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The Word
of Destiny

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My Vision of Astrology

“Astrology is a science,” its supporters say while its detractors declare, “Astrology is a form of superstition dating from the time when polytheistic religions held sway.” “It can help you,” its supporters maintain while its detractors firmly believe that “it is based on suggestion and allows no room for free will.” More often than not, skeptics express their suspicion with questions such as, “How can you possibly believe in your daily natal chart? Doesn’t it strike you as quite odd that you happen to share the same destiny as one twelfth of humanity?” These questions reveal a lot about those who ask them and show that people do not know in reality what astrology is all about. It is equally true that astrology has little to do with the daily natal charts that appear in newspapers. Even though the latter ones are actually written for the sake of entertainment, your natal chart (your personal natal chart) is an entirely different matter.

Natal charts are created with the help of precise mathematical calculations of the movements of celestial bodies, taking into account the date, hour and place of birth of the client. Thus, this is something just as personal and unique as your fingerprints. Believe it or not, it takes about 25,920 years before the same planetary configuration repeats itself so that another person will have the same natal chart as you.

Nonetheless, if you are reading this page, it means that, consciously or not, you have already accepted astrology and that you are looking for answers about yourself, your actions and your future.

– Astrology, can it really help you? And, if so, how?

– The answer is, yes, it can.

– How?

Throughout my long experience, I have noticed that in 99% of the cases, your natal chart will describe your character, in particular if it has not been subjected to changes in the course of your education or as a result of influence exercised by your social environment. It will indicate the positive and negative periods of your life, in particular if outstanding aspects appear. Your natal chart will also tell you about your behavior towards your parents, towards those close to you and towards authority. It will allow you to reveal your hidden talents, thereby helping you in the choice of a profession. Similarly, it will reveal the extent of your ambition or laziness, your courage or your fear as well as your charisma and passion. And most importantly, your natal chart will help you understand where you are coming from and what direction to follow in order to make use of your potential to the fullest and avoid life’s pitfalls.

In addition, your natal chart will show how you behave, what you are looking for in love and what your sexual affinities are. It may also indicate how your relationship with another person can be harmonious, in what areas you will agree with your partner, when you may expect to have problems as well as what type of problems may be involved. Your natal chart can reveal your predisposition to certain illnesses, the reason for their occurrence and the ways in which you can overcome them. It can even help you choose the most favorable moment for a medical operation. Essentially, you must know that, even if your natal chart has revealed your potential, it could remain untapped should you become lazy and not act, expecting that everything will simply fall on your lap without you having to make any effort at all. I call failed destinies and wasted lives all cases in which the chart reveals potential and talents but no effort is made to exercise them.

On the other hand, your natal chart will show with a good level of probability any possible predisposition to alcohol and drugs, to overeating, to perversion, to psychological problems, fanaticism, criminal activities and to the danger of a violent death. Likewise, your natal chart will indicate with an even greater chance of accuracy your likelihood of becoming rich, of receiving an inheritance and of winning money at games of chance. Often, the natal chart indicates whether you are physically attractive and can help you understand why certain “bad” things happen to “good” people.

However, in no case will your natal chart explain how certain events changed or will change the course of your life nor will it explain what your conception of the world is. Your natal chart will not show the influence of your milieu on your behavior nor will it indicate your current profession, the name and place of events, the color of your hair and eyes, the viruses and mental illnesses you might have or your blood type. The most important thing to know here is that your natal chart will neither reveal your longevity nor the moment of your death. In fact, with each choice we make, through each of our actions, we have the opportunity at every moment to change our destiny for the better or the worse. Here are two examples from the Bible that I believe everyone is acquainted with. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute whose behavior drove Destiny to create a situation in which she had to die stoned to death by an angry crowd. Yet, at the very instant when she became aware of her errors and truly repented, she brought about changes in her destiny, thus avoiding death and finding peace. The second example is that of Judas, one of the apostles. Living close to Jesus, he had the chance of accelerating his spiritual development and of liberating himself from all forms of earthly dependence. Nevertheless, his destiny changed as soon as he allowed jealousy for his master’s powers and his own greed to darken his reason. He thus stumbled on his path towards spiritual development, changing the course of his destiny and bringing about his own sad end. In fact, as a sage once said, there is no neutral territory in the Universe. Every square meter and every fraction of a second is either in the hands of God or in the hands of the Devil. However, the freedom to choose is always yours.

Finally, according to my experience, in 1% of the cases, even after providing the date, hour and place of your birth, your natal chart could not correspond to your character and to the events of your life at all. Why? In light of my observations, there are several reasons for this. It may be that your hereditary factors are very strong, forcing you to suppress your true personality. It is equally conceivable that a quasar strongly interfered at the moment of your birth and disrupted everything. Moreover, the natal chart is based on twelve signs and on twelve houses over which twelve planets should govern. However, two planets are still missing which would make the system complete. This is yet again another reason why description of you might show deficiencies, obscure points and errors.

– How does astrology work? How is it possible that at the moment of your birth a planet influences the formation of your character and events in your future?

In my twenty years of experience in astrology and in my quest for Truth, I have attained the following knowledge (still subject to changing) concerning the way in which the planets can affect our behavior and character. Later, our character shapes our destiny.

