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Under the influence of quarreling Mars, you are endowed with great courage, tremendous strength and pugnacity, someone who has competitiveness running through his veins. You always want to win, be the first one and the best. For you, risk, glory and recognition are more important than comfort and well-being. Since we live in an era in which war is not well looked upon, you seek legitimate ways of unloading your energy and taking stock of your strengths. This is the reason why you so love sports. They contribute their share of uncertainty, proclaim winners and losers and demand fair play. What is more, your innate sense of authority drives you to refuse any position that is not that of the boss. This is the reason why you excel in individual sports, martial arts, automobile races and archery.


Even though you could brag of tremendous static strength, as a subject of Venus you love to enjoy what you have obtained with effort. Your thirst for life enters you most often through the mouth and you satisfy your possessiveness best by ingesting the object you have obtained. This is why you feel no need of movement or action once you have reached your goals. Nonetheless, you love nature and hiking in the mountains. However, if you have to choose a sport to practice during your leisure hours, you will definitely choose a static activity requiring strength such as bowling, wrestling or a position as goalkeeper in a team sport.


Under the influence of the high-spirited Mercury, messenger of the gods, you are mobile in spirit and body. Your dexterous hands and fast feet turn you into a talented athlete. However, your curiosity spoils everything. Your inability to remain concentrated on a single thing for a long time and your lack of sportsmanship prevent you from obtaining significant results. You often take aerobic courses because you know you will be able to stop your exercises whenever you so choose and your lungs are weak. However, if you are lucky enough to come across a good coach with an iron fist, you will be able to excel in running races, cycling, gymnastics, table tennis or soccer.


Physically and psychically sensitive, you seek safety and the capacity to heal your soul in solitude and retirement. This is why, instead of conquering the external world, you strike out in conquest of your rich and complicated inner world. Water being your sign’s natural element, your soul finds the greatest peace in the proximity of great expanses of water. Thus, even while in principle sport is of no great import for you, if you have built your house next to a lake, with no other alternative available, you will take your rod and go fishing, letting your thoughts wander in the process. What is more, the art of sailing is not beyond your range of interests.


Just as the Sun, your protector, is at the center of its system, you too expect to be at the center of attention, for people to drop to their knees in your presence, for them to listen to you and recognize your authority. You are born with a vitality that you work on preserving throughout your life. This is why you push body worship to the utmost. This way, in order to be able to exhibit your muscles in front of the guests at a chic gathering, you are ready to sweat it out and torture yourself for days on end at some body-building gym. What is more, the Lion is the king of all animals. Feeling royal, you do your best to leave others with an impression of glimmer and greatness. This is why you may become interested in a royal sport such as fencing, polo or golf. Nonetheless, if you set your heart on a team sport, you will not be at peace until you have become the team’s captain.


The well-known maxim “a healthy mind in a healthy body” was no doubt first stated by a Virgoan. In other words, profoundly concerned with health, order and hygiene, it often happens to you that you miss the forest for the trees and that you loose yourself in the deadlock of hypochondria. This is why you will have to discover that your body and your reason serve the mind. If the mind is well, it creates a healthy body. Nonetheless, what is not to be forgotten is that you are an extremely hard working person, objective, attentive, methodical who can accomplish great things in team sports, soccer, basket-ball, volley-ball and handball. Also, your analytical mind could do well for you in chess. If you are a woman, you will certainly choose fitness training.


Moving sprightly and gracefully on her trail, as if dancing, Venus, protector of Librans, reinforces their charm, beauty, sense of rhythm and their elegant movements. This is why for you physical effort and sweat do not seem like anything particularly beautiful or sophisticated. You most often avoid athletic activity and you say to yourself that your beloved hours of dancing are also athletic exercise. In other words, for a sport to “turn you on” it must be one that accentuates the body’s gracefulness, allowing you to make beautiful movements or else have an aristocratic flavor to it. This is probably why most gymnasts, tennis players and artistic ice-skaters are born under your sign.


God and the devil live side by side in your Faustian nature. Pluto, ruler of your sign, god of the underworld, indicates that the process of transformation almost always emerges within the context of an interplay between death and rebirth. The energies at your disposal reach well beyond any average level of tenacity. This is the reason why you are able to act even in the midst of the toughest situations, when everyone else would give out. This is the reason why you could obtain fantastic results in sports. You have no pity nor expect it for yourself since you feel only contempt for any weakness, your own and other’s. It is therefore quite possible that you will develop an interest in extreme sports demanding an unusual level of resistance. You love boxing, kayak and you satisfy your need to explore the unknown thanks to skin diving. However, you will find peace in your soul thanks to hatha-yoga which is actually a spiritual discipline.


The Centaur, a mythological being, teacher to heroes, half-man, half-horse, is the symbol of the Sagittarius. Since, as he plays his lyre, the Centaur sings the secrets of the Universe, the Gods, the minerals, medicinal plants, the beauty of a human body that is strong and healthy, the force of music, hunting and games, Sagittarians love to lead a healthy life, to spend time in nature and to practice sports. If you know yourself well enough before choosing a sport, it will not be surprising for you to opt for horseback riding, hunting or archery.


It is no doubt a Capricorn hiding behind the expression “you don’t get anything for nothing”. This is why, convinced that everything is to be obtained with a great deal of hard work, you believe neither in chance nor coincidences. Because of your need to be respected, of not depending on others and of finding a material base, you are able to bite the bullet and wipe all the obstacles on the path of building your career. And your path leads to the summit. However, the summits become increasingly cold and empty. Thus, if you allow yourself to spend some of your work time practicing some sort of sport, your hope for the summits, your solitary nature and your tendency to test your own limits will bend you in the direction of choosing skiing, alpinism or exploring caves. In addition, you will test your combinatorial abilities playing chess.


Just like his master Uranus, discovered at the end of the 18th Century, at the dawn of the French revolution, inspired men to choose freedom, equality and fraternity as the main points of their struggles, these same words are keys for describing the Aquarian’s character. Your drive for freedom, individuality, your enthusiasm for newness and your highly developed gregarious impulses are the factors that push you to seek out those who think like you. With them, you will be able to work towards a common goal on the basis of friendship and equality. This is the reason why you will do no matter what for a team sport while accomplishing your dream of flying thanks to parachuting, paragliding or hang-gliding. You will be tempting fate when you take up surfing.


Water is the Piscean symbol and imperceptibly dissolves the ego’s fragments, simultaneously uniting them with the absolute. In addition, Pisces are a Christian symbol. Behind the ritual of baptism with water, what transpires in reality is man’s acceptance to put himself in God’s hand. This explains why you see water as the natural element and why water soothes you. This way, eventually, the time you spend by the water leads you to love swimming, water-polo and even ice-skating. You will also be able to strengthen your Achilles’ heal, your weak feet, thanks to soccer.
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