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The Word
of Destiny

Is there a question tormenting you? Do you need to make a decision and have no one to consult with?
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A User’s Guide to Astrology Sites

You have already sought out or perhaps are thinking about using the services of an astrologer, whether directly or through a website. To protect yourself and also derive the greatest benefit from this, you should learn all you can about the astrologer who is seating across from you or who happens to be on the other side of the screen.

If the astrologer is a professional, he or she must respect the ethical code of Astrology This means that astrologers must always be aware of their own attitude, pay attention to how they present Astrology to the public, be accountable for their behavior towards their clients, always pay attention to the words they use, knowing that one word can have more dramatic consequences than a bullet from a pistol. In fact, words can live for years and cause anxiety and even poison lives. Moreover, they sometimes function in a suggestive manner. This has been very well explained by the Bosnian Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić who has written, “It would have been most fortunate had words been of the same short duration as the sound that pronounces them. Yet they go on living for years like shameful injuries, do harm, burn and poison life...”

First things first, what is the ethical code that all astrologers must respect?

  1. Astrologers must not begin creating your natal chart if the personal data that you have indicated is not precise (e.g. date, place and time of birth). If a natal chart is being created by an Astrology site, then it is your responsibility to make sure that your personal data is exact.
  2. Astrologers must commit themselves to protecting your secrets at all times and not take advantage of any knowledge concerning your psychological profile for personal gain or for other people’s profit, in particular during a person to person meeting.
  3. Astrologers, just like psychologists, do not have the right to use their knowledge of Astrology to make sexual approaches towards their clients.
  4. Astrologers must encourage the personal development of their clients, respect their autonomy and protect their interests.
  5. Given that character creates destiny and in light of their knowledge of favorable and unfavorable periods awaiting their clients, astrologers have the obligation to help their clients get through these times and draw the right lessons from them, without seeking to control their destinies.
  6. Possessing knowledge of their clients’ character on the basis of their natal charts, astrologers should reveal to them the events that their character traits could bring about as well as the chronology of these events. However, at the same time, astrologers should point out to their clients what they need to change in themselves in order to avoid negative future circumstances and to enter into a better state of attunement to the intentions of the Universe.
  7. Astrologers do not have the right to make decisions on behalf of their clients. In fact, if astrologers were to do this, they would be taking upon themselves a part of their clients’ karma. Moreover, this would hinder their clients’ development who could well be helped by going through similar experiences once more. Astrologers must thus observe and take note of the nature of the conflicts that they see in the natal chart and formulate their recommendations about the aspects their clients need to work on. At the same time, astrologers must respect their clients’ right to exercise their free will.
  8. Astrologers do not have the right to make their clients afraid of the future. Consequently, when they mention upsetting events, they must not describe them by using explicit terms such as “divorce,” “illness” and “bankruptcy.” Astrologers must mention the possibility of emotional and financial problems and focus on the causes of such problems. In fact, if individuals themselves are the creators of their personal destinies and if they know what the causes within themselves are that produce certain consequences outside themselves, then an emotional crisis does not necessarily have to result in a divorce nor does a financial crisis have to end in bankruptcy.
  9. If you request that your natal chart be compared with someone else’s (e.g. your partner’s), astrologers will take your information along with your partner’s and then comment on your compatibility and on the areas in which you are similar besides pointing out your differences and how to lessen them. Astrologers can also reveal critical periods in your relationship bound to occur in the future and how you can change your behavior in order to avoid such crises. The best thing astrologers can do is to help you draw the lessons from the unpleasant events you have not been able to avoid.
    Nonetheless, astrologers do not have the right to reveal your partner’s weaknesses nor “help” you to manipulate your partner. Furthermore, astrologers do not have the right to reveal information to you concerning your partner unless permission to do so has been granted them. (This condition cannot be totally respected when two horoscopes are being compared through a website. This is the reason why websites do not provide information as concrete and in-depth as the information obtained when meeting directly with an astrologer.)
  10. Astrologers must not knowingly create natal charts for children who are less than 18 year of age. In particular, they must not reveal this information to these children’s parents. Why? Because with such knowledge, the parents could deliberately influence their children through suggestion thereby limiting their right to exercise their own free will. On the other hand, what may seem unpleasant to the parents and could be perceived as a burden by them (for instance, a divorce or an interruption in one of their children’s studies) may be experienced as a liberation by the children.
    But when it comes to drawing up a natal chart for children who are under 18, one exception may be made solely with the purpose of helping these children in their choice of career and of helping parents educate and support them properly in their personal development. However, parents who are reluctant to impose themselves on their children and who respect their children’s needs and choices (even when they may be making a mistake) can arrive at the same results without any knowledge of their natal charts.
  11. Serious astrologers must not accept offers to do daily horoscopes, even if not accepting them were to negatively affect their personal finances.
  12. Although astrology deals with the symbolism of numbers and indicates which numbers are more favorable for each sign, this correspondence essentially concerns a symbolic level. This is why, if you happen to encounter astrologers who talk to you about lucky numbers and dates that will bring you wealth, rest assured that they are only thinking about their own fortune.
  13. Astrology does not make use of any magic formulas nor any magnetized photography with the astrologer’s energy, nor anything else of a kind. Your force is within you. However, in order to be truly strong, first it will be necessary to liberate yourself from the negative codes of your unconscious that lure you away and hinder your development. The more you overcome the negative aspects of your behavior, the more you will strengthen your relationship with the Divine within and the more you will become the creator of your own destiny. In reality, the contact between God and you is personal and does not require any intermediary.
  14. If astrologers, particularly in the context of a direct meeting, keep putting you under pressure to return for a further consultation, then rest assured that you are dealing with swindlers who only want to take more money from you. One single meeting ought to suffice for you to gain a global overview of yourself and your future. The consultations should take place once or twice a year at most and only when you are facing key moments in your life, when you find yourself confronted with a problem or a dilemma. Swindlers know how to take advantage of everyone’s deep desire to hear something pleasant about themselves and will want you to come back more often.
  15. According to the Faculty of Astrological Studies, which was founded in England in 1948, the last rule of the code of ethics is that, in view of the fact that the work of astrologers requires knowledge of numerous sciences, their fees should correspond to those of a highly-educated specialist. All the more so since people do not value spiritual work as long as its worth is not expressed in dollars and cents.
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