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Because of your fiery and adventuresome nature, you always need extra adrenaline in your blood in order to feel good under your skin. This is the reason why the classical vacation, in which beach and sunbathing are first and foremost, can only tire you more than relax you. In other words, during your vacations you are in quest of an exciting activity involving some hidden dangers that will spice up your yearlong humdrum, everyday existence. For that, traveling without a fixed plan or program is right for you, just as camping to unknown sites, visiting regions of a world in crisis, a kayak excursion on rapids, bungee jumping or staying at top-notch hotels provided the latter have their own casino. If money is not a consideration for you, give yourself a vacation on a Hawaiian paradise beach, on the banks of the Dead Sea, in Germany or in Israel.


You are enslaved by your habits and will not give up comfort for anything in this world. During the summer, you feel better at home, close to a well-stocked fridge, watching T.V. coverage in company of your oldest friends. You do not leave on vacation unless you are absolutely sure that the trip will not endanger your well-being in any way at all. This is the reason why you will not say no to a few vacation days spent in luxury. If you are happy with your accommodations, only an invitation to an open-air barbecue will be able to make you leave your bedroom. In other words, it is romantic Tuscany or green Ireland that will capture you. Some advice, all the same: pay attention regarding in whose company you will spend your vacations. Like all the ones who do not leave anything to chance, those who improvise will put your nerves on edge.


Curious by nature, needing new ideas and new meetings all the while, you are crazy about traveling. However, you are rapidly bored with the new and if you find yourself having to remain at the same spot for very long, you will die from the ennui. This is why the smartest thing for you to do is to avoid taking a single vacation all at once and divide it instead into various blocks of time that you can use throughout the whole year. If it is not possible to do this, then do not look at the expense and select a cruise or a tourist itinerary that will guarantee your being at a different spot every day. Visiting Los Angeles, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Singapore or Palma de Majorca will certainly not leave you indifferent.


Profoundly romantic, attached to family and homeland, you try to reproduce at your holiday resort the atmosphere that surrounds your hearth at home. You do not go on a trip as long as you have not managed to convince half the members of your family and friends to join you. As far as your ultimate destination point is concerned, you prefer tourist locations in your own homeland. Nonetheless, a visit to Florida will allow you to find what you have been dreaming about since always: wild, desert beaches, a rich tropical vegetation and the soothing murmur of the ocean waves.


The need for luxury, notoriety and standing is the determining factor when it comes to selecting the place where you will spend your vacation. “See and be seen” is your motto, and you tend to choose a mundane spot such as the Côte d’Azur, Monaco or Monte-Carlo. What is more, you always prefer hotels whose installations include golf and tennis courts, pools, game rooms, restaurants and luxury boutiques that will simplify your everyday existence. The price involved is inconsequential to you. You are ready to spend your entire year’s savings without as much as batting an eyelash if you know for sure you will thereby make a good impression. And finally, a little piece of advice from the stars: do not go on vacation with people who find your behavior snobbish; they will ruin all your fun.


Analytical and well-organized by nature, you leave nothing up to chance. This is the reason why you plan your vacations months ahead of time. You find out in detail what the fastest route to your destination is, the surest flight, the cleanest hotels, the rooms with the most beautiful view. Equally as well, you find out about the adequateness of medical services and the cost of the services involved. Besides, you always try to mix in the useful with the pleasurable. This is the reason why, in order to remain at peace with yourself, you should choose a place that will allow you to widen your cultural horizons besides helping you to rest. You will enjoy a seminar in Switzerland, visiting historical sites in Greece and learning a foreign language, or a business-pleasure trip in Turkey. However, you should flee from any sort of turmoil and noise in order to get your hypersensitive nervous system to relax.


