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Mothers who are always pleasant and fathers who are full of understanding live happily in stories only. As far as we simple mortals go, more often than not we do not even know truly how we fare as parents. This is why the stars are there for us to discover what it is that makes us unique and different in this particular role.


Whatever opinion you may hold of yourself, if you are born under the Aries sign, the Ram, then your children will see you as a stubborn person who fails to respect other people’s individuality. Why? Because, proud by nature, you will always make grandiose plans in relation to your children’s future, convinced that you know what is best for them. And even though you can easily bore your friends to death telling them about everything you do for your kids, the occasions when you will sacrifice for them anything that gives you pleasure are few and far between. Even if what is involved is giving up smoking. In other words, your children must adapt to you and not the other way around. This is why you will have to find great patience and tolerance if they happen to be born under the obstinate signs of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn. To be able to understand sensitive Cancerians and Pisceans, you may want to listen to a psychologist’s advice.


Stars confirm that Taureans are most patient towards their children. If you are born under this sign, it is not surprising then that you can spend the whole night rocking your kids in tears. You can play with them for hours on end. You know how to make works of art with your own hands in the form of a birthday cake. From the time they are born, you begin to set aside for their future. As adults, your children will probably reproach you your possessiveness and desire to control their life. But you can be sure that they appreciate your stability and know full well they can always count on your help. And if they are born under the Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius signs, their determination will please you. But you will often quarrel with them because of their strong-headedness.


Almost as a rule, you are not in the least bit prepared for the birth of your child. Then, his education will be a true martyrdom for you. But, as resourceful as God has made you, you will find a solution for every critical situation. For want of anything else, you will always have persons available to you ready to help both at the good and not so good times. Nonetheless, you attempt to penetrate deeply into your children’s world, into their way of thinking. You are able to talk with them for hours and become a child immersed in childish games. However, authority and severity will always fail you. Your uncontrollable Arians and Scorpios will be the first ones to notice and to take advantage of it. Your Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn children will want you to act more grownup. Your Cancer offspring will love your stories and your Pisceans will demand more care and love from you.


Among the parents for whom children are everything in this world, you lead the crew. Even though your friends will find your habits surprising, you will carefully record every piece of significant information related to your darlings: the date when the first tooth came in, the moment when they first said “mommy” and “daddy”, the day they took their first step. Undoubtedly all that will be of little use since you will remember those moments until the end of your life. Nostalgic by nature, you will even keep their outfits stored away—their first sleepers and their little shoes—your entire life always linked to your children. And that is precisely what causes the problem: often, not being able to see that your children have a right to their own life, you will not help them to break the umbilical chord. That will particularly bother your little Aquarians, Geminians, and Librans. Your little Virgoans will find your emotionality pathetic whereas your little Pisceans will eternally cherish your caresses and protection.


Of you it is said that you exude pride whenever you take your children out on a stroll. Nothing is ever good enough for your princes and princesses. You praise them to the skies in front of everybody and you fight for them like a wounded animal. But there is nothing you can do about it since that is what the sign that rules you commands. Once they are grown, they will surely tell you that in reality you never took their desires into account but realized your own unsatisfied ambitions through them instead. Then, if they are born under the Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn signs, they will certainly leave home while still young, thereby taking their destiny into their own hands. The rest of them, used to having someone else solve their problems, will never leave your strong and reassuring embrace behind.


Your children’s clothes will always be clean and right for the occasion. As far as you are concerned, you will read all the childrearing literature even before they have been born. You will try hard to develop in them a sense of practicality, order, exactness and precision. How could it be otherwise when it is your meticulous Virgoan instinct speaking? Still, do not forget that life with you can be difficult you as well. Indeed, you worry constantly about something or the other and you exaggerate with your fears of all sorts of contagions and diseases. If to all this you add your need to criticize your own children, then you will reproach the Arians and Taureans for their lack of discipline, Cancerians for their hypersensitivity, Pisceans for their disorderliness, Geminians, Sagittarians and Aquarians for their lack of responsibility. When it comes to Scorpios, they will put you on the verge of a nervous breakdown with their stubbornness.


