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The world economic crisis: myth or reality?

“General Motors closes its US factories, Air France will close 2,500 to 3,000 jobs between now and 2011, Opel’s management demands 4 billion euros in order to avoid firing 11,000 employees or will be forced to let go of 3,500 and to apply a drop in salaries, the National Center on Family Homelessness reveals that at present, in the United States, 1.5 million children are lacking a roof over their heads...”

No, these are not 1929 headlines in the US, nor 1933 ones in Germany. These are the media headlines across the planet today.

“The economic crisis is spreading at overwhelming speed” certain economic and financial experts confirm. Others consider that the crisis has yet to reach bottom and that it will last for years to come. Others still would like to convince us that the crisis is not real, that it is the result of fear taking over as memories of the great world recession of 1929 to 1933 are triggered off in the collective unconscious.

Similarly, astrology proposes its view of world events, but compared to other sciences it has the advantage of showing how these processes may unfold in the future.

What do the stars say? What is the reason for the world economic crisis?

Forever and ever (and even throughout the last 300 years of scientific boom), astrology stresses that the entire universe is a living organism whose parts interact. It is therefore not by chance that astrology uses the famous idea of Hermes Trismegistus according to which “What is below is as what is above. What is inside is as what is outside.” In other words, heavenly events are reflected on Earth and in the lives of those there dwelling.

Last year, in the heavens, Pluto’s transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn took place, where it will remain until the years 2023. At first sight, all this may seem trivial, but be patient and continue...

Who is Pluto?

According to mythology, Pluto (Hades in Greek) was the god of the underworld. He reigned over the soul of the dead next to his wife Persephone and owned a magical helmet that made him invisible. Pluto was more powerful than his brother Jupiter (Zeus) because his decisions were final and no soul could return to the world of the living without his permission.

In reality, Pluto is for the time being the last planet of the solar system. Astronomers can debate this issue as long as they wish: we astrologers have thousands of examples that testify as to its influence. Pluto is 6 million kilometers away from the Sun and takes 250 years to complete its journey around it.

According to astrology, Pluto is the planet of extremes and paradoxes. It spurs the death of obsolete forms and unclenches tectonic changes towards the creation of new foundations. Pluto rules the unconscious layers of the soul, affects the release of an individual’s darkest impulses and helps to enlighten him. However, this is so only after intense work on oneself and after one comes to terms with one’s lowest instincts. All this is so not only for each individual but also for all of humanity.

Pluto’s influence is felt usually after a long process of repression of painful feelings or past experiences. If the individual (humanity) does not want to face up to the darker side of his own nature, Destiny will force him to do so through the agency of problems and accidents. Then the struggle begins between the impulse to change and the old ego’s desire to preserve its past values and ideas. The depth of feeling increases until it spills over. The individual sinks to the depths, loses the strength to fight back, reconciles with his destiny and accepts the unavoidable. It is then that enlightenment is reached, that an enormous amount of psychic energy is released which previously remained imprisoned in the unconscious, and a new birth is brought about, at a higher level. The individual establishes a lasting contact with himself, with his true self, source of a strength and energy without end.

As pertains to relationships between individuals, Pluto manifests itself in the master-slave, torturer-victim, relationship. On the affective level, through outbursts of rage, fury, irritation or regret.

What will Pluto’s residence in Capricorn bring?

The key word for Pluto in Capricorn is “evolution”. Whereas Pluto destroys in order to rebuild, Capricorn is the sign of concentration and of sublimation. It represents order and limits established by laws and society. The driving force behind any of Capricorn’s activity is to become socially accepted, to attain power and money. This is why Capricornians are often to be found occupying influential positions, in politics or in the banking field. Other spheres of activity for a Capricornian, in addition, are civil engineering, mining, agriculture, industry, mechanics, natural sciences and astronomy. Even theater. Capricornians shine when it comes to writing and interpreting tragedies. They are the champions of tradition and hold a respect for history.

If one translates all this into a language accessible to all, what stands out is that the period of time until February 2024 will be particularly difficult. We will witness the collapse of the socio-economic system that we have known so far and the creation of several centers of power. We will see a change in social relationships, and the tradition of secular cults will come to an end. The principles of capitalism and of socialism should become fused, but for this to happen, changes in the laws will have to come about as will changes in our relationship to money and property. This will also result in transformations in civil engineering.

People will have to learn to link their individual ends to those of the society in which they will be living, for the good of all of humanity. In this respect, all individuals, states and nations that over-identify with their own desires, power, position or status, would be able to pursue, through every means at their disposal, the satisfaction of their own standards of living.

People will have to learn to assume responsibility for their own actions. Individuals, states and nations that manipulate others in this lapse of time will have to confront their feelings of shame and make it up to those they have wronged. Otherwise, Destiny will prevent them from reaching their selfish ends.

