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The Word
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Because of your impulsive and unstable nature, you tend to choose what you will do in life quite spontaneously as well as whether or not you should go on with your studies. One thing is certain, your competitiveness and the desire to be treated as a celebrity nearly always drive you to choose a dynamic and risky profession that will grant you the opportunity to be proving to others permanently your courage and competence. And since you can’t stand to be ordered around, you will certainly try your best to assume leadership in those professions that require strength and resistance, such as sports, the army, law, politics, engineering, surgery or psychiatry. However, the stumbling blocks on your path to success are your lack of constancy, the speed with which you change your goals in life and your adventuresome spirit.


Slow by nature, you love worldly pleasures and fine food. The possession of material wealth is your spiritual nourishment. This is the reason why you prefer a profession that is not too stressful but which allows you to fill your pockets in a secure and lasting way. Thus, if you do not decide in favor of a job linked to the economy, to business, marketing or building, you will surely seek your happiness in one of the large music production houses or in the opera. There is the possibility for you to shine as chef of a well-known restaurant. Your love of nature and animals often turns you into a good gardener, horticulturalist and veterinarian. And undoubtedly you will be able to boast about your patience and meticulousness but you definitely lose your footing if someone attempts to modernize your work habits.


Curious by nature, you want to try out everything, see everything and know everything. This is the reason why you often do not know which way to turn in terms of a profession or else you carry out two additional activities or more at the same time. Nevertheless, your strong points lie in your ability with words, your dexterity, your sense of humor, your power to convince others, your fast comprehension of situations and your ability to communicate. Consequently, it is not surprising that a large percentage of journalists, teachers, lawyers, writers, business people, mathematicians, humorists, postmen, waiters, stenographers are born under your sign. And finally, your greatest enemies towards building up your career lie in your superficiality, your incapacity for paying back your debts and your desire to get away with things while working as little as possible.


Everything linked to the past, to tradition, to love and family is what you will work at slowly, regularly, with great love and attention. And even if many people reproach you for being too precise in your conversation, of panicking and complicating matters, that does not prevent you from devoting yourself to poetry, history, archeology, ethnology and other ancient languages. In fact, to everything that takes you back to the past. But you can just as easily be a good seafarer, fisher, civil officer or forger of art works. And should you decide to study medicine, then you will certainly specialize in gynecology or in pediatrics. What is more: sensitive as you are by nature, you will not be able to withstand criticism. At such moments, it is easier for you to resign than to have to look into the eyes of someone who has criticized you.


You keep yourself firmly planted, both feet on the ground and you know how to evaluate the true worth of things. But what most often leads you to the highest positions and fame is neither you knowledge nor expertise but your ability to shamelessly flatter yourself as to who you are, what you are and who it is you know. And when to all this one adds your desire to advertise yourself publicly, it is then quite normal to find you working in the theater, the cinema or in a profession linked to music or sculpture. You are equally excellent as a professor, politician and of course in any kind of leadership role. You decide to enter the medical profession exclusively because of the high social status it confers.


Practical by nature and as hard working as an ant, you are extremely rational when it comes to choosing your profession. Even when you have capacities well above the average or artistic talents, you do not lean in this direction as long as you are not so sure that this will benefit you materially. Thus, you choose a profession demanding precision, sustained effort, a methodical spirit, which you are able to carry out without having to appear too much in the public eye, convinced as you are that your work should be what best speaks for you. You are excellent in a secretarial post, as an accountant, messenger, entrepreneur, journalist, professor, art critic, book reviewer or film critic, political analyst, archivist or even in a profession linked to health and hygiene. And what is most important: you remain loyal in your job, even when your superiors might act unfairly towards you.


Endowed with an inner aesthetic sense, accessible to all but politely distant, you do your best to maintain harmony in the world that surrounds you. Convinced that injustice, disputes and bad manners throw harmony off balance, you are most likely to choose a profession linked to law, legislation, diplomacy, art or culture. And thanks to your beautiful looks and gracious movements, you could succeed as a model, stewardess, dancer or become a television presenter. Additionally, there is something that has to be understood: because of your exaggerated indecisiveness, you do not know how to cut off at decisive moments and easily spend your money in whatever catches your aesthetic eyes.


Relentless and intrepid when it comes to completing the work you have undertaken, you do not compromise. As has always been the case, everything that is secret, hidden and unexplained attracts your attention and you can boast of being among those rare individuals who do not lose their head at moments of danger. You fit well into the field of chemical research or in professions that are risky by nature such as the army, the police, investigative work, psychiatry or surgery. If you like the sound of money more than you do other sounds, you will certainly lean in favor of banking and business. If your spirituality is developed, you may seek professional well-being as an employee of a humanitarian organization or as an actor in tragical drama. However, your critical mind expresses itself to its utmost capacity in the spheres of journalism and politics. Furthermore, in spite of your apparent cruelty, you acquit yourself well of your professional tasks and are the first one to tell your boss openly that he is wrong.


For you, sports and spending time in the thick of nature are absolute musts. Optimism is your second nature whereas your need to learn and to improve yourself does not leave you for the rest of your days. And even if early in life you were not a remarkable student, you distinguish yourself as you reach a higher scholastic level. Your adventuresome spirit and your desire to travel lead you to choose a profession that is related to geography, law, tourism or aviation. It is possible that you will decide to learn foreign languages and to go into foreign trade. As time goes by, you might enter the field of diplomacy. If your spirituality is more developed, you will certainly find your happiness in philosophy, in the study of religion or in working within a humanitarian organization.


You are persistent by nature. All your actions are driven by the need to reach the highest positions in society. This is why you arm yourself with a tremendous amount of perseverance and tenacity. You are even ready to learn and improve yourself throughout your life in order to beat the competition. This is the reason why it is not surprising to find that the majority of those who, within the same enterprise, evolve from the bottom up are precisely individuals born under the sign of Capricorn. You show proof of more respect for real-estate than for liquid assets and you wish to learn from other people’s mistakes. Thus, you choose the architectural profession or a profession having to do with building, you work in agronomy, the mining industry, art history or real-estate. You are equally to be found in the area of economics or psychology. Should you be very ambitious, you certainly will wind up in politics or diplomacy.


Child of the era that is dawning, you have your feet on the ground and your eyes turned towards the heavens, tuning into what the future brings. If to this you add your altruistic feeling thanks to which, like Prometheus, you are ready to die for others, then you will bring to them from the future what may be able to help them in the present. This is the reason why it is not surprising for you to work as an inventor, electrician, aviator, radio or television technician. What is more, the majority of physicians, astronauts and information technicians are born under your sign. But Aquarians are also often employed as social workers and a great number among them are known as artists or prophets.


Half way between dream and reality, you are not interested in knowing whether you live in the past or the present as long as no one interferes with your imaginary world. And in that world, one never knows where dreams end and where reality begins. This is the reason why you flee facts and figures and lean in favor of those professions in which day dreaming is allowed: painting, music, ballet, poetry, art photography, graphic arts. You may express your concern for others by choosing a profession that is related to medicine, social work or psychology. Similarly, it is not surprising for you to choose the opium of the people, religion, or to decide joining a Church choir.
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