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It is said that the contemporary world is full of conflict because people do not want, do not know how, or are unable to communicate with one another. Behavior at the wheel, seen as a way of communicating, is truly a magnifying glass that enlarges our faults and virtues. Many conflicts could certainly be avoided if, from our way of driving and our behavior at the wheel, we could decipher the impulses and reactions we and others have.


While driving in town, you notice that the driver of the red sports coupe next to you is on edge as he waits for the traffic light to change, that he suddenly speeds away before the light has turned to green, that he keeps his hand constantly on the horn and that he tries to pass everyone ahead of him. What is more, he could not care less about the number of violations he incurs in the process. You can be sure that you are dealing with an impulsive Arian, aggressive and intrepid. If you ever have the good luck to find yourself in the copilot’s seat next to him, you will understand what Monza circuit participants feel, provided that you do not annoy the Arian by telling him how he should drive. However, if such a specimen of the human race passes you and makes a face at you in his rearview mirror, do not even think about doing the same to him. Exaggeratedly vain and easy to vex, the Arian will not tolerate the defeat and you could wind up with a squashed nose.


Slow and thickheaded in everyday life, Taureans are slow and thickheaded when it comes to driving style. And if, on top of it all, they happen to be hungry, they could hardly care less about the traffic jam they are creating as they sit behind the wheel devouring a huge sandwich. What is more, it is not unusual for them to daydream at the stop light. They keep steady nerves in the midst of dangerous situations but one must not forget that they are the ones who provoke them. If you blow your horn to try to get them to clear your way or to go faster, thickheaded from birth as they are, they will not move an inch or will drive even more slowly. Fortunately, they choose safe cars since their comfort occupies the first place in their scale of values.


You are on the highway and an open convertible is right in front of you with strident music coming from it, all filled-up with people swinging and hollering in tune as the driver hip-hops in his seat, steering wheel in his hand as he jabbers away on the cell phone. Do not open your eyes any wider, it is not a dream but only a sociable and talkative Geminian having fun with his friends. Do not worry about it, since even though they love to win at the driving game and get themselves into danger without thinking twice about it, Geminians are among the best drivers in the entire traffic. They manage to emerge untouched from the biggest jam situations. Lively and versatile, Geminians feel like they are crippled whenever they are without a car. This is how come they immediately repair their vehicle’s “flaws”. And if they have the means, they change them often.


Waiting for the light to turn green, an old but well-kept automobile is right next to you. It resembles a living-room on four wheels, with handmade cushions on the back seats. Do not wonder, the driver is surely born under the Cancer sign, thrifty and attached to his belongings. This is the reason why, once he has bought it, he will drive his vehicle for the rest of his days before willing it to children and grand-children. However, if you are not traveling on a low traffic road, then get ready to see how this Cancerian panics and begins to behave uncontrollably from the moment of the first traffic jam. Then, his mistakes will pile on high along with his feelings of helplessness and depression. This is the reason why, if you are in love with a Cancerian, let him drive in the copilot’s place.


In the luxury car ahead of you, the driver is constantly admiring his own appearance on the rearview mirror. Besides, he expects other drivers to always give him priority and to clear the way so he can pass to the front of the lane. And when the red light prevents him from doing what he wants, he will swear at it endlessly. Everything is quite clear, we are facing His Majesty the Lion. If ever fate should have it that you find yourself occupying the passenger’s seat next to a Leo and you are not in the mood to compliment him on either his car or his driving expertise, the best thing for you to do is to keep your lips sealed. Who are you, after all, to criticize the King? Otherwise, before you have had a chance of counting to five, it is quite possible you will find yourself hitting the pavement again.


Your neighbor doesn’t stop washing and getting his little economy car to shine, disinfecting the interior and exterior and never allowing his passengers to smoke inside the passenger cell. Yes, no doubt, it is a representative of the Virgo sign. As every orderly person does, he will strictly stick to highway regulations and will scrupulously respect each sign. However, do not be too relaxed if you happen to be occupying his copilot seat. Lost in the details, he more often than not messes up in regular situations, especially when driving at night and while moving on a major highway. Nonetheless, when an accident occurs, Virgoans are the first ones to come to the help of those who may be hurt and to take them to the nearest hospital.


With them, you never know how they are going to behave in any given situation but you can bet that they prize beautiful cars. Among Librans you will find the most daring and the most courteous drivers. Nonetheless, Librans are usually people mindful of the way they are perceived by their entourage. This is the reason why, not wanting to quarrel with others, they hardly ever cut-in on others and always allow other vehicles to pass them instead. The most striking thing about them is that they need company while driving, and this is the reason why they often pick up hitchhikers. And should you run across any problem while you are on the road, pray to God that a Libran will happen by. She will not fail to give you a passing hand.


As you are strolling through the urban sprawl, you notice that one of the drivers whistles at every skirt passing by. When you take a second look and see that the car in no way matches the driver, neither in style nor age, then the conclusion can only be the following: you are dealing with a Scorpio, secretive and sex-crazy. Scorpios love speed and see slower drivers as road dangers to be squashed. Nonetheless, Scorpios are considered among the most lucid, cold-blooded drivers around who know how to find a way out of every situation. This is the reason why you can try following them: they will get you out any traffic jam you run into.


These are adventuresome individuals who are crazy about Jeeps and who behave as if they were at the Camel Trophy while they find themselves driving around town. Sagittarians will not take their foot off the accelerator and speed into their garage at 200 an hour. Besides, the most audacious and spiritual among them will find a way of attracting the highway patrol only for the heck of making jokes at them. Sagittarians are nonetheless the greatest gentlemen on the road. They know how to give you the space you need in order to park and let you pass them should you be in a hurry. If you embark on a long trip, pick a Sagittarian to drive next to you. He will simply love the trip, will always be available and will amuse you to no end throughout the journey.


Your neighbor is nuts about antique cars. When he purchases a new automobile, in spite of all the alarm systems installed in it, he will not leave its side from fear of someone stealing it. Without a doubt, he is born under the sign of Capricorn. There is hence nothing surprising about him repairing his car himself as well as washing it, since a mechanic’s services are too big an expense for the thrifty Capricorn. As drivers, Capricorns are impatient and thrust themselves brashly into the traffic. However, they are also included among the rare signs that learn from their own mistakes and who know how to evaluate the highway situation. Nonetheless, if you wish for your Capricorn to preserve his cold blood, above all don’t tell him what he has to do.


Individualistic and original, Aquarians either love or hate to drive. Nonetheless, if they make up their minds to it, they can be excellent drivers. Nonetheless, they do not respect highway rules beyond a certain point and abhor traffic jams. And no doubt freedom for them is a must but to be in someone’s company is synonymous with happiness. This is the reason why Aquarians just love to be accompanied and are the first ones to stop and offer their help to other drivers, even when no one asks them. Aquarians are visionaries ready to spend their life in the garage, trying to create a vehicle worthy of Back to the future.


Always to be found in a comfy vehicle, Pisceans come to the verge of tears whenever being in a hurry they find themselves stalled at the red light. However, if you pass them, they behave the same way that the majority of drivers do. In other words, Pisceans give in to others and often drive all wrapped-up in their inner world. Hence, they loose contact with reality, react automatically and can create traffic problems. Fortunately, whenever they are not happy with their automobile but have no money to change it, all they have to do is turn their imagination on in order to transform it into their dream car.
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