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The Word
of Destiny

Is there a question tormenting you? Do you need to make a decision and have no one to consult with?
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In view of your impulsive and adventurous nature, you are able to make up your mind to travel on the spur of the moment, provided something truly exciting awaits you at the end of your journey, whether a sports tournament or social gathering. Since you are not among the thriftiest individuals in the Zodiac and are always in a hurry to get wherever you are going, you usually travel by plane. You practically always arrive at the airport at the very last moment and calm you nerves with huge amounts of chocolate or by telling members of the opposite sex all about your great love life. If you are traveling with the rest of the family, without as much as batting an eye in front of strangers, you will loudly take it out on all its members. What is more, it is precisely your incessant hurry that makes you forget at home half the things you need for the trip.


You hate fast changes but love money. This is why you do not complain when having to travel for reasons of work and profit. Because of your inborn need for comfort, whenever you have to travel on your own, for your own pleasure, you tend to choose a place you know well and whose green spaces, cooking and museums you enjoy. Because of your laziness and in order to avoid any bad surprises, you often choose trips organized by a travel agency. Employees of this kind of agency adore this sort of traveler because, as long as you are happy about the food and installations, you are not demanding. And, what is most important: if you have a choice, you prefer the train or the bus. This way, you can avoid getting tired and enjoy enough time for a nap. In any case, your suitcases are carefully made several days before departure time.


You love to travel. However, since you decide everything at the very last minute, it usually happens that you will leave something behind. You can bet that you will carry with you many things you won’t need along with an inadequate wardrobe, but you are not in the least bit bothered by any of this since what truly interests you is a lot of partying, meeting new people and discovering new places. Apart from all this, you are known as a traveler who never stops smiling. Driven by the principle according to which traveling is what is important, you are not turned away either by crowds, having to wait, or stormy weather. This is why, in your youth you prefer to hitchhike. And, since the best of all trips is the one someone else pays for, you spend the whole year participating in every imaginable competition, try to get away with paying as little as possible for the maximum of excitement possible. What is more, the expression “to leave a tip” is excluded from your vocabulary.


Attached to your home, family and native land, you have difficulty in traveling towards the unknown, in particular abroad, since doing so is a painful experience for you, a sort of treason and a severing of you umbilical chord. This is the reason why your final destinations are cities within your own homeland. Since you are appreciative and respectful of tradition and of you roots, you will often be found touring the countryside, churches or fishing villages. Wherever you may go, you want to be able to feel at home. This is why you often travel to the same places and get together with the same people you already know. In your suitcases you will find anything and everything, even pots, frying pans and cover plates. What is more, you spend the most on the wine, boat excursions and the adventure of night fishing. And when you travel as a single, you always expect to come home in love.


When you take off on a trip, it is usually in the direction of some fashionable place surrounded by wilderness. You carry with you suitcases befitting a movie star along with your entire collection of credit cards. And since you take to the road luxuriously and with a maximum of jewelry with you, the best thing for you is to travel by plane. Otherwise, everything will bother you: your crumpled up clothes, the stained seats and the other travelers’ lack of refinement. But, once you have reached your destination, the first thing you will do is strike an acquaintance with a native of the place or with one of the hotel employees. This way, you will feel that you belong to their great big family and will have next to you someone who can tell you the latest local gossip. And, since your main goal is to remain at the center of everyone’s attention, you will behave noisily and theatrically, will treat your new acquaintances to drinks, and you will leave generous tips.


It is while traveling that your caustic disposition most readily manifests itself. You think about the trip and prepare yourself for it well in advance. What is more, you take with you all known (and unknown) medicines, a wardrobe for all the four seasons of the year and an amount of money planned in advance since you spend little and judiciously. From the very beginning of your trip, you get on the other travelers’ nerves; if you are traveling by bus, you throw up, if by train, you get the whiff of bad smells but will not want the windows to be left open on account of drafts; if by plane your entire organism is thrown off; you flee new acquaintances and tightly hold on to your purse for fear of thieves. At the hotel, you behave like a health inspector and plan every day right down to the tiniest details, not wanting to squander either your time or your money.


