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Impulsive and impatient, you will marry most likely on a whim and only do so when experiencing a deep passion for the object of your desire. Your fiery temperament surfaces at the time of the wedding and communicates itself through the loud music, the great number of guests and your unbridled behavior. From the very first moment of your married life, you will openly show your partner that you are not about to change your behavior in any way and that you do not foresee adapting yourself to the relationship. Even when your relationship is on the skids, you will never find a way to solve your problems through dialogue. You will react more often than not with the jitters and insist that your partner apologize to you, even if she is right, and that she promises to do your will. As if all this were not enough, you will constantly stifle her with your jealousy. On your part, you will remain faithful only as long as you are feeling madly in love.


A traditionalist and a gourmand by nature, you look at marriage and the wedding party with the same eyes. Planning on four or five hundred guests, you will put the accent on food and music. In other words, no prenuptial excitement will diminish your substantial appetite. You will let one of your more witty friends do the talking while you clink glasses, all smiles. Material wealth is first and foremost in your system of values, followed by good food and sex. This is why your interest in social life will drop considerably after marriage, possibly largely due to the fact that earning money does not go hand in hand with spending and partying. While there is some risk of your marriage turning dull, you will make every effort to save it at all costs, particularly if you have children and, even more so, if you have acquired real-estate property together.


Joyful and playful, you hardly ever think of marriage as something solemn and can barely keep a serious face, even during the ceremony. Hence, you dream about throwing your wedding party at a discothèque or a park or a beach filled with people. You would like the guests to arrive and leave permanently and for someone else to pick up the tab. At such moments, transfixed by events, you are capable of promising just about anything while immediately forgetting your promise. You behave in marriage the way you do in everyday life, in a contradictory and changing way. For married life to remain interesting, something or the other must always be going on. If you begin to get bored, at first you will get the party going on your own. However, you will not last long doing so and will attempt to bring excitement into your marriage by engaging in passing affairs. If that does not work or if you get caught in the act, you will prefer divorcing rather than pretending to be happy in marriage.


For your sensitive nature, marriage puts the crowning touches on love. This is why you consider the ceremony a most particular and sacred event. You insist on a church wedding, with a small number of carefully chosen friends and relatives and an open-air reception, by the sea or by a lake. Since the home front is the key element for happiness in your marital life, you will put all your money and free time into managing and keeping up your private sanctum. You will open your doors to trusted childhood and carefully chosen friends only. Since clearly what attaches you permanently to your partner is having children, it is not so hard to imagine that marriage will seem like a barren desert to you in the absence of kids. With their future in mind, you are ready to stay within the marriage even after it no longer brings you any satisfaction at all.


You are known as the show master. This is why it is not surprising that you should turn your wedding into a Hollywood star type event. Even more so, as long as money is not an issue, you will invite to your wedding every person you feel you need to impress. You will guarantee dishes galore, the champagne will flow in streams, with waiters running from one guest to the other and, at the end, there will be fireworks and a honeymoon spent in some exotic island. Beyond the fact that the memory of the sensational beginnings of your marriage will live with you for a long time to come, if what ensues fails to match the beginnings, then you will grow bored quite rapidly. In other words, you can stay only next to the person that you love and can only love someone who maintains a certain stature before a large audience. Consequently, it is especially important that your latest attraction does not turn into a fat and ugly thing, nor that she loses notoriety and standing.


Modest and shy, you do not much enjoy your wedding becoming a topic for discussion. You look upon the Justice of the Peace as a simple civil servant. You invite a small number of guests — witnesses and closest family for the most part. Thrifty as you are, you would prefer to buy new furniture than to spend the money in your honeymoon. From the very first day of your married life, you will begin criticizing your partner for anything and everything. Then, with the passage of time, instead of growing used to him, you will multiply your criticisms. This is why the best remedy for your irritability will be your partner’s good financial situation and his ability to show proof of an unconditional love for you.


