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The Word
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Of a combative nature and athletic spirit, Arians love the unknown and surprises, and that is the reason why they simply adore presents. Believing that a present translates the taste and individuality of the one who offers it, they will give expensive gifts in order not to appear cheap in other people’s eyes. And of course, they feel valued if one gives them expensive gifts. So, your Arians will be truly pleased if you offer them an expensive perfume, a costume or sports outfit of fine quality, under garments of an erotic red color, a gold gem with a unique design studded with diamonds or rubies, gloves and a hat made in an exquisite material, new seat-covers for their automobile, a knapsack in which you will hide a walkman with one of their favorite groups’ CD. In spite of all that, if you do not know what to choose as a present for your Arian, take a look at what he is offering. That’s right, an Arian loves to receive the same as he gives to others.


Subjects of Venus, Taureans love material pleasures, have a highly developed esthetic sense and know how to estimate the value of things. When it comes to gifts, they are more often among those receiving than those giving. However, should you still have the hope that your Taurean may change and wish to please him, then offer some high-quality cosmetics, an art object or painting, a pretty belt, a tie, a purse, a scarf, a handbag, an elegant brief-case or even The guide to the Nouvelle Cuisine. If your love is only in its beginnings and you still do not know him well enough, you will certainly make him quite delighted with a great wine bottle or with top brand hand-made chocolates. The Taurean woman will be enthralled by a beautiful indoor plant.


Eternal children of the Zodiac, Geminians love parties and presents. Nonetheless, do not by any means think that your Geminians love to receive the same as they offer. Whereas under the guise of humor, they offer inexpensive gifts in the shape of little dolls and toys accompanied by spiritual messages, when they receive gifts, they love them to be beautiful and expensive. And if you have forgiven your Geminian so far his superficiality, then you will make him happy if you offer an expensive watch to remind him to not be late, a photo camera, a ring or a pair of earrings, a set of pens, the last best-seller or else a game (dominos, chess or board game). Finally, you will have your Geminian eating out of your hand if you organize a trip abroad for him.


Children of the Moon that kindles feelings, Cancerians select with love and attention the presents they give to those they hold dear. Of course, they vibrate as they face the consideration of those who are thinking of giving them something. If they are in love, their presents will be symbolic of love: a box of chocolates or a key holder in the shape of a heart, red roses or a collection of poems by Prévert. Your Cancerian will certainly be touched to tears if you offer her a piece of furniture, a jewelry box or some other object to be found at the antique shop, a white-laced bed cover, something for the house, a jewelry silver piece fitted with a pearl, a photo album for organizing the photos you will have taken when you were together, or a pair of bedroom slippers. And above all else, you must include a dedication expressing to her all that is in your heart.


Pompous and theatrical, Leos do not balk at the expense when it comes to presents since what is most important to them is for their present to be seen and heard about. And of course, they are not indifferent to the way in which that present will find its way back to them. If you wish to win the favors of a Leo, do not forget that he is nuts about everything that shines and is only of the highest quality in every category. In other words, if you offer him flowers, the bouquet must be rich and unique in every respect. Besides, the self-important Leo adores mirrors equally as well, silk shirts and scarves, bedcovers with oriental motifs in which gold dominates, gold-plated lighters or key-holders, and all the bulky jewelry in massive gold. However, never, not even in your wildest fits of madness, should you think of offering a Leo a facial or body cream: as vain as he is by nature, he will think that he is not sufficiently attractive in your eyes. And something else again: a Leo will start purring like a cat should he find his initials engraved on your present.


Virgoans are the best proof that presents are the expression of personality. Like them, their presents are rational and practical. What is more, they love receiving the same type of things equally as well. If you are facing the dilemma of figuring out what to offer your Virgo, listen to her with attention: just before the holidays, she will give some hint or the other, as if by chance, concerning what she is missing or would be happy to be able to have. However, the present must have a truly practical value. In other words, she will not be left untouched in front of a discrete and faithful wristwatch, a handbag or a briefcase artistically made, a purse or an appointment book. A box of exotic tea or plants with great scent will please her as well as anything that has a housekeeping usefulness. A Virgoan woman will be happy whenever you offer her a beautiful hat, discrete earrings or a silk scarf. You can’t go wrong either with presents related to hygiene, such as scented soap, bathing salts or a bathrobe. And do not forget that the Virgoan, while she may be thrifty, never offers anything that is cheap or that does not last a long time.


