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Straightforward, loud and open, you have no major problem in your communication with others, in particular with members of the opposite sex you try to conquer with your funny stories and naughty allusions. In fact, your problems only emerge when you are in close contact with someone who, like you, desires to control or else challenges His Majesty the Ram. Unable to put up with competition and to dialogue in a courteous manner, you easily shift to insults. Since the telephone is a means of communicating, you behave in the same way through it. You speak loudly, especially when others are to be made to understand how much you are in demand. You also do not hold your swearwords. And when you are in love, the whole world has to know. You call the object of your lusts one hundred times a day and send her torrid messages. Happily or unhappily, none of that lasts very long. Indeed, you quickly get hot for something and forget all about it even faster. You almost always have the most recent and sophisticated telephone. However, your enthusiasm will vanish as soon as you see the ads for the latest model.


At the beginning, you are not very communicative with others. You do not show your true self until you are convinced that you are stepping on solid ground, among people who understand you. Then your tongue will loosen up, in particular when you tell your anecdotes or other people’s in front of a well-served table. This is so precisely because, for you, business matters are best worked out at the dinner table and the telephone is merely a means of arranging your meetings and dates or for making a restaurant reservation. This also explains why you pick up the receiver only once you truly need to do so, and your conversations last a short time only. However, when you are in love, your sentimental nature and your collector’s feelings awaken. You are then not beyond singing something to your partner on the telephone and drown her in your love missives. And what is most important: you never throw anything away, you keep your tender messages and re-read them from time to time in order to remember the past or even enhance it. Upon buying a cell phone, you choose the top model, even if it is expensive. However, you will not change it in for another as long as it is not already out of order.


Witty, curious and as playful as a child, you really feel like you are in your element whenever you are in the midst of communicating with others. The best aspect of your double nature comes to the fore whenever you are in other people’s company, meeting new people, hearing new information and listening to the latest gossip. Since the telephone makes communication easier, you might as well been born receiver in hand and you have the highest telephone bills in the entire Zodiac. Usually you purchase the most recent portable phone, and the mere idea that you could have been born at a time when neither car nor telephone existed is enough to horrify you. And something else: you are known as someone who simply loves to send written messages. If you happen to be in love, you will think up humorous messages that your partner will relish. Since you live in the here and now, it is no big deal for you that those messages will soon be erased.


Perceiving your moody nature and noticing that you often sink into dark thoughts, those who know you only superficially will ask themselves what your trick is for attracting people around you. However, those close to you know that you have the capacity of making jokes about nearly everything and that you are among those rare people able to laugh at themselves. You often need to return to your shell and the safety of your home. The latter usually happens when someone hurts your feelings, when your feelings overwhelm you or when you are in the process of charging up your batteries. If to that you add your respect for olden things, for roots and tradition, you will find the reason for your rejection of technology. Then, if your work does not demand the opposite, you prefer to be in an isolated spot, away from all civilization, without television or telephone. All the more so since, missing the olden days, you find that the telephone distances people from one another and you look at it as something that is bound to interrupt your family idyll at any moment. You will only buy a cell phone if no one else thinks of buying you one. You pick the cheapest one and do not change to a new one as long as the one you have still works.


While in the midst of a group of strangers you remain defiant and distant, when you are with your faithful subjects you immediately transform yourself into the circus Lion who roars and amuses, loving to sing, tell jokes and imitate others. Since your vain nature finds confirmation of its own worth in other people’s admiration, you try your best to advertise your material and social standing through the intermediary of the things you own. Thus, for you, your portable phone is more a symbol of your rank than anything truly useful. This is the reason why it must be the latest version of the top brand, if possible in a gold color, and you will do your best to display it nonchalantly before everyone. If you have to make a good impression somewhere and you are sure that the latter will contribute to improving your image, you will not be in the least bit ashamed of letting others know that you speak with such a famous person or another.


Critical of everyone around you, you hardly ever let yourself go. This is the reason why it takes your virginal and hermetic nature a long time before feeling at ease within a group, especially if the others insist upon tightening their bonds with you before you are ready to do so. However, after a long period of analysis, once the group has received its provisional grade, you will conquer them with your refined and caustic sense of humor and your ability to take note of the details. Nonetheless, you do not derive any pleasure from speaking on the phone. Practical by nature and putting work at the head of the list of all your priorities, you will nonetheless be among the first to purchase a portable phone, seeing in it a way of making your work easier but also of controlling your spouse and children. If you are a woman, you forget yourself on the phone only as you are exchanging recipes with a girlfriend or analyzing your partner’s latest error in its tiniest details.