You are known as an exceptionally tolerant parent, gentle and thoughtful, who makes an effort to solve all of their children’s problems through dialogue. Since, for you, culture and education are the highest of values, family outings to the theatre, museum or cinema will frequently take place while dancing, music and drawing will be an integral part of your children’s daily activities. And since the life of a Libran always revolves around the spouse, relations with him will be determinant in your children’s education. You do not like to decide things on your own. If you are in love with your spouse, your children might feel neglected. If your marriage is unhappy, your frustration will have an impact on your relations with them. Arian and Scorpio children will react to this with aggressiveness and stubbornness.


Possessive and behaving according to your own principles, you always keep an eye on your children and will always be giving them something to do. Your little darlings will know everything from the time they are very young. Used to this, all family members respect your rules without flinching and you can be sure that all you have to do is glare at them and your children will get the picture of exactly what it is they are supposed to do. And of course tears here are of no use. This is why your children will be able to get their breath back only once they have left home. However, if they are born under the Cancer, Virgo and Pisces signs, even after they have left home they will feel that you are following each and every step they take, whereas your children born under the signs of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius will prove more resistant. Their resentment will be reflected by bad grades and an aggressive behavior towards their friends.


Even as a parent, you retain your adventuresome spirit. However, you trust your children fully. You take them along on your outings from the time they are little since, in your opinion, being little is no reason to be left at home. You try your best to develop their intellectual capacities with challenging games. You answer all their childlike questions openly and without holding back. Nonetheless, if you are entirely truthful, you will acknowledge that in situations that do not allow you to travel with your spouse or children, you will do so on your own. You will never say no to a party, an outing or to your social obligations for your children’s sake, entrusting them to others instead. And undoubtedly you will do your best to make up for these absences by way of presents and an exaggerated indulgence. But none of that will fill the emptiness left in their young hearts. Your Cancerians, Virgoans, Scorpios and Capricorns will never forgive you.


Thoughtful by nature, you consider your parental role with great maturity and responsibility. While many accuse you of being too severe and authoritarian, you simply do your best to prepare your offspring to be able to face life with all its hardships. You do not put up with childlike disobedience. You give your children a variety of tasks and duties from the time when they are still very young in order to instill in them a taste for work and organizational skills. But, on the other hand, you are the best storyteller in the Zodiac. Your eloquent stories, rich in imagery, are a source of inspiration, guaranteeing that their teachings will long remain etched into your offspring’s minds.


It is said that your children’s torn pants or the drawings they put on their bedroom walls do not bother you in the least bit. That is altogether normal since you attempt to see to it that your children will develop their creativity and that they become independent and free to undertake their own initiatives. Aware that you are raising your children for the future, you will speak with them as if they were already grown ups and you will put them in front of a computer as soon as possible. In other words, downplaying discipline, you will adapt yourself to your children. But your whims and character may have negative repercussions for their education as a result of your inconsistency. This is something that your Arians, Taureans, Scorpios, Cancerians and Capricorns will never forgive you.


The stars say of those born under the Pisces sign that they are always torn between their inner world and the desire to please their spouse and children. You often change your moods, opinions and priorities in life. Thus, you get your children all confused. Even more so since, as a result of your lack of lasting purpose and firmness, you constantly give in to others, weakening your own authority. This is the reason why, from their most tender age onward, your Virgoans and Capricorns will begin to take care of themselves and you. Your Geminian and Sagittarian children will put you on edge with their constant questions. As for your Arians, Taureans, Scorpios and Leos, they will console you and look for a way out of your proximity.
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Thank you for the Natal Chart. WOW, truly amazing how the Chart hits the nail on the head in so many areas relating to me.
I have seen and read other astrological write-ups on me and this one exceedingly surpasses them all. Again, thank you so much as the Natal Chart gives me enlightenment and constructive critics on areas to be on guard about and areas in my life to be aware of and work on.
God Bless You. 

Vance Russell, USA

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