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A lunch or dinner invitation has always been the best way to reinforce a professional, friendly or sentimental relationship. And if your guest is born under the Aries sign, you can relax. “Some meat, two kinds of vegetables, no sweets,” that is what he will want to see on the table. And do not bother to decorate the dishes! Fast, nervous and impatient, he will devour everything you bring him and even before you have had the time to sit. Nonetheless, keep in mind that Arians need “brain food” just like the fish and that their kidneys immediately react to too much drink. However, if it is a woman born under the Aries sign who draws you attention, then you can say goodbye to home cooking since pre-cooked meals and sandwiches will find their way into the menu on a daily basis.


If you find out that the person you have invited to lunch was born under the Taurus sign, you will then understand what “stepping on broken glass” means. Venus worshippers, Taureans swear only by physical pleasures and are the biggest gourmands in the Zodiac. For them, whatever is not fried, spiced up, drowned in cream, what does not contain meat or potatoes, is not truly food. The amount they are served is as important to them as the quality—and then they complain about being fat. And since they preach that “love comes from the tummy,” it is up to you to take advantage of that. Prepare different starters and snacks for them then follow up with a very juicy beefsteak. The chocolate cake with nuts will simply leave them speechless. All that sprinkled with good wine, of course... And do not forget that Taureans love to eat slowly, for hours on end. Otherwise, their digestive problems could mar their good temper as well as yours.


The buffet was certainly invented by a representative of the fast, nervous, careless but sociable Gemini. They love to be able to taste a bit of everything and nibble at something all the while. Since their interest in what surrounds them rapidly evaporates, you will calm them down and keep them sitting longer at the table with food that contains vitamin B, which has a positive effect on the nerves. And before you offer your heart to a Geminian woman, you will have to accept the fact that for her the time spent in the kitchen is a complete and total waste.


They love the home atmosphere, family feasting around a well-provided table, boast loudly of mom’s little dishes, taste whatever they are preparing, and become slaves to food whenever they feel frustrated in the love department. Yes, these are the Cancerians. They have yet another problem: their organisms retain water, which makes their skin soft and bloated like a pillow. Thus, if you are hoping to win the favors of a Cancerian by feeding him, do not expect, even in dreams, to surprise him with his mother’s specialties. Guaranteed failure! Better to present him with five middle-sized dishes than with three big ones. Let those contain iodine-rich foods, fish, green salads, dairy products. And if you want him to remain yours forever, top the meal off with an ice cream, crepes, and a cup of coffee.


You are informed that the person upon whom your work depends is born under the Leo sign. Do not hesitate! His vanity will subside when you take him to a fancy restaurant. But if that is not possible and you should have to treat him to lunch at home, do not lose sight of the fact that for a Leo an excellent meal is not enough: everything must have a regal appearance, from the service to flowers on the table including gold or silver cutlery, crystal glasses and wine. And particularly when you grant him the honor of presiding the table, you will then most certainly obtain all that you expect from him. A Leo knows how to appreciate such things and, next to the compliments that he will offer you for your culinary talents right in front of the other guests, you can bet on it that your demands will be satisfied as of the following morning.


Careful, detail oriented and discriminating when it comes to their stomachs, Virgoans are among the most selective members of the Zodiac where food is concerned. Most of them obtain their provisions from dietetic stores and are vegetarians. Calculating calories and vitamins is not a problem for them. “You have to eat everything, that is the healthy way” is the phrase you most often hear coming out of a Virgoan mother’s mouth. And while they may not necessarily be the most creative cooks, perhaps sticking to well-known recipes, they will wash their pots and pans and hands as well as the food a hundred times before settling down to cooking. You will conquer your Virgoan partner with a spic and span table cloth, glasses and plates, and she will fall to her hands and knees after flavoring your sauce made with fresh basil, garlic and parmesan, goat cheese and olive oil.


Those who know them well say that their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Veritable epicureans of the Zodiac, Librans try their best to satisfy all their senses. Sight and touch with a well appointed table, a linen or silk tablecloth, a beautifully shaped set of dishes, and all of this in pastel colors. Scent and taste are satisfied with food expertly prepared, their hearing with sweet music and the tinkling of glasses and cutlery. In other words, your Libran guest will pay more attention to form than to substance. She will be delighted by everything that is jellied and will lose her head when, at the end of the meal, you offer her an exquisite portion of tiramisu, light and symmetric.


They always know what they want and what they do not want. And they consider food an introduction to the love game. This is why they can get as much pleasure out of eating at the most ordinary joint or at the fanciest of restaurants. Only those who have eaten out with a Scorpio are able to tell the story, for days on end, of this great, exciting experience. The Scorpio is never stingy and with him, one drinks and eats to the point of not being able to go on. And if you want to get under his skin, start the meal off with a seafood salad, choose a good wine to match and plan an irreproachable program down to the last detail. For the Scorpio is gourmand by nature but knows equally as well to take note of the details.


Gifted with a sporting spirit, Jupiter’s influence giving them a need for freedom, open-air outings and travel, Sagittarians are always in search of new pleasures. In other words, you can bewitch them with Mexican food, Japanese specialties with fish as the main course, truffles prepared in a special way. But if you have a budgeting problem, then let your imagination spread its wings and give well known dishes unusual names such as Argentinian risotto or Brazilian salad. And, once your seduction scheme has succeeded, never reveal to your Sagittarian your deceit, not even under torture.


In view of their innate greediness and of the work pressures under which they operate, Capricorn guests are no great challenge. They fall head over heals in front of the most unpretentious meal. From hunger, of course. But do not forget that it is precisely they, who so love simple food, classic and traditional, who are the biggest carnivores of the Zodiac. It may be as a result of their bad circulation or of the fact that a machine that works all day long has to be fed a highly caloric slow-burning fuel. And one more thing: Capricorns would sell their soul for a piece of cake.


You find everything in their ranks, people who love to eat, people who eat only in order to survive, vegetarians and food theoreticians. However, one thing is for sure: Aquarians love exotic foods, unusual dishes, products from every corner of the planet as well as culinary experimentation. If they have the means, they hire professional cooks to prepare their meals. And, in case of a lack of funds, they can always count on their mother or mother in law’s help. And finally, do not forget the sociable fiber in each Aquarian. He will be all yours if, besides feeding him, you gladly feed his horde of friends and acquaintances as well.


Most likely, it is a representative of the Pisces sign who has invented the popular dish “fish and chips.” It is just as likely that it was another Piscean who introduced crabs and mussels into nutrition. And since the Piscean philosophy commands “eat, drink and be merry”, Pisceans who are in love think of food, drink, music, dance and the object of their desire and of nothing else. In other words, when you invite a Piscean to dinner, turn off all the lights, light up the candles and incense sticks. And when he feels like being romantic, a glass of red wine and seafood salad will be enough for him to begin to bring the moon down from the sky for you...
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