For you, in order to be able to function normally, a harmonious environment is a must. This is why you take care in how you behave and try to not hurt anyone. However, the latter is not always possible and this is the reason why differences come up in matters in which you were not expecting them, unaware that perhaps it is you that provoke them. Investing considerable energy in your social life, you can well brag of having many acquaintances and an honorable circle of friends. You see the telephone as a way of making contact easier. Just as has always been the case, seeing and being seen at receptions and cultural or artistic events is important to you, the portable phone allows you to remain accessible to all those who want to invite you to these events. Fast and superficial, even though love words written on a beautiful piece of paper may seem more attractive to you than the ones that reach you by phone, you have nothing against the latter. When you purchase a portable telephone, you look for elegance. What must please you about it is its form and color rather than its performance.


While you may be calm, relaxed and reserved in appearance, your blood is sizzling. This is why it is better for no one to confront you, especially since you have an elephant’s memory. You can wait years to do so, but you must take revenge upon those who have tried to hurt you. What is more, each encounter for you is a matter of power and dominion over the other. This is the reason why you will attempt to discover everyone else’s flaws, even those of your most trusted friends. Indeed, one never knows what the latter may try against you and it is always better if you are the one who is able to deliver the last blow. If to this you add your secretive and jealous nature, it is then not hard to understand that you do not entertain any good feelings in relation to the portable phone. The latter makes you permanently available, violates your intimacy, reveals where you are located and attempts to dominate your private life. However, you can change your mind at any moment as you get to thinking that this way you can follow your partner’s whereabouts.


You attract other people’s attention thanks to your hearty laughter. Since you are quite shameless, you are able to take a total stranger in your arms and kiss her without a second thought, just as long as you feel her close. It is precisely this straightforward approach that turns you into a unique being both in the private and professional spheres. This is the reason why good humor is always present wherever you happen to be. It is nonetheless undeniable that you will need a bit more tact and a bit less arrogance in order to soften your cruel words, make them more acceptable to the person in front of you and to no hurt her. In any case, dynamic and expansive, your motto is “the easier, the better.” Hence, you bless the portable telephone’s inventor. With it you can acquit yourself of your professional obligations more rapidly while remaining available for your large circle of friends and relations, in particular when you are away on one of your many trips.


When you are communicating with others, you are mistrustful and you despise empty words. This is the reason why you flee from superficial acquaintances and remain tight-lipped in front of strangers. Nonetheless, you are able to enjoy those conversations that seem to you to be serious and pertinent. You also know how to remain as silent as a mouse when those around you talk about things that seem nonsensical to you. When it comes to the portable phone, no one should forget your thriftiness, you obsession with work and your inferiority complex. This feeling, precisely, is what might push you to acquiring more things than others have in order not to lag behind. Equally so, realizing that the portable phone will make many things easier for you will be a determinant factor in your decision to purchase one. Time is money, you see. Since we are talking about money, let us point out that you will do your best to spend as little as possible, you will call only when you really need to do so and, when talking, you will calculate the duration and cost of your call in real time. When you buy a portable phone, you pick the oldest model with the highest quality, convinced of getting a really good deal this way.


Acquaintances are the most important of all things for you in life. Besides, you prefer people that you know less well since they amuse you and do not weigh you down in the affective plane. This is the reason why you get along astonishingly well with the strangers you meet at work or during business lunch occasions, since your professional aura protects you from their outpouring. In the same way, you appreciate those acquaintances that like to have a drink with you from time to time. Since freedom is a necessity for you and since you do not attach yourself to the past, you respect everything that is the latest fashion in technology. You have respect for the portable phone as far as it makes your daily life easier and guarantees your personal freedom. Nonetheless, you are horrified by the idea that someone might control you in this way. This is why, as soon as you feel that your freedom is threatened, you turn off your cell phone without thinking twice about it. Nonetheless, you will not forget checking out your message box from time to tome. You usually select a phone that has a computer integrated to it.


Your mood range is particularly large. Some people could swear that you are serene, communicative and spiritual whereas those who have seen you at a different moment will confirm that you are reserved, discrete and sad. Both will be correct. Also those who will point out your love of others, your sense of humor, your great sensibility and your dislike of technological innovation, will be correct. You have a hard time with the telephone since it threatens to introduce the real world into your own world apart. If you could choose from among the love messages written on a portable phone and those written on the bathroom mirror or the sand, then you would always choose the latter. They are more romantic to you and, in case you should want to throw yourself into a new love affair, their tracks can rapidly be wiped away.
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Thank you for the Natal Chart. WOW, truly amazing how the Chart hits the nail on the head in so many areas relating to me.
I have seen and read other astrological write-ups on me and this one exceedingly surpasses them all. Again, thank you so much as the Natal Chart gives me enlightenment and constructive critics on areas to be on guard about and areas in my life to be aware of and work on.
God Bless You. 

Vance Russell, USA

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