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Daughters to Venus and sons to Mars, women and men behave in different ways when it comes to fidelity.


If you are a woman, endowed with a strong temperament and self-confidence, you will do your best to conquer the kind of guy that drives all the other women insane, only for the fun of it and to prove to yourself how irresistible you are, even if you are married. In such cases, you don’t even realize you are leaving yourself open to infidelity. Most ironically, you are simultaneously green with envy at the sight of each member of the female sex you run across who is in the company of your cuckolded husband.

If you are a man, you are undoubtedly proud when it is said of you that you that you are the biggest seducer in your midst. But when you are being unfaithful, you go about it without any style, satisfied with consuming your latest love prize at one time.


If you are a woman, you surely know that you trigger the erotic imagination of persons of the opposite sex. However, you always go for what is least risky, intent on keeping up the appearances of being a stable woman, a good wife, a good housekeeper, and a good mother. This is why, whenever you decide to cheat, you have to be at least 90% sure that your lover will be your next husband. Most likely, he will be a person able to improve your material situation or help you get ahead in your career.

If you are a man, you behave like a collector, independently of what may be involved, whether houses, money, art objects, blonds or brunettes. And only fear of finding your comfort compromised and your fortune diminished will force you to remain faithful.


Many say that the word “Infidelity” with a capital “i” should hang close to the Gemini sign. Nonetheless, if you are a woman, you are not unfaithful from birth; instead, your active intelligence and wide knowledge prompt you to become so. You may cheat for the sake of revenge or remain faithful until the end of your days as long as you find an intelligent and secretive partner who will know how to keep you interested.

If you are a man, you do not choose your victims. The latter do not have to be either beautiful or sharp and whether they love you or not is of no importance since in any case you will move in to catch your prize. Fortunately, nature has given you a way with words. That helps you to recover your partner’s trust.


If you are a woman, beautiful, sensuous, attached to house and family, ready to leave your ambitions behind in the name of the family’s happiness, you should be a model of fidelity. Nonetheless, a problem arises when you do not feel sufficiently caressed and protected by the one to whom you have entrusted her heart. At such moments you will feel like allowing yourself to indulge in an affair with the man who promises you will take first place in his life. Only a real convergence of circumstances will allow this desire to translate itself into reality.

If you are a man, you often imagine how things might be if you were to check things out someplace else, but you will never allow an adventure to disturb your life. In reality, you only want to taste a bit of the forbidden fruit and, should it please you, then you will gnaw into it right down to the very end.


If you are a woman, compliments are your weakness. This is why it is dangerous for you husband to lose interest in you, to become the type who hits the armchair, newspaper in hand, not responding to your new hairdo or perfume. Head high, you will let out under your breath: “if it’s not you, someone else will notice me” and without even batting an eyelash you will get into an affair with the first man ready to offer you his compliments.

If you are a man, you will need to hear from your partner that you are tops in everything. But when things do not happen that way, then you will seek confirmation elsewhere. You are the happiest of men when you do not have to struggle too much and when the one you have set your eyes on comes to cuddle into your arms all by herself. You tend to cheat on your companion smoothly and without spending too many words. How, when and with whom are irrelevant. The most important thing for you is to be able to recover your self-confidence.


Even though one might expect Virgoans to be discrete, shy and faithful, Virgoan women fall under two categories. If you are included in the first one, you are certainly equipped with great self-control. You think for a long time before marrying, afraid of making a mistake. This is why you may well join in marriage without love entering into the picture. If you are among the second category, you behave very freely at all levels, sex included.

If you are a man, you are not in the least bit interested in some quick adventure with the prospect of an uncertain outcome. Only quality liaisons interest you. And if you should happen to cheat, you then will remain faithful to your partner.


Even if marriage is an institution supposedly invented by a Libran, Librans are masters in the art of flirtation because of their desperate need for compliments. If you are a woman, you will certainly give the best of yourself in order to make your marriage a happy one. But from the moment when you feel that your husband does not treat you the way he should, you will seek praise elsewhere. It is interesting to notice that you have the capacity to love several men simultaneously without your marriage thereby losing in weight or quality. Seemingly, everyone is fulfilled. On the other hand, the need to be unfaithful in order to prove your power to other women is a definitely infantile reason.

If you are a man, you need a solid relationship, a refuge that will not prevent you from taking advantage of a really good opportunity for infidelity. Indeed, it is a lot easier for you to cheat when you know you can always return to the fold.


If you are a woman, immoderate, passionate, endowed with a volcanic temperament, when you are married to a man who does not satisfy your expectations, more often than not you decide in favor of three extreme options: either you live as single woman, punishing yourself for your mistaken choice; you rapidly leave your spouse or else you take revenge by seducing his best friend. Nevertheless, if you are satisfied with your sex life, you are the incarnation of fidelity itself.

If you are a man, you are unfaithful by definition. It is not surprising to find you with one woman in the morning, another one later on in the day and a third one in the evening. Indeed, you simply love to melt women’s hearts, imagining that in this way you prove your power over others.


If you are a woman, your calm nature and friendly disposition ensure you a good number of admirers. However, if you have already gotten over your fear that your partner might curtail your freedom and if you are already married, then you will remain faithful until the end of your days. And if things turn the wrong way, you will first leave he family nest and then go looking for another partner.

If you are a man, you certainly take many liberties and have more chances for adventure. However, at the last minute, in order to avoid rocking the boat, you change tactics and make a fast retreat. Nonetheless, only rarely will you go by unnoticed and in some cases the whole neighborhood will be aware of your infidelities.


If you are a woman, brimming with feelings that you are unable to express, you will not imagine, not even in dreams, of cheating on your partner even in spite of numerous opportunities. You consider secret love meetings that could complicate your life as something unworthy of you. This is why, if you should make up your mind to be unfaithful, you will do so with the goal of punishing your partner for his deficiencies or, otherwise, for interests of a material nature.

If you are a man, you are seemingly cold and indifferent. But as you get older and accumulate riches and power, you turn into a real seducer proud of each and every one of your conquests.


If you are a woman, when you marry you truly wish to be faithful. But since you need to be caressed, pampered and often do not control yourself very well, you fail to resist temptation. This is not to say that you will always go all the way. Thus in your parallel liaisons there is more flirtatiousness and shuffling of forces than a true love flame. However, if you are more courageous than the rest, you will decide to throw the dice and choose to go for either everything or nothing.

If you are a man, you nearly always do what the other one forbids you to do. If your partner does not grant you total freedom in your relationship, you will use the first opportunity to cheat that happens your way. And further: you attempt to keep under control even those partners with whom you no longer have anything in common.


If you are a woman, you certainly know already that you are valued by men for the tolerance you show and for your capacity to sacrifice yourself for your spouse and your relationship. This is why each new liaison for you is in fact a desperate effort to save your present relationship. And infidelity only a way of crying out for help. But when you sink, you sink all the way to the bottom. For this reason, no extramarital relationship can make you happy.

If you are a man, you hardly ever allow yourself to cheat. However, should you plunge but once into the waves of infidelity, you soon become an expert in the art of justifying all sorts of dubious situations. You have the capacity of imagining such lies that you wind up believing them yourself after just a few phrases.
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