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How Signs Keep Their Individuality Within Relationships

How Signs Keep Their Individuality Within Relationships


If your rapid combustion Aries kind of love fails to disappear at the first passionate soaring and changes into something more lasting instead, undoubtedly it must be that your partner is allowing you to act as the boss—at least at first sight. Selfish by nature, insensitive to other people’s needs, you try to impose your own rules in the game. In other words, nobody, not even your partner, will be able to trespass your reserves without permission. You will be the master of your free time. You will not leave any of your pleasures behind. You will not be able to understand that in effect you stifle the person that you say you love with your fits of extreme passion and never ending demands. However, you do not accept the same type of behavior when it comes to you from the other side. Unwilling to give explanations to anyone, if your partner constantly repeats “I love you, and what about you?,” you will disappear at the speed of light.


Security, eroticism, good food and art occupy the first place in your system of values. Resistant and constant, you are able to take in vast quantities of food just as you are able to take in a great deal of love. While in principle you know how to give back as much love as you receive, problems may arise when you allow your partner to realize that you consider everything you like to be your own. In the list of your belongings, next to your apartment and automobile, her name will show up.


Eloquent and interesting in company, life with you resembles life in a circus. You often forget to pay your bills in time, to buy the bread or milk, to pick up the kids in school. However, intelligent and fast-moving by nature, your charm allows you to diminish the criticisms of those around you successfully and to maintain family relationships at an acceptable level. In your relations with your partner, you seek frivolous dialogue, numerous outings or intellectual harmony more than you do emotions. This is why you are allergic to partners who make it a habit of verifying your every action. You definitely scram as soon as feelings seem to get too intense and you detect a devouring passion in your partner.


Sensitive and caring, you dream of a relationship in which your partner will totally surrender to you and will give you different demonstrations of his love. This is why you will never feel stifled by your partner’s love. Quite to the contrary, you consider that everything that belongs to your partner is implicitly yours and vice-versa. Thus, your partner will have to accept that his free time belongs to you, just as his relatives, friends, money and leisure activity do. You will love what he loves, prepare his favorite dishes, buy his socks and underwear. However, you will expect the same treatment in return. Finally, what good would the time he has to himself do him when you are all his?


You are truly dedicated to the family, but only as long as you remain the boss at home. If you are a man, no one in the family, neither young nor old, has the right to answer back. If you are a woman, you will treat men as servants whose only purpose is to grant you your wishes. That is how things are and no other way. Just as cats do not let themselves be caressed except when they feel like it, you accept only the love and attention that satisfy your ego at a given moment. In other words, your partner’s love will impress you at first because you will experience it as a confirmation of your own charm and irresistible attraction. However, if your partner goes head over heals in her demonstrations, you will experience this situation as a loss of control on your part. Then, you will no doubt roar in order to remind her who belongs where. When it is understood that your “subjects” must raise their hand whenever they want to say something, you can reach your own conclusions concerning the space you leave for other people’s individuality.


The embodiment of rationalism, you build your relations following this same principle. Thus, it is work that occupies the first place in your life. Next is the family, next comes nothing and, at a much greater distance from that are tenderness, love, eroticism. As analytical as God made you, you understand from your earliest days that, where feelings are involved, reason is useless. This is why you try to control your reactions. Hence, at the beginning of a relationship, your partner’s love helps you to liberate you internal restraints. However, you are unable to maintain this difficult pace for very long. If your partner does not control himself in time and fails to diminish his love requests, you risk short circuiting. You will then ask the other side to respect your intimacy and will follow carefully each of his moves.


Gifted with a sophisticated taste, you are the Zodiac’s biggest charmer of all. This is why you need a lot of time before you find the love of your life. Nonetheless, once it happens, you will do everything in your power to satisfy your partner’s and family’s needs, thus keeping alive the flame of your very own happiness. If your partner wishes to preserve your love, he must not forget that you are a sociable person and that the words “to hurry” or “to make an effort” have no place in your daily rhythms. On the other hand, you have the power to put up with a relationship that stifles you for quite a while. You need a long time to confess to yourself that a relationship annoys you and does not make you happy. However, once this has become the case, you will still put up with your partner in order not to wound his feelings. Only when you feel yourself with your back against the wall will you dare bring the relationship to a close. Nonetheless, you will do so with great consideration and tact.


You attract others because of your great sexual, emotional and mental intensity as well as that special wildness you possess that holds the power of rendering you irresistible to members of the opposite sex. Nonetheless, each new day spent at your side is like a lottery draw. No one can ever foresee your reactions. You know how to be warm and devoted but whenever you begin to act up, you turn into a cruel and cynical tyrant. Your partner will never know where he stands with you since you hardly ever open up. If, in spite of everything he is ready to spend his life at your side, he will have to accept being constantly watched, followed and mistreated because of your jealousy. Nonetheless, never, not even in a dream, may he return the deed. You would not be able to take it.


Having to look at the same face and the same furnishings on a daily basis is real torture for you. This is why the role of friend or lover agrees better with you than that of wife or husband. Either you marry young, when, out of ignorance, you still confuse a passing fancy with love, or else you marry later on in life in order to satisfy society’s norms. Even in this last case, you demand total freedom, time for yourself, for your own interests, your hobbies and your friends. This is why, if someone attempts to ensnarl you into her trappings, even before she has had a chance to “wake up”, you will have run off into some unknown direction.


You are the ideal partner for anyone who dreams of a rich and happy family. However, since everything comes at a price, your partner will have to accept the fact that you will provide your family with everything it needs, except for your own presence. As far a love goes, you will not make love on demand. In the opposite situation, if your partner displays intense feelings, she might disturb your emotional balance and threaten your professional and financial dreams. If you felt oppressed by strong emotions, you could evaporate in a few instants. In other words, your love unfolds according to a pattern established in advance: you choose, you love and you quit. As far as your partner goes, she may adapt or not.


You are amusing, sociable and cheerful. This is why living with you is never boring even though it might turn out to be an exhausting experience. Tolerant by nature, you know how to respect individuality and other people’s needs. This is the reason why you allow your partner a lot of freedom. You will discharge yourself honorably of your marital obligations. You will get along just fine with the children. Nonetheless, you must feel that no one is in your way or expects anything from you. Should your partner resent your wanting to hang loose from her from time to time with cheerful company or tries to order you around, the rebel that lays dormant in you will awaken and drive you away from the marriage. And one more thing: no Aquarian can put up with constant outpourings of feelings, convinced as they are such feelings go without saying.


You can only live immersed in an ocean of feelings. If you were to find yourself outside, you would asphyxiate or seek to compensate with alcohol, tranquillizers, music, art or the spiritual disciplines. However, if you meet someone who behaves like you and who is able to stifle you with the force of his feelings, your happiness shall know no boundaries. You never tire of the demonstrations of love that others can shower on you and will function perfectly with a partner who has the same expectations. Nonetheless, your partner will have to accept that you are not very capable when it comes to domestic chores. He will also have to expect you to slip out of his hands should you feel you can get more love elsewhere.
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This was incredible!! The detail and insight that you give to a chart are just over the top. It is both accurate and informative. I have had charts done before, readings etc... None of them compare to the one you did - combined! I keep referring to it and it just gets better! It was a self help life guide (that’s what I’d call it). I’m making changes and understanding things about me that make sense. Thank you so very much for this gift! 

Calle Carter, USA

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