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Adventuresome and always ready for action, you are not truly an Arian if you do not spend New Year’s Eve with lots of company, at a spot teaming with noise where you eat plenty and drink even more. This means that you expect a great deal from New Year’s Eve, horrified by the idea of staying home sitting in front of the T.V. set. This is why you put more into preparing for this single evening than you do in preparing for summer vacations. And in keeping with some unwritten rule, you consider that everything is allowed in the course of this evening. Hence, your behavior goes out of bounds and you exaggerate with the drinks. If you are out with your partner and enjoying mid-night supper with her friends, you will constantly keep her under vigilance, but she will not have the right to cramp your style in any way. If you are single and wake up alone on the first day of the year, you will surely wallow in despair.


Sluggish and gourmand by nature, you look forward to the Holiday Season’s festivities when you can have your fill of special foods and of a variety of seasonal delicacies you do not run into during the rest of the year. With your habits, you feel especially good among your circle of close friends, right at home, where everything is familiar to you and where nothing will come between you and all your creature comforts. Even more so since you do not like crowds. To which you must add your mistrust of food prepared by someone else. This is why, if you are a woman, you begin to get ready for the New Year’s Celebration as early as mid-December, preparing cakes and stocking up on food. It will therefore not be surprising if you find yourself wiped-out before the mid-night feast. If you are a man, midnight December 31 finds you champagne bottle in hand, and you spend the following morning with a big headache and sick to the stomach.


Happy-go-lucky and playful, you are the entertainer in your midst. This is why for you every day resembles New Year’s celebration. Nonetheless, you expect a lot from New Year’s Eve. To start with, the idea of bettering your chances for unusual adventures entices you on, and your adrenaline levels shoot up at a vertiginous speed as the last strokes of the year draw near. You simply love to meet new people, all the more so if they are attractive representatives of the opposite sex. Then, irrespective of whether you are out with someone else or single, you do your best to be seductive and to test your charm. But if at the end nothing happens, this is all even better. In any case, all of the new year lies ahead of you.


If you have your family, each moment spent in the arms of the person that you love, as your children sleep quietly, is a moment to revel in. However, if you are single, then the wanderlust habits and bohemian spirit take over. You will go from one joint to the next, from one encounter to another, and all this as long as you have not found your real place. Whatever happens, when it comes to the New Year’s celebration, as long as you can do so, that is to say, if you have a big apartment or a house with a terrace from which you can see the stars, you will invite your close friends over to your place. You will welcome the first moments of the new year with wine and guitar music. Normally, upon waking up, you will not be able to know what it was you did after midnight. But should you spend your first morning without someone else’s head in the hollow of your shoulder, then it is quite possible that you will drown yourself in alcohol all over again in order to save yourself from utmost despair.


Loving glamour, wild parties and shows about which you could go on speaking days without end, you live for all sorts of festivities, birthdays, celebrations and above all else for the New Year’s Midnight Blast. This is why you reserve the restaurant or the hotel weeks in advance. What is more, you are in no way embarrassed to invite yourself to someone’s party even when knowing her only from sight, provided you know for sure that everything there will be up to your standards. Then, while awaiting this wild night, you sweep through the shops incessantly, looking for the clothes that will set you off over everybody else. Your outfit most of the time is made of brilliant fabric and you wear a hat or some other ornament on your head. At your place, a tall Christmas tree richly decorated stands out, next to which you will drink the first glass of champagne before you depart on that adventure called the New Year’s Midnight Blast.


You are thrifty and constantly preoccupied with something or the other. This is the reason why you become more exhausted during the time preceding the New Year’s feast, with all the preparations, clothes shopping, the choice of a place for the party and all the expenses involved. However, in spite of what one might expect, you do not like to stay home, even if home is the territory you know best and the place where you feel most secure. Looking at the world around you with critical eyes, you are unable to relax, not even during the wildest of all nights. Thus, even before the mood of the party has become truly warm, you will be thinking about the morning after, the mess, your run off make-up, your sweaty body or the broken bottles, the burned rugs and curtains, the cigarette butts thrown on the floor and other horrors. Then, as practical as you are, you will buy yourself a cheap New Year’s plan or else go out to friends’ house. At the time of the party, you are not the hottest item around. But if you drink a bit, one never knows...


