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Nine commandments for surviving in the midst of the world’s economic crisis

Secretary of Propaganda, later of Culture, André Malraux, (1901-1976), experienced writer, adventurer, and French statesman, in 1955 declared that “the 21st century will be religious or it will not be.”

Malraux was not thinking at that time that the crazy race towards spirituality which prevailed throughout the nineties is what will save the world. Nonetheless, one must recognize that the time period between 1995 and 2008—it during which Pluto, the planet of metamorphoses, has traveled over the sign of adventuresome Sagittarius, so thirsty for spirituality—is one that has definitely seen an increased interest for spiritual literature by the public. In quest of exoticism or of the meaning of existence, more and more people follow courses and workshops proposing an instantaneous, over the week-end enlightenment. Others practice diverse techniques and spiritual disciplines destined to improve health and the quality of life. Some people get interested in alternative medicine, in astrology, in Feng Shui or in Yi Jin. Nonetheless, exceptions put aside, most people do so in search of new contents to help them overcome the emptiness hollowing their lives, some in order to live in tune with the spirit of the times and others still just in order to “be with it”.

Nevertheless, Malraux’s idea is far more profound and serious than such flirtations with spirituality. This is what the second part of his phrase “the 21st Century will be religious or it will not be” reveals. In other words, humanity is at the crossroads. Either we truly get the message that is to be found in the ancient texts, message of love, brotherhood and altruism, or else we will destroy one-another. The people of the 21st Century will discover the power of love or else they will be unable to survive.

At least as far as I know, the Russian healer Sergei Nikolaevitch Lazarev took one first serious step in this direction when he offered a recipe for humanity’s self healing. In his series of books “Diagnostics of Karma”, Lazarev reveals the secret power of love and of faith in God where treating illnesses is concerned, even the most serious ones.

Inspired by his texts, by the Bible and by numerous other jewels of spiritual literature, I have defined the following nine commandments. They will contribute to our survival throughout the years of uncertainty and profound changes that await us.

