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Subjects of the courageous and belligerent Mars, Arians are impulsive, unstable, at times aggressive and always ready to go into action. In order to calm down their nervousness and help them to better use their enormous energy in a constructive way, astrology advises Arians to always wear diamond, white sapphire, or at least rock crystal studded jewelry. These stones will render them patient at moments when they would normally be falling apart because of things not going their way. It may be that today diamonds are a symbol of social status, but in the past they were known to provide powerful protection against all kinds of negative influences, especially if worn on the left side of the body, in contact with the skin. They are equally a symbol of happiness and fidelity in love. Supposedly this is the reason why husbands offer their wives diamond rings or stones resembling diamonds.

In view of the power that white sapphires have to help the spirit soar to its highest energy levels, they have been used in occult practices since time immemorial. Pope Innocent III even carried one on his finger.


Copper, emeralds, and corals have always been considered protectors of Taureans. And whereas copper is the symbol of understanding and flexibility by virtue of its suppleness, emeralds are the monarchs of stones with occult powers. Mythology tells the story that, snatched from Lucifer’s fountainhead, emeralds know hell’s power and how to combat it. This may be the reason why it is believed that the Holy Grail, the chalice in which Christ’s blood was gathered, is chiseled out of an enormous emerald block. The Egyptians used emeralds to heal the eyes and Aristotle believed that they prevent hair from falling, protect against epilepsy, work as an aphrodisiac and increase fecundity. A shattered emerald was proof that a girl had lost her virginity.

Coral, like Venus, is born from sea moss and is considered a feminine gem. This is the reason why it is recommended that children and pregnant women wear it. And even though recent research reveals that it has a positive effect on the heart and the spleen, in an old recipe book we find written: “if the girl wants to know who it is she will marry, let her mix together coral powder with diamond powder and the blood of a dove, let her put the mixture inside a fig, pack the fig in white taffeta and put it under her pillow.” A most wise and amusing recipe if you realize that there were very few girls who could own a diamond and even fewer who could grind the diamond to powder.


When it comes to Geminians’ protective stones, ancient astrological literature mentions agate and chrysoprase. The first one because of the harmony and wisdom it confers to those who wear it, for attracting to its sphere loyal persons, a problem afflicting every Geminian. The second one because it soothes avidity, develops sensibility and the desire to succeed, at a superior level. So that, it is not surprising that Queen Elizabeth the Irst of England wore jewels studded with agate in order to instill loyalty in her subjects whereas Alexander the Great had a chrysoprase amulet to stimulate his clairvoyance and help him make the right decisions for conquering the world.


Silver, pearls, and moonstones are always linked to Cancer by astrological tradition. Whereas silver had the reputation of protecting one from worries, the moonstone, as a reflection of the Moon and of the feminine principle, protects the female organs and augments fecundity. Certain sources assert that she has a soothing influence over one’s nerves and diminishes fear. The Egyptians used it to heal asthma and lung ailments.


Gold, symbol of the Sun and of kings, is equally so the symbol of his Highness, the Lion, in the Zodiac. The Greeks thought that gold helps to heal jaundice. Amber and rubies have always been associated with Leo. Amber in reality is not a stone but a fossil material with electromagnetic properties. In the past, it was used for healing cardiac ailments and impotency. The ancients believed that, held inside the mouth, it protects from infectious diseases. This explains why oriental presents, pipes and cigarette-holders were made of amber. The red ruby is known as the stone of happiness and love; it brings love passion back to life. Rubies also warn their owners of danger by darkening and then returning to their normal color once the danger is gone. This is no doubt the reason why royal capes and crowns were often studded with rubies.


Astrologers indicate that carnelian, sardonyx and labradorite are what best suit Virgoans. That is correct if you know that these stones reinforce courage, protect one from psychic attacks and are an aid to fluidity of speech. All that the frightful and timid Virgoan needs. In the past, carnelian was prized for its capacity to soothe violent emotions such as fury or rage.


Refined and endowed with aesthetic taste, each Libran is left voiceless before a discrete jewel studded with blue sapphire. The subtle vibrations of the sapphire open magical and spiritual dimensions to those who wear it. Thus, with the passage of time, the heart of those wearing it becomes simple and pure, their behavior modest. The ancients believed that blue sapphire maintains fidelity in love, removes bad thoughts and brings peace and understanding to those who do not lead a dissolute life. What is more, it reveals the spouse’s infidelities because at such moments it loses its brilliance.


Mystical and sagacious, Scorpios can reach the highest spiritual dimensions in the lapse of a single lifetime. Opal, amethyst and beryl have always been of help. Looking at an opal, the serene and peaceful Scorpio accelerates the development of her supernatural capacities and clairvoyance.

The amethyst is known as a stone that comes to the rescue of those who help others. It is not by any kind of chance that priests often wore an amethyst. It drives bad thoughts away, calms hysteria, confers better resistance to alcohol and induces calm sleep. Pliny asserts that amethysts protect one from magical spells, in particular if they are cut in the shape of the Sun or the Moon.


Topaz, turquoise, and olivine, are stones whose vibrations couldn’t go better with persons born under the Sagittarius sign. Yellow topaz reputedly can help those who are in the throws of a love disappointment, asthmatics, women with painful menstruation besides preventing sudden death.

Turquoise is described in Egyptian legends as a stone that protects one from evil forces and gross events. American Indians wore it to be strengthened in their struggle against their enemies. The Buddha similarly used it to protect himself from unknown forces on the path of his spiritual development. Turquoise is also a stone that brings love, wealth and which reinforces friendships.


Bones, the skin and melancholy are every Capricorn’s Achilles’ heel. In order to get over these problems more easily, they should always have on hand a malachite, an onyx or a rock crystal. Malachite favors hope and the capacity to find a solution to every problem. According to the old tradition, onyx acts negatively on all signs except on Capricorn. Albertus Magnus wrote about it: “If you want to inspire sadness, fear, disputes and nightmares, take an onyx, hang it around your neck or carry it on your finger!” On the other hand, rock crystal acts positively on everybody, intensifying the aura of those who wear it and is endowed with memory. It is used for meditation and the purification of the chakras.


The tradition of the ancients reveals that aquamarine, aventurine, and garnet best suit Aquarians. Some even think that aquamarine is a wise stone that cannot stand orders and that those using it must feel and hear its vibrations. More often than not it is used for reinforcing the weak points of the human energetic field. Aventurine reputedly brings luck in love because it acts upon the fourth chakra. Garnet for its part has a favorable effect on the weakest point of an Aquarian, blood circulation and flow. It changes color when its owner is in danger.


The last sign of the karmic circle, Pisceans should attempt to liberate themselves of their ego as soon as possible and to once again become one with the absolute. Astrology asserts that towards this end the amethyst, aquamarine and platinum help the most. Amethyst helps in meditation and in opening the third eye since it acts upon the sixth chakra. In combination with the aquamarine, it creates a balance in the organism of undisciplined Pisceans.
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