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You take notice of him as soon as you step into the place. He is modern, expensively and conspicuously dressed. He does not stay long in the same spot or with the same people, dancing on the podium, clinking glasses with everybody and leading the discussions. Speak to him freely, you are dealing with an open and sociable Arian who accepts newcomers into his group without any difficulties. And since an Arian believes that his duty is to maintain a good ambiance in his entourage, he will do everything in his power to see to it that his friends are smiling and content. The problems arise when someone with similar characteristics joins the party, such as a Leo, for example. Used to being the center of attention, such a situation rapidly ruins an Arian’s good humor, incapable as he is of laughing at other people’s jokes, and he may rapidly leave. Indeed, an Arian does not enjoy a party if all the light projectors are not turned in his direction.


This one feels best on well-known terrain. If you are thinking about organizing a party in your house or garden, then call upon a Taurean to organize all that. Nothing will be inappropriate and the guests will be delighted with the food, drinks and the music. But for the Taurean to fully let go and show his true speaking talents, he first has to take the time to appraise all the guests. Then, if he feels safe, get ready to listen to a full range of anecdotes from his life. And if you are curious about what things can be like when a Taurean gets angry, point out to him his poor housekeeping skills, selfishness and lack of control in how much he eats and drinks.


Among the crowd of guests you notice one particularly impatient individual. He speaks with four other people all at once while smiling at the gentleman next to the table as well. And if he is not on the dance floor, he is swaying the hips as he talks. Ask him his name, for it is no doubt a communicative Geminian you are dealing with. Curious by nature, Geminians love parties since there they find an opportunity to meet new people and to listen to interesting information they will be able to use advisedly at some point. But if Geminians are known as witty people for whom nothing is ever boring, nonetheless pay attention to what you say in front of them. It is not their fault if they are not able to keep a secret.


Before inviting a Cancerian to your party, try first to figure out from listening to the tone of her voice what kind of a mood she is in. At times as playful as a child, at other times lost in her dark thoughts, a Cancerian could easily scare you to death with the coldness in her voice. And, in any case, let her know only a few hours before the party begins that she is invited. Moody as she is, used to restoring her energies in the solitude of her shell, a Cancerian is unable to stay long in other people’s company. But if you catch her at a moment when she is in a good mood, you will be surprised by her black humor and capacity for laughing at herself.


You notice how everyone at the party jostles around him and how he, self-confident and all smiles, has sufficient patience for all. You don’t need to ask anyone; you can be sure that you are looking at a theatrical Leo. Reserved and mistrustful towards those he does not know, he turns into a real circus Lion in front of his faithful worshippers. He does not spare any energy when it comes to amusing his circle of friends, telling jokes, singing, mimicking known people; he does what others dare not do, even in their wildest dreams. And what is more, such big cats love to indulge themselves. Consequently, you can always serve your Leo friend a double portion.


Discrete and shy, Virgoans do not accept invitations except when they must or else if close friends are involved. And, since they do not like to talk too much, they always choose the darkest, most hidden away corner where they feel more secure. This way, they can watch in peace who does what, find fault with the food, with the music for being far too loud, and notice the dirty stains on crystal glasses and dinner plates. However, do not flee the company of a Virgoan. Because if you manage to interest her in your conversation topic, you could well obtain most captivating information, advice and psychological insights concerning the person who holds your attention. And, when feeling good, a Virgoan could surprise you with her sophisticated sense of humor.


In the midst of the crowd on the dance floor, your attention falls on someone whose movements are easy, whose body shakes flawlessly to the rhythm of the music. She is smiling and having fun in the truest sense of the word. If you like her, do not wait any longer, you are in front of a seductive Libran for whom it is easy enough to attract practically everyone around. But if you wait for the best moment to come up before approaching her, it is quite possible that someone faster than you will snatch her away right under your very nose. And while it may be that Librans adore parties, when she organizes them herself, she loses spontaneity because of her desire for perfection. And should she accept your invitation to go out with you, do not let her know where you are planning to take her.


Much like a Virgoan, a Scorpio remains more often than not in her corner. Not because of any shyness or because of not knowing how to prevail but because, hidden inside her, is a detective who tries intuitively to figure out more about those who are present. How can you recognize her? By that steady look which makes you lower your eyes since it is one that pierces right through you directly to the bottom of your soul. And when a Scorpio has found out who’s who, then, nonchalantly, she will begin her erotic dance to the rhythm of the Spanish music, endeavor to get a taste of the different alcoholic beverages, or strike a conversation with that person she feels to be on the same wave length as she is.


They do not know what shame is. In a group you will recognize them by their pleasant voice, their thundering laughter and by the fact that they have not qualms about hugging and kissing even total strangers. In particular if they happen to be of the opposite sex. You will always be able to find the warm and witty Sagittarius close to the table. Gourmands from birth, they have to taste everything, especially food that seems exotic to them. Next, they do their best to spend all their calories while dancing, but always with someone. Don’t be surprised to see how the Sagittarian attracts all his friends to the dance floor. Always wearing the biggest smile.


He will stay glued to the same spot all evening long, like some statue, even when the party is raging at its highest point. Courteous to others, measured in his speech, a Capricorn will not get up to dance unless a classical piece is playing. He might conquer you with his gentlemanly ways, his eagerness to do the impossible for the lady at his side. However, all this will be done in a very cool way, without the slightest display of passion. However, if you consider that his Majesty the Capricorn is your fate, then approach him with some precaution, a step at a time. And do not forget: a sparkle of love will shine in his eyes if, as the conversation unfolds around his important work, you let him know, in passing, how much you earn, the number of square feet in your apartment and the brand of car you drive.


Respecting their own freedom more than anything, Aquarians flee close ties with people whose affections tend to become a burden. Thus, they seem to be made for the biggest parties where there is an opportunity to meet many people, parties where, in view of all the people around, they will be able to flutter from group to group, situation to situation, excused from any kind of very serious conversation. And since Aquarians are people for whom everything rapidly gets boring, they try first to change the music, complain of having already been at this kind of party somewhere or the other, try to get the attendants to move elsewhere and, at the end, they will leave on their own to a more interesting location.


At times they are serene, witty and loquacious, at times they are on the verge of tears. These are the Pisceans with their large array of moods. And since not all people are burning alive the way they are, Pisceans often leave disappointed, or even in tears, big parties where lots of people are gathered. It takes little to make them happy: to be surrounded by people they know and to let their heart be swayed by gentle music as they sip a red wine. And, if they happen to be in love besides, Pisceans could dance the tango in their partner’s arms till morning time.
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This was incredible!! The detail and insight that you give to a chart are just over the top. It is both accurate and informative. I have had charts done before, readings etc... None of them compare to the one you did - combined! I keep referring to it and it just gets better! It was a self help life guide (that’s what I’d call it). I’m making changes and understanding things about me that make sense. Thank you so very much for this gift! 

Calle Carter, USA

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