  1. Behave as if you were going to live a thousand years of abundance, but be ready for the time when the crisis strikes at your door.
    In order to do this it is not advisable to rely solely on any one thing and to look for security exclusively in money, work or family. Should such a support mechanism shift, we will easily fall out of step.
    In other words, do not wait until you have lost your job; instead, think ahead of time about other possible sources of income. Think about your hidden talents. It may be that you know how to sew, how to fix the plumbing, make excellent cakes, how to paint. It may be you practice a certain sport, know mathematics, physics or foreign languages. Try changing your hobby into a money-maker.
    Further, you will have to understand that your support mechanism cannot be material. It just so happens that what is material can be lost, stolen or destroyed. Hence, choose a point of support that is eternal and constant such as faith in God is. But in any case, you must know that there is a difference between believing in God and having faith in God.
    When one has faith in God, one cannot fear the future.
  2. Be open to the new and do not miss the old.
    During the next 14 years, Pluto in Capricorn will bring about radical changes in our way of life, in our working conditions and in the way the family unit operates. This is the reason why, in order to better survive the inevitable changes that are foreseen for the world, we will have to liberate ourselves from notions, projects, ways of thinking, desires and expectations that have been ours so far.
    Not to have expectations in relation to others will be a sure sign that you are on the right path. Not accepting traumatizing situations leads to aggression against ourselves and others, as well as to a shut down of our informational system, thus leading to degradation and self-destruction.
  3. Develop a sound existential philosophy. Learn to adapt and to be modest.
    Only whosoever has a sound existential philosophy can overcome his or her trials. In the coming years, changes (in climate, politics or the economy) will be frequent and unexpected. Only those able to adapt to new situations will manage to overcome them. This is why we must learn to see life as a chain of uninterrupted losses of those worldly values to which our soul hangs on. From the point of view of evolution, this is something indispensable in order for us to learn to gather in our soul the love that will help us heal.
    Simultaneously, we will have to accept that, by means of our thoughts, we are the sole creators of our reality. When we think positively, we attract positive people and events. Thus, be aware of your thoughts. Attack your negative thoughts at their very root, whether they have to do with others, with yourself, with the world that surrounds you or with the future.
    The man of the future will have to be at once a saint and a businessman.
  4. Do not answer evil with evil.
    As soon as a distasteful event comes up, the best thing to do is to keep your cool instead of panicking or looking for the guilty parties, instead of living in hatred or guilt while judging yourself and others. This is something that becomes easier to manage as we learn to recognize Divine will in everything that happens.
    It is said, besides, that God protects those who are just.
  5. Be humble, leave behind any desire to control the situation.
    The more accepting we are of a situation in our inner self, the more likely we are to oppose it in reality since by doing so we save up an energy that we can use in order to plan ahead and to change what the future brings. In other words, to know how to accept the present situation allows one to better control the future. If we attempt to control the situation we find ourselves in, our irritability and aggressiveness rise significantly and rapidly unleash sickness.
  6. Forgive those who according to you have wronged you. Keep your soul clean and try to rectify any unwholesome relationship you may be entertaining with material values.
    It is unwholesome that we, men and women, turn material values into our existential end-all, into our God. Nonetheless, the Divine is not reached through a race after material values but only once we have lost our earthly riches.
    We all know that in order to remain in good health it is necessary to maintain fine bodily hygiene. Nevertheless, few people realize that keeping one’s soul clean is even more indispensable. This is something that requires constant work on oneself. The first stage in this work is to forgive all those who have hurt us in one way or another. That will be easier for you to accomplish if you know that he who hurts others has himself been hurt. Nonetheless, to forgive does not mean that we must remain close to those who have hurt us.
    The second and most difficult stage is to forgive ourselves our past mistakes, those situations in which we have hurt others or ourselves, as well as forgiving ourselves for all the missed opportunities for showing our love. We will reach this point more easily if we accept our imperfection but remain sufficiently aware so that we will not make the same mistakes all over again in the future.
    He or she who thus purifies himself or herself often avoids, even while never becoming aware of it, the accidents that were in store for him or her.
  7. Help others whenever you can and do not expect back any material or spiritual recognition. Get involved with others, do not isolate yourself!
    When we attempt to help others, energy reserves that we would never have been able to use had we remained exclusively turned towards ourselves alone, are set free. In other words, by saving others we save ourselves.
    On the other hand, we are truly happy only as we are made more noble through love. In any case, love is the wish to give, not to take.
  8. Take time each day to evaluate the situation and to find inner peace.
    In order to attract money, our soul must learn to detach itself from it. This is the reason why you must pay attention to your expenses but never by becoming excessively thrifty. Just as blood must circulate freely throughout the organism for it to be healthy, money must circulate with ease throughout society.
    Further, being in harmony with ourselves makes us more intuitive. This makes it easier for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to become more able at solving our problems. If we think about something, that means that this is something equally present in other people’s unconscious mind.
    The idea first appears in the mind and only then are created the technical possibilities allowing to bring it about.
  9. Become aware that each moment is an opportunity to show our love for someone.
    At every moment of our lives we are making bigger or smaller decisions. Each decision is triggered either by love or by fear. Clive Staples Lewis (1898-1963), Irish writer and academic, described all this in two simple phrases: “ There is no neutral ground in the universe; every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan.”
    Consequently, if you wish to remain in harmony with the Laws of the Universe, at every turn choose what your intuition tells you to do instead of letting your intellect do the choosing. Intuition speaks the language of love, intellect the language of fear.
    In other words, we can express our pain, fear, dissatisfaction or rage in each situation, but in the depths of our soul we have only the right to love. Since once the material and the spiritual have vanished, once our life has vanished, only love will remain. It is only when everyone has deeply realized this truth that we will be able to see change coming into this world. Otherwise, the self-destruction process now unfolding will continue.
    In fact, our future only mirrors our present way of being.
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This was incredible!! The detail and insight that you give to a chart are just over the top. It is both accurate and informative. I have had charts done before, readings etc... None of them compare to the one you did - combined! I keep referring to it and it just gets better! It was a self help life guide (that’s what I’d call it). I’m making changes and understanding things about me that make sense. Thank you so very much for this gift! 

Calle Carter, USA

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