It could happen that changes will come about in the field of mining. More specifically, certain metals or minerals could be deemed more precious than gold because of their greater utility, something that will cause fast advancement for the states possessing them. Probably the massive production of motors that work without gasoline will begin, something that will carry with it changes in industry and agriculture.

New discoveries in astronomy will throw a different light on the structure and functioning of the Universe. Perhaps the two planets missing from the solar system will be discovered so that the solar system will be complete, something that will have consequences for astrology.

Science may undergo a total change of systems and units of measurement thus far employed.

In the medical field, scientists will explore alternative healing methods in view of the fact that the medicines used, in particular antibiotics, will lose their effectiveness more and more. The entrance of Neptune into Pisces as of the year 2011 will very likely gear medical research towards new discoveries concerning the influence of water and prayer on a person’s health. Success may come about in the use of new narcotics and their derivatives for therapeutic ends. The latter does not exclude in any way the eventuality that the number of drug addicts will grow. It is equally likely that the number of those wanting to change their gender by means of surgery will rise.

New historical truths will be discovered and the history of the world is to be rewritten.

The family will increasingly distance itself from tradition, adapting to the new times. The children to be born will stand out by their patience, perseverance, their sense of organization, ambition and their capacity as leaders. As an example, let us take Beethoven and Napoleon, born during the preceding passage of Pluto through Capricorn, between 1762 and 1778.

Who will feel these changes the most?

First of all, natives of Capricorn followed by those individuals whose ascendant is in Capricorn, the Cancerians, Librans and Arians. The same goes for all those countries under Capricorn’s influence: the United Kingdom, Mexico, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Albania, certain parts of Greece (the islands in particular), Bosnia, Serbia, India, Afghanistan, Lithuania, Siberia and Tibet.

Israel as well, which some ancient astrological sources describe as a county under the influence of Capricorn and Aries.

Macedonia today finds itself under the sign of Virgo (September, 8 1991). However, in various astrological sources, it finds itself under the sign of the Lion, probably because of the symbolism of its coat of arms and flag back in the days of Alexander the Great. Further, Macedonia is also seen to come under the influence of Capricorn (Charles Carter and Raphael) probably due to its mountainous configuration.

Changes will be particularly marked as of mid 2011, when rebellious Uranus will enter the sign of bellicose Aries, utopian Neptune into Pisces, and Saturn—the enforcer of destiny—into the sign of diplomatic Libra. By comparison, as long as Uranus was in Aries, between 1928 and 1934, technology, aeronautical construction and military industry made their headway at the global level. During the time of Neptune’s previous transit into Pisces, from 1847 until 1861, Marx and Engels wrote their Communist Party Manifesto, the California gold fever began, Darwin published his Theory on Natural Selection, the second opium war put France and the United Kingdom on a head-on collision against China, the first petroleum drillings were carried out, the beginnings of oceanography were seen and opium derivatives began finding their use in medicine.

Will the changes be positive or negative?

The beauty of astrology lies in its ability to reveal predispositions relative to a specific event as well as the reasons for them, but it does not give any readymade solutions nor exact answers. Why? Because, just as an individual’s fate changes with the transformations that his character undergoes, the destiny of an entire people depends on their degree of collective awareness, their wisdom and powers of adaptation.

What was going on in the world the last time that Pluto was in Capricorn?

In order to be able to say with certainty to what extent astrological foresights are realized, we must establish a comparison with what is known to us. The best thing to do in this respect is to go back in time in order to see what was happening worldwide (on the political, economic and social levels) as Pluto traveled through Capricorn on the previous occasion. This happened between 1762 and 1778. Throughout this period, America declares its independence. In England, James Watt invents the steam engine and unclenches the industrial revolution. In France, it is the end of the reign of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Throughout the rest of the world, people’s disgust with the old order causes numerous revolts and insurrections.

In other words, the United States’ natal chart (July, 4 1776) places Pluto in Capricorn. In 2023 the latter will complete its first cycle. Because of the South Node in the sign of liberal Aquarius and of the North Node in the sign of leadership-minded Leo, the United States have played a leading role in the free world so far. Upon the completion of the Pluto cycle, the United States are now in the throws of passing their maturity test. They will pass the exam only as long as their habits of leadership undergo profound changes, their decisions assume responsibility for themselves as much as for other nations and as long as they do not impose their value system and convictions on others.

The fact that the American people have chosen a president who promises political changes, precisely in the year when Pluto has returned to Capricorn (2008), may be interpreted as a sign of their collective awareness reaching a higher level. The world should respond positively to such action. We wish to find in this event the hope of a better and more altruistic world.
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