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The Word
of Destiny

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Born with the feeling that you must be the first and the best, you will do everything you can to prove to yourself and to others that this is so. In order to reach this goal, you look for the support of the older members of your proximity. This is the reason why you try to please them with your exacting work and your obedience. You expect the youngest to follow you blindly and you easily underestimate their abilities. Because of your patriotic feelings, you are ready to unleash a war in order to save your homeland. Nonetheless, convinced that you are the only master of your fate, as well as the alpha and omega of your milieu, you will hardly swallow the stories they tell you about God. It is even more improbable that you will celebrate events whose existence appear to you to be unfounded.


You are a traditionalist and a conservative. One could say of you that you follow the path of the elephants throughout your entire life. In principle, you respect those who are older than you and try to satisfy them in every way possible. All the same, you do not like change. Your behavior as an adult depends on your childhood upbringing. If you grew up in a traditional family whose oldest member always had the last word to say, if lunch could not begin until everyone was sitting at the table and if, at the time of the religious festivity, the whole family went to church, then, as soon as you have your own family you will unhesitatingly begin to follow your childhood rules of behavior. What is more, you will expect the younger generation to respect them as well. What must be acknowledged is that, at the time of the celebrations, in your heart of hearts, you enjoy the dinner table delights and the good company way more than you do the sacred nature and grandeur of the moment.


You do not believe in anything other than what your five senses communicate to you. This is the reason why you get along better in everyday life than in theories, philosophy or spiritual disciplines. All the same, as a result of your variable nature, your thoughts and moods often change, you are always undecided. In other words, your opinion depends upon the moment and the situation at hand. And as if by chance, the most profitable opinion always wins the day. To that, one must add your behavior in relation to those who are older than you are, in front of whom you keep a quiet demeanor but not without making pranks behind their backs. This is the reason why, when you are at table with your next of kin, you begin to eat as soon as the dean lifts his glass to toast. You may even go to church if you grow convinced that doing so will get you good points in the eyes of your elders.


You are turned towards the past, roots and tradition. For you, family is the fountainhead from which your future blooms. This is the reason why you keep track of your family’s genealogical background. Finding in tradition, religion and celebrations a way of perpetuating your linage, you simply adore the holiday season, when all gather together around the table. You love above all the moments in which the oldest member of the family tells about the best moments of the past, dispensing his blessings to the young and subtly guiding their future actions. This is exactly the way you will behave tomorrow in front of your own children and grand-children. And, where guests are concerned, the first time you receive them you will definitely be waiting for them at the gateway to make sure they feel welcome.


Ever since your birth you have felt like the king. This is the reason why you expect everyone to bow down to you and to execute your orders. And if it’s not everyone, at least it’s your closest ones. What is more, you are conscious of the fact that there is a king of kings and you respect hierarchy. Thus, even when you are not certain of God’s existence, you are convinced of a superior force. You raise your little ones within tradition, you teach them to respect the older generations and to be proud of their linage. You prepare for the festivities for days on end, you cook the best dishes, you bring out the gold or silver cutlery inherited from your parents and, presiding at the table, you are simply ecstatic seeing your lion cubs and their offspring all around you.


Extremely rational and profoundly analytical, you need solid proof before you will have faith in anything. What is more, you are conservative and endowed with a sense of what is and is not moral. Whether you want to or not, life will teach you that certain things which exist or happen in nature do not have any sort of rational explanation. This is why your resistance to the notion that miracles exist will diminish in time. That may push you to become very much a believer or at least to maintain a minimal level of ethical behavior. And since it is very important for you to bring order into the surrounding world, you will respect tradition if you feel that it helps towards maintaining order and respecting moral principles.


Sensitive to form and beauty, you will do everything to maintain harmony in your midst. This is why of tradition you will keep only what seems to you modern, distinguished and refined in the present. You love the festivities because you see in them a way to bring some balance into your everyday disarray. For you, food especially prepared and the well served table are always a feast for eyes and palate. You will not go to church unless you happen to be very much in love or unless you want to make a good impression. That is to say, every time you are convinced that such is of importance to others.


Being the sign in which life, death and resurrection meet, once you overcome your fear, you will have the possibility of establishing contact with your sixth sense and other dimensions. In your eternal search for the essence of things, you detest formalities and find it ridiculous that people should rejoice because the calendar says so. You would say that there should be good reason for celebrating, and you would gather only your closest friends in order to celebrate your marriage, your baptism, your new job. Since you are hard on yourself and evaluate everything according to your own criteria, you show yourself respectful of the wisdom of the older generations and have no words to justify the silly behavior of the younger ones. Nonetheless, family is in your blood and you are happy to gather around the table with them to celebrate. But, in view of the fact that to you everything is either black or white, you will behave like a complete atheist or else as a religious fanatic.


You are driven by the idea “my home is wherever I feel good.” This is the reason why you do not attach yourself often to homeland or tradition. Then, in time and with all those years you have spent traveling throughout the world and meeting new cultures, it is possible that your respect for tradition will increase. However, it will not always be the tradition of the country where you were born but rather of the country whose culture, in passing, you liked or else whose culture is closest to your view of life and the world. And since you always have a soft spot for fine exotic food, drink, good company and beautiful music, celebrating your own tradition as well as those of others is no problem a long as it will give you a chance to satisfy your hedonistic cravings.


Even though you may seem to be rational and thoughtful, you are in fact always thirsty for spirituality. You will do well to realize this fact and to develop this inclination in time since that is the only way you will be able to control your wild material ambitions. However, mad as you are for worldly power, you do not often see in God anything other than the universal policeman who keeps record of human sins and severely punishes them. This is the reason why your faith often turns into dogmatism and it is fear that pushes you to respect tradition and practice all the rituals. Even though you may not be at all sure there is anything up there. The harshness of your opinions manifests itself in your communication with your close ones since you allow yourself to make comments and to give everybody your advice. Your ascetic nature helps you not to overdo it with food or drink during the celebration. On your table one can find everything that is needed, but in reasonable amounts. Nonetheless, there are exceptions to each rule; once you have managed to succeed in gaining hold of yourself, you will become a truly spiritually endowed person, the very best of mankind.


With a foot in the future, you see tradition like the office of lost property, from which each takes only whatever pleases him. This is the reason why you do not accept in tradition other than the parts that seem interesting to you and that do not stifle you with their rules and instructions. Whatever your level of spirituality, you rebel against the hierarchy, you believe in some indefinable superior force and a universal order of which neither churches nor other religious institutions are a part. In other words, for you, there are no younger or older people, everyone is equal. There are also no festivities since each day can be a day for celebrating. To insist upon respect to tradition can have the inverse effect for you and lead you to do what others least expect.


Always mid-way between dream and reality, constantly fleeing what is humdrum and assuming the role of victim for someone or something, you easily swim in the waters of mysticism, always in search of spirituality and often going to church. However, that is in no way related to tradition. Tradition is something you respect only to the extent it may bring you a change in your everyday dullness. Docile by nature, in your perpetual search for a way to blend with the absolute, it is likely that you will become a member of diverse sects and may even change from one to another several times in your life.
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