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How the Signs Love and Hate

How the Signs Love and Hate


Impulsive, impatient and open, you fall in love at a glance, at first sight. When you fall in love, you do so with force and passion, without thinking about the consequences. Your goal is to possess the object of your desire for at least half an hour. There is nothing wrong with such behavior until you exit from your partner’s life in exactly the same way, without a word or any sort of warning. That is why, if she wants to keep you in her arms, she will have to flatter you all the while and be marveled by all the knowledge you posses and by your muscled body. Every effort to oppose you will trigger off your rage. At such moments, the more out of sight your partner is, the better. Otherwise, not only will you offend the person you were kissing but, in the midst of all the turmoil, you will shatter anything that falls into your hands. It may be that your moments of wrath do not last very long, but they are sufficiently intense to run a chill down your partner’s spine. All the more so since you will not display an ounce of regret nor offer any excuses.


Melancholic and slow to move, you barely open your heart. However, if you take your partner into your arms and kiss her all the time, it is an unquestionable sign that you are already in love. In your case, such a feeling can last forever. You express your feelings with your tender caresses and that sad look in your eyes but are incapable of making great declarations or great promises. The problems will come up as soon as you display your jealousy and possessiveness. Nevertheless, knowing quite well that such feelings are shameful, you will never acknowledge them, even while every single cell in your body is being swamped. Since you are convinced that love comes from the stomach, you will fall hands down in adoration before your partner as soon as you are convinced of her culinary talents. However, if she rubs you off the wrong way and you decide to banish her from your life, this will certainly be forever. Your stubbornness does not allow you to compromise over your principles.


Neither love nor hate remain in your heart for very long. Whether you love or hate, you normally do so in a lighthearted and superficial way. That may be the reason why people do not take you seriously. They know even less so that the reason for such behavior comes from your Gemini nature, curious, changeable and flirtatious. However, if you are truly in love, you speak openly with your partner about your feelings and will shower him or her with presents. Nonetheless, none of that will last very long. For you, the main challenge in love is not eroticism but, instead, drawn out dialogues full of good humor and intrigue. In other words, your partner will be able to keep you interested by sharing with you the town’s latest gossip and telling you spicy jokes. For you, remaining with the arms folded and the mouth shut in your presence amounts to a capital sin and you tend to stay away from anyone who displays such behavior around you. When you despise someone, this is something that will hardly be detected since you also tend to avoid quarrels. Your tendency instead is to take revenge through gossip. In short, if you take a sudden dislike to your partner, your friends both near and afar will be able to stay up to date regarding the sizzling details of your most intimate life.


Deeply sensitive but discrete, you are truly dependent on love. However, you love and suffer in silence, keeping your feelings all to yourself. Your irresistible need for caresses and sweet endearments is a sign that you are in love. You are quite able to spend your life cooing into the pillow, in a state of amorous trance. You will open your heart to your partner in the course of a romantic walk on the beach or during a sweetheart’s dinner sprinkled with good wine, but you will only do so as long as your partner has shared his or her own feelings with you. If ever he grants himself the luxury, seemingly insignificant, of wounding you in any way, you will become his worst enemy and you will not calm down until you have avenged yourself, doing so in the most unforeseeable fashion. What is more, even after you have paid him back in his own coin, you will never forgive his misbehavior.


Theatrical, loud and cocky, whenever Cupid’s arrows pierce your heart, you advertise it at the top of your lungs so the whole world will get the picture. You do not feel any shame regarding your intense, sincere and passionate feelings, and you even express them in a pompous way. Your partner will know she has a crush on you when you begin showering her with expensive presents and visits to fancy restaurants. Entering your partner’s life through the big door, and occupying the most important place in her heart is your style. However, it is good for your partner to get the idea that you share a taste for the same things. You will pop-open your eyes at a golden piece of jewelry or other expensive presents. Even more so, your partner should be aware of the fact that you dislike monotony as much as any sort of run-of-the-mill lifestyle. And should she make the mistake of wounding your precious pride, you are most surely to bombard her with a heap of insults, turning your heels away and leaving her behind with your head propped high.


Profoundly rational and analytical, you rarely allow yourself to enter into the love arena without using your head. In fact, whenever you feel, among other emotions, that your stomach is all churned up, panic gets hold of you and you hit the “Attention!” button. However, in spite of your cold and reserved behavior, an uneasy heart in search of love beats in your chest. If someone accepts the hard task of conquering you, he will have to wait a long time and approach you a step at a time. Next, he will have to find a way of convincing you of his fidelity, his loyalty and his practical sense. You will definitely raise the white flag if he removes his shoes at your doorstep on the occasion of a first visit to your place. On the other hand, nasty words and swearing will give him only bad points. Finally, should he fall into quarreling with you, you will wait until you have returned to your own quarters before criticizing his behavior on the telephone since you fear direct confrontations.