You love to travel. And even when you have no money, you will stay only at the most luxurious hotels. But since you are so indecisive, you prefer to go on trips organized by a well-known agency since this way you save yourself having to decide where to sleep, what to eat and which historical places to visit. And since each Libran tries her best to appear beautiful and neatly groomed, your worst nightmare is to have to pack your bags and choose between what is useful and what is indispensable. Ultimately, you will leave with more suitcases than foreseen and successfully hide your uneasiness behind your charming disposition and polite behavior. Long after your trip, the car and the plane you traveled on will remain impregnated with your perfume.


For you, risks and dangers are the indispensable spice for a boring day-to-day existence. If you decide to travel, you usually do not ask how much it will cost. The most important thing for you is to relax, to be able to do whatever catches your fancy, and to break someone’s heart if possible. You do not carry much luggage and once you have the key to your room, you usually order the hotel personnel to not disturb you for the meals since you regularly transform your nights into days and vice-versa. Indeed, you love to manage your own time and the idea of hotel personnel violating the privacy of your territory puts your hair on end. And when you reach your destination, you are most likely to rent an apartment, a house or some kind of transportation.


Sagittarians are known as the Zodiac’s biggest globe-trotters. This is the reason why you spend more time on the road than at home. Since travel is in your blood, you do not think of yourself as a tourist and feel at home no matter where on earth you happen to be. This is why your suitcases are never totally unpacked. What is more, you have the capacity to reduce your luggage to the barest minimum even as you carry with you everything you find useful, from the iron to the coffee maker. As a young person, you travel without destination, just for the heck of it. With the years, your taste becomes entrenched, then at an older age you go more for exotic countries, safaris and ship cruises. You spend your days most often exploring the surroundings and visiting historical sites. You spend your evenings at the casino, leaving tips everywhere, inviting the local population, buying souvenirs and delighting in the specialties of the place. This is the reason why when you do not have enough money, you feel like you are being punished and will then be forced to travel in your thoughts instead.


When you embark on a trip, it is most likely because of your work. You keep your mouth shut all the while and from time to time look for something inside your attaché case. If traveling by bus, you do not get down from it at the stops and if by car, you do not stop anywhere. In this case, your radio is always tuned in to a news broadcast. However, should you be traveling with the family and the children’s laughter interfere with your listening to the radio, you have a nervous breakdown. When you travel on your vacation, you usually will stay away from organized plans and find yourself an isolated house or apartment where you will be able to cook and save a few more pennies.


You love traveling but do not belong to the category of tourists who spend very much. This is the reason why your favorite host will be a friend who will not charge you for your visit. As far as luggage goes, you do not get your suitcases ready until the very last moment, hoping that a friendly soul will liberate you from this unwelcome task. What is more, you pay little attention to the wardrobe you take with you and your books and your beloved hobby will come first. The time spent in the bus, the train or the plane is not wasted for you as long as you can listen to other people’s conversations and use each opportunity available to scandalize the rest of the travelers with your choice of profession or with your ideas about life.


You travel only when you want to avoid professional duties or the boredom of everyday life. You take with you more luggage than you really need. In the bus, the train or the plane you amuse yourself by drawing other travelers’ psychological portraits while nibbling on dry raisins, fruit or chocolate. You often choose as final destination places that have been left untouched by civilization or some Oriental city. However, since you look a bit lost and defenseless, you are easy game for local scoundrels. Absent-minded and romantic, you forget or lose something during each trip, regularly falling in love with a local and delaying your journey back home.
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I just want to thank you for my natal chart. I honestly saw parts of me in each page that I read. I was really impressed at the parts where I had some barriers in my life that I eventually over came and was only able to get past them by surrendering and acknowledging that I did not have control over the situation, I had to let go and let God. There were some things that were inaccurate however I must say that had my life not taken the turns they did my life could very well have ended in those ways. Also, I was quite amazed at the references to drug and alcohol addiction. I have also overcome those obstacles, again by surrendering. I am now on a more spiritual journey. Thanks. 

Debra, USA

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