In keeping with a snobbish trait in your character, the place, company and even the way of celebrating are matters of prestige for you. This is the reason why it is not surprising that you should spend the entire month of December preparing for this particular night. In other words, trying to see, to be seen and to charm all those present, you will spend the night at a recognized establishment, a well-furnished, trendy place or else at the house of someone who is important in your milieu. Your main assets for drawing looks will be your elegant outfit and great smile. Thus, your lovely manners as well as your ability to listen to others and to create a fun atmosphere make of you one of the most looked-after guests at every party. You try to spend the first minutes of the new year in someone’s arms, a Viennese waltz swaying you.


Hating formalities and unable to be happy just because the time has come, you despise parties of all kinds and experience only disgust for the New Year’s organized celebration. “You have to have a concrete reason for celebrating” you might say while bringing together only your closest friend upon the occasion of a wedding, baptism, or in order to celebrate a new job. This is why, during New Year’s Eve, you will behave like the two old folks in the Muppet Show who stay on the balcony, criticizing everybody, making fun of their outfit and behavior. But, if after a marathon-like discussion, your partner and your friends manage to get you to go somewhere on that night, your comments may help create an ambiance, rekindle the atmosphere and help you begin the new year in a good mood. If you are harder to convince and if you still stay home, you will behave as if nothing of importance were taking place that night. However, you will just love staying in bed late on the first day of the year and presenting to your partner your hottest good wishes.


Serene by nature, you joyously look forward to the end of the year’s celebrations since to you they mean a period of vacationing and good mood, of tables brimming over wherever you go and people toasting glasses. Since you are happiest the farther away you go from home, you will probably try to celebrate somewhere in the Caribbean, on a Mediterranean ship cruise or, else, with a glass of champagne in hand at the foot of the Pyramids. This is why, if you are a true Sagittarius, long before the beginning of the Holiday Season’s feasting, you will make yourself busy getting together the necessary funds and convincing your next of kin to join you in your adventure. And even though your partner’s presence may be welcome on this voyage, it is not obligatory since, in any case, you will find someone with whom to spend the first warm day of the new year.


Serious and pessimistic, you find nothing appealing in the fact that another year has gone by and, according to you “brought nothing especially good, nor the following one either”. The last hours of the year that is ending awaken in you a feeling of panic colored with sadness, since they remind you of the fact that you are a year closer to the end of your life. For all these reasons, you isolate yourself during this period of time. Since for you the end of the year’s festivities are an expression of collective hysteria, you despise massive gatherings, all the kissing, good-wishing and drunkenness that goes on, all of which you sometimes avoid by taking to the mountains where, in your rather mystical way, you can come closer to God.


Always looking out for new events, new company and new entertainment, for days ahead of time you will be asking about who is going to be where doing what. To you it is all the same whether you spend the night out or at home as long as you are sure that there will be lots of people, persons you don’t know and that you will not begin getting bored during the first sixty minutes. Besides awaiting impatiently for the happiest night of the year and beginning to party even before the rest of the company arrive, you often forget the moment when the new year actually begins. It often happens to you that you will wander from party to party, in search of strong emotions, waking up at unexpected hours next to people whose name you don’t even know.


Absent-minded and lost, each time you tell yourself that next year you will be ready and that you will prepare for your New Year’s party ahead of time. But the hottest night of the year more often than not catches you unprepared. Then, saying “already?”, and on the verge of panicking, you will not know what to wear, with whom or where to go. This is why it is not surprising for you to stay home trying to have fun watching television, with the help of an abundance of food and limitless quantities of alcohol. However, your greatest wish is to share the first moments of the new year with your partner and to extract from him the promise that next year you will spend more time together.
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This was incredible!! The detail and insight that you give to a chart are just over the top. It is both accurate and informative. I have had charts done before, readings etc... None of them compare to the one you did - combined! I keep referring to it and it just gets better! It was a self help life guide (that’s what I’d call it). I’m making changes and understanding things about me that make sense. Thank you so very much for this gift! 

Calle Carter, USA

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