Whenever you hesitate as to a vacation destination, your refined taste, love of beauty and need to not get entangled with simple mortals will be the determining factors. What is more, from the start you eliminate pre-organized trips and places very heavily visited by tourists. This is the reason why, for you the most intelligent thing is to go on vacation later on, after the big tourist season has come to a close. You will not err if you choose to visit one of the great worldly major cities laden with charm and nobility from the old days, such as Versailles close to Paris, Buckingham Palace in London, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Should the latter not be possible, a site that promises an interesting and varied night life will be a good substitute, where everyone will have the opportunity of admiring your well-known designer’s outfit. Even better if famous jet-setters spend their vacations there, such as in Nice or Saint-Tropez. However, daily promenades are not made for you. Indeed, the hot sun and all the perspiration could ruin your esthetic enjoyment.


You abhor the heat. However, you entertain an unappeased need to discover all the secrets and to resolve all the mysteries of the world. This is why you are fulfilled when you visit the remains of civilizations that have disappeared, hoping deep down that you will notice what had so far remained invisible to others across the centuries. You simply love to wander through the labyrinths of an oriental city, well aware that each step you take represents some danger, a risk, and hides something. Even more so, if you know that what awaits you after your stroll is a sleepless night of passion. However, should your finances not allow you such a trip, then you will feel equally well in the darkened atmosphere of your own bedroom and in company of films about Indiana Jones.


Your need for freedom, for nature and your cosmopolitan spirit make of you the greatest glob-trotter in the Zodiac. You travel only for the pleasure of it and feel at home no matter where on the planet you may be. Hitchhiking for you is a way of reducing your expenses and of making new acquaintances. But beside your body, it is also your mind that you want to get involved in your journeys. Always looking out for new challenges, you undoubtedly dream of traveling to India, visiting Mount Athos in Greece, relishing the beauty of the Antilles, or measuring your strength by climbing Colorado’s Grand Canyon. Just a small word of advice before you take off: choose as travel companions people who will not be hanging from your coat-tails.


You are an exceptionally hard-working person but you can’t really function very well when the weather is too hot. This is the reason why sea vacations in the sun will totally wipe you out. In other words, if you succeed in leaving your work behind, to which you are emotionally linked and which is the most important thing in life for you, you might get some real rest somewhere up in the mountains or in a tour of Corsica. Rugged, stony, dry but very interesting, Corsica will certainly conquer your heart. You will be equally delighted visiting the archives and museums of old towns with a lot of history. And should that be possible for you, the best thing will be to join some archeological digging expedition. It will not cost you much and you will be able to do what you most enjoy.


You are of the opinion that those who follow other people’s steps leave no mark either in time or space. This is why you love to travel to places where no one has dared before you. It is with the same sort of curiosity that you will be able to discover the beauties of Iceland, the most isolated country in Europe. You will take great pleasure in watching geological phenomena such as geysers, glaciers and thermal springs or else you will stroll through a desert or on some unspoiled beach in South California. However, by virtue of your unpredictable nature, it is at the last minute only, every year, that you decide where you will spend your vacation. That does not mean that, once you have arrived at your destination, you will not change your mind for a more interesting location. Nonetheless, your adaptive capacities allow you to feel well no matter where and to strike new friendships easily. Whatever the case, if you have the choice, you will practically never decide to return to the same place twice.


Romantic by nature and inclined towards solitude, you can’t stand noise, turmoil, worldly gatherings and luxury. What is more, you never feel in your element unless you are close to that water which relaxes and tranquilizes you. You can remain stretched on the beach for days on end, swim in the sea, enjoy the sunsets, letting your thoughts drift in an imaginary world. However, you love to spend your evenings in the arms of the one you love, under the stars and with a glass of wine. This is the reason why you will not make a mistake should you decide to spend your vacation at a quiet spot on the coast, surrounded by unblemished nature. There, in solitude and in contact with nature, you will be able to brood about your past and rearrange your feelings. In the same fashion, you will feel at ease in Venice, Jerusalem, Portugal, in the bright Haitian colors or even in the burning sands of the Sahara.
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