Child of Venus, goddess of beauty and love, you hope for a perfect love and experience fulfillment only when your partner is right by your side. However, nothing in this world is perfect. That is why you are bound to make mistakes in your judgments and find yourself having to face sentimental let-downs. Still, you are ready to spend your whole life looking for the ideal partner. Once you think you have found him, you give in without too much thought. You are even ready to make sacrifices in order to maintain the idyllic image of a shared life. Whosoever wishes to conquer you will certainly succeed if he behaves gently towards you, with considerable tactfulness and attention. Even better, should he shower you with expensive and thoughtful presents. Nevertheless, should your “till-death-do-us-part” attitude cause your partner to fall into an arrogant attitude bound to hurt you, he can look forward to your revenge. By the following morning, you will do anything you have to do to be able to parade yourself before him arm-in-arm with someone else, as if he had never existed.


Those who have found themselves in your embrace at least once confirm that the love of a Scorpio is passionate and fatal. Since things for you are all either black or white, whenever you fall in love, you allow yourself to be carried in the wave of your passions and do not know how to withhold. When the next wave seizes you, possessiveness and jealousy will overcome you and you will behave in an irrational sort of way. Deep down, if you are not sure of being able to sustain your love with the same intensity always, you are ready to destroy it yourself. What is more, if your partner wishes to maintain the interest and passion you have for him, he will have to accentuate his sex appeal and mysterious aura. Similarly, he should not lose sight of the fact that with you the frontier between love and hate is very slim. If ever he should provoke your hatred, he will then be able to feel the degree of passion and of cruelty your revenge has the power to inflict. And that is not all. It is in fact only the beginning of a long torture.


Open, cheerful and calm, love to you is a game that can make everyday boredom more pleasant. Optimistic to the core, you see no reason to cover-up your feelings when you are in love. That is the reason why you love so openly. However, above all else, you love freedom. With your mind set on preserving it, you love fully but without losing your head. In other words, the person who puts you at the center of his love interests should know that he will easily win you over if he takes you on an unforgettable trip to an exotic country. You will be ready to eat out of his hand once you come to the conclusion that you have someone next to you who is cheerful and light and who accepts you just the way you are, without trying to bend you in any way, or blackmailing you or exploding with jealousy. To the contrary, his chances with you will be lowered if you notice that he sleeps for too long and enjoys dilly-dallying in bed. However, you are unable to hate. In a fit of temper, you are apt to say whatever comes into your head, but once you realize that you have hurt the person you love, you will find a way to make yourself be forgiven.


Concerned with succeeding professionally and with obtaining material wealth, you have learned to repress your feelings since you were very young, convinced as you are that giving them too much importance does not bring great happiness in life. What is even more terrible for you is that love for you goes hand in hand with rejection and suffering. However, if someone believes that you are the answer to all her dreams and has the time for it, she will have to travel a path full of thorns. Actually, your potential partner will have to spend a great deal of time and effort to get that iceberg—at the center of which your vulnerable heart is hidden—to melt away. It may be that you will open yourself up once you have become convinced of her simplicity, thriftiness and practical sense. However, you will never surrender to her entirely. Your cold behavior is proof that you are no longer in love. What is more, you hate in the same way that you love, forever.


Totally unpredictable in all areas of life, you are equally so where love is concerned. Ready at one moment to bring all the stars down from heaven for the person you love, at the next moment you may well disappear or else behave with her as if he were your best friend. However, you are ideally suited for those who seek a free and original love style. Indeed, you need freedom and you grant as much to your partner. What is more, your partner should never, ever, show you his love through his jealousy. For you it is not a proof of love. Whenever things lean on the side of anger, your partner should refrain from standing in your way during the first few minutes, while you are still in the throws of your anger and madness. Actually, if you do not immediately hurt her in any way, you will never do so.


Whenever you fall in love, which in your case is quite often, you spend days and nights daydreaming, eyes open wide, and writing poems to the object of your affection. Quite often, however, you are apt to mix together love with tears and sacrifice. In order to remain in contact with reality, you need a great deal of tenderness and understanding from your partner. However, as the fear of unrequited love looms over you, you tend to fall into a deep, chronic depression and relieve yourself by shedding buckets of tears. Whosoever wishes to conquer you must know that he will be able to keep you smoothly treading by his side if only he will whisper romantic verses in your ear. You will be left breathless if, during the summer vacations, he invites you to reveal the most secret parts of your anatomy to the blazing sun. What is more, you do not know how to hate. Your most terrible revenge is a display of disdain, convinced that such an attitude will hurt your victim’s feelings.
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