astrologer. Moreover, astrologers who wish to maintain their good reputation will never sign a daily horoscope.

– Why?

Because they know that such a thing does not exist.

Ruled by the principle of Hermes Trismegistus “what is below is like what is above, what is inside is like what is outside,” astrologers follow the movements of celestial bodies and try their best to foresee, through them, future events in the lives of an individual, a group, a nation or state.

– Why is astrology unable to foresee the events of every new day?

To explain this, we should bear in mind the mechanics of celestial bodies. We know that the Earth is constantly moving around its axis and around the Sun and that all the planets are permanently moving around their axes and around the Sun. Our galaxy (the Milky Way) is constantly rotating around its center. The entire universe is in a state of constant movement. For this reason, planets always have a different position and angle in relation to the Earth. Likewise, the positions of the planets in relation to one another are constantly changing. Therefore, when a planet sends its vibrations to the Earth from the part of the ecliptic corresponding to the sign of Gemini (60°-90°) or from that corresponding to the sign of Scorpio (210°-240°), the result is not the same. Similarly, the angle that the planets form among them, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° or 180°, is not without consequences. Indeed, when the angle between two planets is 60° or 120°, the vibrations between them are compatible and complement one another. On the other hand, if the angle between these two planets is 90° or 180°, such vibrations hamper each other, are incompatible and in conflict.

To be able to foresee the image of the sky and the angles that the planets form between them, we need to know how fast they are moving.

Thus, the fastest body is the Moon which, even though it is not a planet, due to its proximity has a strong influence on the Earth and on everything that lives on it. The Moon revolves completely around our planet in about 28 days. As the Earth’s satellite, it goes around the Sun at the same speed as the Earth and, like the Earth, makes a complete orbit in 365.25 days.

Mercury’s orbit around the Sun requires 88 days. As for Venus, it needs 225 days. Mars revolves around the Sun in one year and 322 days, Jupiter in 11 years and 315 days, Saturn in 29 years and 267 days, Uranus in 84 years and 7 days, Neptune in 164 years and 285 days and Pluto in 248 years and 157 days.

If one relates this to the time it takes each planet to cross one Zodiac sign (30° of the ecliptic) and to change the image of the sky as seen from any point on Earth, we get the following results:

  • Mercury, the fastest of all the planets, crosses a Zodiac sign in 14 days. Venus covers the same distance in 26-30 days. When it is retrograde (when it seems to be moving in the opposite direction), something that happens once or twice a year, it then requires two months to cross a sign.
  • The Sun (as seen from the Earth) covers a sign in 28-31 days.
  • On average, Mars passes through a sign in two months. Sometimes, it is faster and needs only 40 days. However, if it is retrograde, it needs up to 6 months. Besides, it is not retrograde every year.
  • Jupiter covers one sign per year on average. If it is moving faster, it can cover a sign in six months. If it is retrograde, which does not happen every year, it requires 18 months.
  • Saturn covers every sign in 2.5 years. Over the length of this period, it is retrograde two or three times.
  • Uranus covers a sign (30° of the ecliptic) in 7 years. It is retrograde every year, that is to say, 7 times in the same sign.
  • Neptune covers a sign in 14 or 15 years and is retrograde practically every year. This retrograde period can last up to 5 months.
  • Finally, there is Pluto. Its orbit is so eccentric that it sometimes requires 12 years, sometimes 25, to cover a sign. It passes most rapidly through Scorpio (12 years) and requires the longest time to pass through Cancer (25 years). It is retrograde for a period of 6 months practically every year.

– Considering all this, what type of change in the life of an individual can a variation in the position of the planets bring about in one day, the change in the relationship among them and a new image of the sky?

– The answer is: practically none.

Only the Moon could have some effect since it requires 2 to 2.5 days to cover a sign. However, this is only a drop in the ocean compared to other stronger influences of the planets.

Therefore, the shortest period during which the sky can change—the latter not always being the case—is no less than one week.

– Now that you know all of this, do daily horoscopes still appear serious to you?

From the point of view of serious astrologers, daily horoscopes are only one way of denigrating the image of astrology and of depriving it of its importance. Unfortunately, we live in an age in which money is the only god that most people worship and some are ready to discredit the profession of astrology in order to earn more money. Nevertheless, we should not be too hard on them. Let us not forget that astrologers are only human beings and that nobody is perfect, right?
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