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Energetic and dynamic, you live your life a mile a minute and behave the same way during vacation time. This is why, once it is time to go back to work, you have the feeling that your vacations lasted but a split second. This does not mean that it will be hard for you to get used to your everyday chores. On the contrary, bad tempered and ambitious by nature, getting back to work will be rather like a new adventure. You will immediately put your office and house back together again, will give lazy colleagues a push and dig into work right where you left it at the start of the vacation, without too much thought given to what has happened. Since for you house chores are a waste of time, you can not call yourself a true Arian if you do not attempt to pass this nuisance on to someone else.


Slow by nature, appreciative of material pleasures, you try to use each moment your vacation lasts in order to rest and enjoy the passage of time without thinking about how long it will all last. It may be well known that your Taurean nature experiences difficulty in adapting to changes, but when work it at stake, this rule does not apply to you. Since comfort is the first of your values and since you base your affections on material security, money means everything to you. And when one understands that time is money, you sit at your office without any sort of a fuss and dedicate yourself entirely to making it. In love with your little house with its garden (that you cultivated with your own two hands), it will not be hard for you to dedicate yourself to house chores in view of maintaining your daily comforts.


In constant search for something new and interesting that might hold your attention a bit longer, the back to work situation is not difficult for you. It happens even quite often that you will interrupt your vacations at their finest moments in order to keep a good feeling about them or that you will pack your bags when it is not the time yet to take off but are finding yourself bored to death. However, upon returning to your work post, you will speak with delight about the tasks awaiting you and will bombard your colleagues with a heap of new ideas that came into your head in the meantime. Nonetheless, in no way will you return effectively to work, especially if you have to deal with a routine job or with housekeeping chores.


Respectful of tradition and taking your duties quite seriously, you are well able to distinguish between work and pleasure. Then, in the course of vacationing, your home attached Cancer-like disposition will impatiently await being able to return to your routines. All the more so if you happen to spend your vacations far away from home. That is why the first thing that you will do before leaving for work will be to clean the interior of the house from one end to the other and to have the photos you took over the vacations developed. Next, without too much musing over it, you will assume your new professional chores. You will sigh nostalgically thinking about the moments that have gone by, but only as you are showing your photo albums to your friends.


How rested or not you will feel upon returning to work after your vacation will all depend on whether or not your distinguished Leonine nature has spent those vacations the appropriate way at some worldly location. If things have gone the way they should, you will return to your professional tasks after organizing a great party for your friends and colleagues. You will tell the story of your experiences to whomever wants to listen, you will display your photos since without witnesses it is as if nothing had happened. At the end, you will distribute your presents. Thus, it is with great style that you will return to your own world’s hub of life, taking up once again the important and responsible part that is yours at your workplace. Then, you will realize with pleasure that in your absence nothing has functioned normally. This is why going back to work is always more difficult for your colleagues, collaborators and members of your home environment than it is for you.


Hard-working and hardly ever letting go, at no moment does it occur to you that things might have been more pleasant had your vacations lasted longer. Quite to the contrary, even though you need to get rest, you would not belong to the Virgo sign if you did not think about what you must complete, put the finishing touches to and repair. This is why you will look forward to getting back to your everyday professional life. Then, with a leisurely sigh, you will readapt to your new life and work rhythms at a speed and with an efficiency worth envying. And what is more: as meticulous as you are, before going back to complying with your professional tasks, you will leave your house and office shining and even starch your laundry.


You weigh everything on the balance. This is the reason why your ability for returning to everyday life and work after vacations will depend on the relative number of positive and negative events throughout that time. Since for each Libran love takes first place, your mood will not change with the beginning of the workweek if you are happy with your love life. Nonetheless, in order to face your new professional challenges well, you must first of all always prepare yourself psychologically and remain happy in the love sphere. What is more, since what your entourage thinks of you is very important to you, you will rapidly abandon your lethargy should you suspect that others see you as lazy and unreliable. Even more so if your work is creative and does not demand too many physical responsibilities and efforts.


You are a person of principles and you can not be made happy just because such or such a date is at hand. What is more, for you work is work and should be done without taking into consideration the time of year, vacations or the desires of the moment. Since you give your entourage the appearance of someone who is tough and intrepid who knows what he wants, do not be surprised if people consider you to be the scourge of those who goof off and think of you as someone who is impatient to get back to your workplace. Few of them will know that behind your severe Scorpio appearance a sensitive soul is hidden that still thinks for a long time about the carefree days spent at rest and in peace and good company. And even though your conscientious nature pushes you to comply with your home chores, ultimately these do not give you the slightest bit of pleasure.


Happy-go-lucky and friendly, you are convinced that you can give the best of yourself only if you work in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, without pressures or feeling forced. This is why once vacations are over, you practically always need a few days for readjusting to your new work pace. During this period of time, before buckling down to business as usual, you will first arrange for an outing with your colleagues, at which time you will have the opportunity of laughing and telling one another plenty of things. Next, it is in this pleasant ambiance that you will get back to your work right where you left it just before your vacation.


You are known as the greatest workaholic in the entire Zodiac. Work is what most fully satisfies you and where you find your purpose/be-all in life. This is why others see you as someone virtually married to his work. If you are a Capricorn who respects himself, it will be all the more difficult for you to adapt to your vacation than it will be to adapt to your new work cycle. In other words, feeling almost sick if you find yourself having to spend whole days flat on your back, not working, during your entire vacation you will be waiting impatiently for the moment of returning to the office. Until then, you will make-do with cleaning house, fixing the garden or repairing your car. And if someone asks you your opinion, vacations and rest ought to be abolished.


Unforeseeable and changing, no one can ever know for sure where he is at with you. The speed and ease with which you will adapt to new professional duties after your vacations will depend upon your mood and motivation of the moment. At times, you seek inspiration and reasons for getting back into work for weeks whereas at some other time you will plunge into the everyday professional routines with the speed of lightning. That will all depend on how much you find your work to be something interesting and unusual. In any case, if you have managed to get turned on by a new hobby over your vacation, you will forget all the rest without batting an eyelash, from the dishes stacked into the dishwasher to your professional tasks piled up one on top of the other.


You adore vacations and idleness. Before the vacation, you are sad to have to leave your workplace. After the vacation, you are sad to be back. Since with you everything is linked to feelings and psychic experience, it is on them that your first day of work will rely. The adaptation process will be shorter if you like what you do and if you have not undergone a recent love trauma. But if you know that a boring administrative job or a hard physical effort are in stock, this thought alone has the power to make you sick from the very first day.
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Thank you for the Natal Chart. WOW, truly amazing how the Chart hits the nail on the head in so many areas relating to me.
I have seen and read other astrological write-ups on me and this one exceedingly surpasses them all. Again, thank you so much as the Natal Chart gives me enlightenment and constructive critics on areas to be on guard about and areas in my life to be aware of and work on.
God Bless You. 

Vance Russell, USA

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