From the very moment you become aware of yourself, you dream of the day when you are to be married. Marriage for you is a way of escaping loneliness and of sharing every-day obligations. Even though you may say nothing about it, you are convinced that the entire day is the way the morning has been and that your union will continue just the way it began. This is the reason why you plan your wedding to unfold to perfection. Since you are someone who worries about formalities and other people’s opinion, you are ready to invest in your marriage even after nothing more is left of it than a joint signature on a piece of paper. This is the reason why your marriage often seems much more harmonious to outsiders than it is in reality. Precisely, your attachment to formality and your wish to please everyone will become the grinding stone of your partner’s respect and understanding. Your satisfaction will be even greater if your marriage brings you a rich and fulfilling social life. However, a new problem will then appear: your weakness concerning the attention, love and gifts from somebody else is soon to make you guilty of certain infidelities.


Your secretive nature turns you into an enemy of hypocrisy and formalities. For this reason, in principle, you like neither spectacular marriages nor traditional ones. You will probably organize an evening ceremony and will invite few guests. You will ponder the decision of putting that ring on that finger for quite some time, fully aware this is something that will change the course of your life. Sexual attraction will always be decisive in order for you to say “yes”. This is the reason why, for you, knowing where you will go on your honeymoon is not important as long as your partner is constantly available. In your married life there will always be a bit of everything, from dramatic expressions of love to hysterical crises, passing through jealousy showdowns. Dark and destructive by nature, you will not accept the mistakes others make. In your fits of temper, you will do your best to hit your partner wherever it hurts the most. You have a talent for being cynical whenever you are out in society, and that is something that few people can put up with.


Feeling young for the longest time, you postpone the moment of your marriage. Nonetheless, once you have decided to move forward, you will strive to turn your wedding into an unforgettable event. First, you will come to it all dressed in bright clothes. Next, you will want specific religious rituals to be performed. You will offer foods from every corner of the planet. As for your honeymoon, you will probably spend it somewhere in the Far East. Yet, you will never get too home-bound and will spend practically your entire life looking for new excitement for body, mind and palate. This is why how long your marriage lasts will depend upon the diversity of your social life, of your adventures in common and your travels. Perhaps the most interesting part of all is that, unable to vouch fidelity yourself, you will not feel the betrayals of your spouse as any kind of tragedy.


Rational and thrifty by nature, you are happy to go from the Justice of the Peace to a simple meal in a quiet place in company of witnesses and relatives. You may arrive elegantly dressed but not in a suit expressly made for the occasion. This is the reason why, even if you marry in summer, you will be eager to spend your honeymoon in a mountain lodge cut off from the rest of the world. Once you have returned to your everyday life, the first thing you will do is arrange the house but without too much trinkets. It may be you will not advertise your love before the world, or kiss your partner and hug her in your arms, but you will remain a faithful and loyal partner, ready to make sacrifices for home and family.


Nonconformist and in love with freedom, you do not worry about appearances and can spend your life with the same person without signing even the semblance of a contract. Nonetheless, if you decide in favor of marriage and a wedding party, you will do your best for the ceremony to turn out both modern and original. First, you will invite your friends and colleagues telling them to dress informally. Next, in order to show that rules are made to be broken, you may show up in an outfit improper for a wedding, a black one. You will go on a honeymoon but without a specific destination, to wherever the road leads. You will not spend much time or money redecorating, happy to have a place where you can invite friends. Thus, a partner for whom comfort is important will be treading a thorny path when she marries you. Nonetheless, in case of a divorce, you will continue to include her among your friends.


Immersed in your imaginary world, the only thing that counts for you is being close to the person you love. In fact, what is most important for you is that your partner promises you eternal love, even if it is all a lie. However, if it comes down to getting married, you will choose to say the fateful “yes” in some medieval church, in a romantic costume, with lots of flowers, the scent of candles and incense as well as the sound of sweet music. Once you begin your everyday married life, after your honeymoon and baptism in the sea, you will no longer be able to boast of being much good at housework. You will grant more attention to the love relationship and the erotic flame than to the outward appearance of the space you occupy. This is why your inner sanctum will practically never be clean or tidy. Since your partner’s departure frightens you more than his betrayals, you will be ready to forgive him everything.
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