On the one hand, it is scientifically known that electromagnetic waves that are naturally emitted from the Earth vibrate at the same frequency as human and animal brain waves. These waves govern the biological rhythms of all living organisms and are essential to their survival. Therefore, thanks to the help of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the earth, birds, fishes and other animals are able to find their way when they seasonally migrate and know when to mate. Similarly, every planet emits its own electromagnetic waves into space. It is thus that planets influence each other and act upon Earth, everything that lives there and the human mind.

On the other hand, everything we see around us in the world (people, animals, plants, planets and stars), although made of matter, is basically a form of energy. In the past, the initiated asserted what physicists now maintain; matter is nothing other than condensed energy that has attained a visible and palpable state. Moreover, according to the laws of physics, only energy is eternal because it can neither be created nor destroyed but can only change its form. Therefore, the matter out of which our bodies and celestial bodies are made as well as everything existing in the Universe is only energy manifested in different forms.

During his lifetime, the Russian astronomer and astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev was trying to prove that time itself is a form of energy.

– If this is so, then what happens to the energy of humans after their death, if, as the laws of physics state, this energy cannot disappear?

In view of the fact that energy cannot disappear, there are indications showing that when people die, their souls (their energy-informational field) leave the physical body and migrate towards the astral plane. They then await the moment when they will materialize again.

– How many times will this occur?

As many times as may be required for one to learn to give up one’s attachment to the material world.

The laws of physics establish as fact that everything that has energy radiates. The energy radiating from people, animals, plants and even stones and planets is what the ancient books describe as the aura. Contemporary science calls it the bio-energetic field or the energy field. Therefore, not only people but planets have their own energy-informational field.

Let’s now return to the question how is it possible that at the moment of birth a planet can affect the formation of a person’s character and his or her destiny? In light of what we have just touched upon, the answer is self-evident. The energy-informational impulsions emitted by each planet are united with the energy-informational field of the baby being born, in whose field the individual unconscious as well as the unconscious of the family is to be found. Thus, the predispositions to the future development of the character are shaped. Later, the person’s character creates his or her own destiny. As proof, I will refer to insights from psychology. According to psychology, more than 90% of our reactions are directed by the unconscious, that is to say, are neither conscious nor voluntary. Indeed, the natal chart is a life script we chose before being reborn and that we carry with us in our unconscious. Hence, astrology is similar to psychology. The difference lies in the fact that the latter asserts that one’s life script is created during childhood.

– Is it then possible to influence one’s own destiny?

– Yes, of course, it is, even if this is very difficult to do because humans are creatures of habit.

To change our destiny, we need first to bring our unconscious to the surface. In fact, we must become aware of the deepest reasons behind our reactions. For instance, as soon as it becomes clear to us that the reason our boss annoys us is because he behaves like our father, with whom we have had problematic relations, then the reason for our rejection of him and his expectations will cease to exist. Consequently, instead of losing our job it could be we will get a promotion. Therefore, by changing ourselves, by modifying just one of our reactions, we are able to orient our personal destiny in a totally different direction.

Therefore, it is clear that astrology is not a fatalistic science. It uncovers your character’s qualities and flaws, revealing the deepest, unconscious reasons behind your actions and showing you the sequence of events that your disposition could bring about in your direction during the course of your existence. At the same time, your natal chart offers solutions by pointing at ways for developing all of your hidden potentials once you become aware of them, free yourself from your negative reactions and inner conflicts, and control your impulses. In other words, your higher ego must master your lower ego (your impulses) in order to become one again with its divine roots. It thus follows that your natal chart is, in fact, a set of operating instructions for working on yourself and not something fixed once and forever.

Consequently, you will perhaps notice in the description of your character certain apparent contradictions which will not confirm the high opinion that you have of yourself. These discrepancies are not due to chance. Perhaps, for the time being, they only exist in your unconscious. Nonetheless, your natal chart shows certain aspects of your character that have manifested themselves or could manifest themselves at certain periods of your life, in the aim of provoking the blows Destiny will inflict. They will drive you to work on yourself and to advance on the path leading to perfection. Therefore, the accidents, the deceptions from others, the acts of infidelity, financial losses and illnesses are not arbitrary. These are only the means by which Destiny is attempting to “treat” your soul and to correct your mistaken value system.

Likewise, your natal chart can help you to choose the most appropriate moment, methods and means to achieve a given objective. Thus, you can make the best out of yourself in any situation. Your horoscope reveals when the time is ripe to act, when not to do so, the best time to begin undertake something new whether in your professional or private life, the best date for a marriage, for starting a business and the best people to work with...

The most important thing perhaps is that, in helping you become acquainted with yourself, astrology also helps you to better know and respect the people around you. Indeed, just as much as your own, every individual’s character has its “dark” side but this does not render people unworthy of respect. In reality, we all come from the same source and are on the path towards recovering our lost perfection and reunification with God. The difference between a saint and a sinner is only an issue of time. In other words, a saint has walked more quickly along the path a sinner is still walking on. In any event, those who habitually criticize others, slander them and manipulate them remain “blind” to their own flaws and errors. In such a state, an individual is not in a position to progress in his or her personal evolution.

This is why it will be necessary for you to return to your natal chart several times. Only this way, step by step, will you be successful in elucidating a part of your unconscious codes and in discovering several truths about yourself. However, these truths will not be revealed to you until the time is right. Finally, I wish to remind you that everything you are going to read is a mere possibility. The choice always remains yours.

I wish you success and peace in your soul.
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