Refined and endowed with a pronounced esthetic taste, Librans adore presents. The more expensive the present, the wider their irresistible smile. However, if you want to surprise your Libran with one, you had better believe that you are facing a difficult task in view of the refined esthetic sensibility you will have to satisfy. Your conceited Libran will certainly put down her weapons in front of a garment signed by a great creator or in front of a top brand cosmetic. Do not forget, besides, that everything should be in pastel colors and that your Libran will take into account the way you have wrapped your gift. She will even save the wrapping since one never knows when it might come in handy. In other words, do not save up on anything but do not wait to surprise her with any kind of perfume. A Libran will not wear any other than her own, and if you do not know her brand then offer her something else altogether.


Unquestionably intelligent, perspicacious, endowed with a multiplicity of talents and magnetically attractive, yet do not forget that Scorpios also have the most developed memory in the entire Zodiac. Ten years after the fact, they will remember exactly what you gave them and when. What is more, Scorpios are hot for everything that is secretive. Thus, you will certainly touch her with a book having to do with esotericism, the occult, espionage, or religion. The Scorpio man will be left without words in front of an antique arms collection and the Scorpio woman in front of a fur or black laced undergarments. Scorpios love equally well black leather outfits, dark silk bed accessories, bouquets of white flowers and jewelry made of amethysts and opals. Besides, do not dare, ever, even just for the fun of it, offer a sexy Scorpio house slippers decorated with flowers or animals. She would experience this as an insult to her image.


Always serene, gourmands and gifted with an athletic spirit, Sagittarians are the biggest travelers in the Zodiac. When it comes to presents, they are on the whole very generous but can also show up empty handed. At such times, in order to escape shame, Sagittarians will draw something from their reserves accumulated throughout their many voyages, replete with ivory cuts, African masks, Spanish fans, or Chinese vases. You may not be so sure you have what it takes to impress your Sagittarian. However, he will lay down his arms in front of a good bottle of wine, of exotic foods or caviar. He never remains untouched by hunting scenes or cards such as the ones you see at casinos. The Sagittarian never tires of backpacks, travel bags, hunting, fishing and horseback-riding gear. He will not drop his compass when he goes to sleep and will indeed definitively loose his head when you organize for him a trip to the land of the Pharaohs or some other exotic location.


Practical, thrifty and ambitious, Capricorns see presents as a waste of money. Nonetheless, when a Capricorn gives a present, either he buys something of value, or he may not come at all because he thinks that what is most expensive surely is what is most valuable. That after this he can’t get to sleep again is another story. Thus, if you are looking for something to give your Capricorn, remember that work is the most important thing for him and you are not mistaken if you give him something that he can use in his activity. Since he is ambitious, he will certainly read with interest The Greatest Salesman in the World, The Path to Success, How to Become a Millionaire or Think and Grow Rich. Do not forget either that Capricorns love the mountains. This is why a new windbreaker, skiing gear or big, heavy socks will always be welcome. And if you want to offer them a piece of jewelry, choose an onyx studded one.


Original and unforeseeable, Aquarians behave the same way when it comes to giving presents. Thus, pay attention when you receive a present from an Aquarian since the latter is capable of anything. It is possible that something will splash in your eye or run through your hands while he turns over laughing. However, in spite of anything one might expect, Aquarians can’t stand that others use the same tricks with them. Thus, offer your Aquarian something both beautiful and expensive. In love with technology, he will zero in on the latest computer software, the stereo system or the most sophisticated photography equipment. He will certainly adore a science-fiction novel. Because of his bad circulation, he will certainly be delighted with a wool outfit. The Aquarian woman will be thankful for a patchwork bedspread, black pearls or an aquamarine piece of jewelry.


Creative and daydreaming, Pisceans will observe and listen for a long time to the person to whom they want to make a present because for them what is most important is that that person will be satisfied. Thus, do not expect great material value in their presents since that is never what motivates the Piscean. If you wish to return the gesture and it is difficult for you to get under that Piscean’s skin, the stars indicate that alcohol and cigarettes are real temptations for the representatives of this sign. Thus, you will not be making a mistake if you decide to offer them a bottle of fine wine, a special cigarette lighter or cigarette box with an elegant design. And since Pisceans love water and bathing, they will certainly appreciate a lovely soap, a high quality sponge, aromatic oils or a set of towels. A CD with Spanish guitar music or an aquarium to replace the sea will surely reinvigorate your Piscean’s romantic feelings.
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I just want to thank you for my natal chart. I honestly saw parts of me in each page that I read. I was really impressed at the parts where I had some barriers in my life that I eventually over came and was only able to get past them by surrendering and acknowledging that I did not have control over the situation, I had to let go and let God. There were some things that were inaccurate however I must say that had my life not taken the turns they did my life could very well have ended in those ways. Also, I was quite amazed at the references to drug and alcohol addiction. I have also overcome those obstacles, again by surrendering. I am now on a more spiritual journey. Thanks. 

Debra, USA

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