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Full of energy and thirsty for adventure, you spend more time out of the house than in it. Earnestly needing to prove yourself a hero, you wish you had belonged to the era of America’s and the secrets of ancient civilizations still awaited discovery, the era of great war chiefs and their conquering gests. In today’s world, such desires are transformed in a need to be the first and the best in your line of work. Your love of nature comes down to not more than some long vacations in the open air, morning gym next to the open window or eventually sports activities surrounded by nature. Besides, let us not forget that you hate orders. This is why, no matter how much you may respect nature, you will certainly walk on the grass and throw your cigarette stump on the sidewalk if someone tells you not to.


Born at a time of the year during which, suckling nourishment and forces from mother earth, nature flowers and develops exuberantly, you remain forever linked to earth’s and nature’s forces. This is why you simply adore long walks in the forest, are delighted with the scent and color of the flowers, respecting bees and their natural product, honey. Consciously or not, you will do everything to have a garden all full of flowers ready for your house. It is equally likely that you would build your country house in the middle of a prairie all filled with beehives. Nonetheless, your laziness and your dislike of changes are the reasons why you love nature as is, without hands having to be put to the task of fixing it or beautifying it.


You are an air sign and one of air’s basic characteristics is its expansible nature. This is how come you behave like a butterfly. You fly from flower to flower, you are always in a hurry and easily change the center of your interests. However, your quick mind will no doubt notice how the fresh mountain air does wonders for your weak lungs and how your health gets all the better whenever you stay in nature for a long time. All this put aside, as a result of your curious and superficial nature, you soon become interested in something else, persuaded that someone else should take care of the parks, the green spaces, the forests and even your house plants.


During the time when Cancerians are born, between June 22nd and July 22nd, the fertilization phase is completed in the vegetable world and the maternal phase of grain growing begins. It is hence not surprising that both male and female Cancerians behave in a maternal and protective way vis-à-vis the world around them. In other words, you think of plants, animals, seas, lakes and air as sentient beings. This is the reason why you attempt to protect them and not hurt them in any way. You may become a member of some ecological organization or another. In fact, you belong to the category of those who put into practice science’s discoveries. The most recent of them indicate that classical music and gentle words influence plant growth in a positive way.


Child of the Sun, you feel tops in summer and sensitive to the cold the rest of the year. This is why you have known ever since your youngest years how to use summer in order to accumulate enough heat to be able to stand the long, dark, cold winter. During the summer, hence, you are always out, in the midst of nature, spending the whole day stretched out on the beach, basking in the sun. What is more, you consider yourself a special being who deserves the best only. Thus, you are of the opinion that you deserve nothing less than pure air, healthy sunlight, clear water, parks and gardens perfectly looked after. And it is a good thing that God gave you the power to impose yourself on others and to organize their work. Otherwise, convinced as you are that it is not appropriate to dirty your hands in order to maintain nature clean, and wanting everything around you to be in order, you would be at odds with yourself.


Hard working, practical and endowed with a highly developed sense of duty and responsibilities, in your opinion, being at other people’s service is a virtue. You are often surprised that people fail to understand that the world can advance only if we help one another. If to this is added your obsession with health and hygiene, along with your need for order and discipline, why you respect nature becomes quite clear. According to you, plants are reservoirs and filters for oxygen, water is the basis of life and the guarantor of hygiene. The sun furnishes us with energy and the earth is a stabilizing factor and a source of nourishment. This is the reason why we must thank them by caring for them. To your mind, each bit of damage we do to nature is damage we do to ourselves.


During the period when Librans are born, from September 23rd to October 24th, the Sun has already made it half way across its path on the ecliptic. This is the reason for your great need for harmony. You attempt to reach this harmony with your compromising disposition, your good manners and restraint. In addition, Venus, your sign’s protector, and the planet bearing the name of the goddess of beauty, renders you sensitive to everything that is beautiful. This explains your love of gardens that are well kept and parks looked after with an orderly and esthetic sense. You are delighted by flowery places and little lakes full of fish on which swans swim. In fact, in the depths of your soul, you can never quite console yourself for not having been born in Versailles at the time of Louis XIV.


God of the underworld, Pluto is the name of the planet that rules the Scorpio and accounts for its volcanic and mutable nature. In November, when Scorpios are born, the vegetable world enters a process of decomposition and putrefaction. This explains why you prefer to brood about your feelings in silence and in the darkness. It is the reason why the strong rays of the sun annoy you. Nonetheless, if you do not channel your volcanic energy into something constructive, you are quite capable of destroying yourself as well as everything around you. In your moments of rage or because of so much repressed aggressiveness, you could destroy park benches, carve your initials into the trees, spit out on the streets, throw garbage into the rivers or the green areas or you might start fires. However, if you are among the more evolved representatives of your sign, you will surely get involved in projects such as protecting thermal waters, caves or the white-headed eagle.


A long time ago, the Sagittarian period, the month of December, was the time of the year when, countryside chores having being completed, people would get involved in hunting to ensure enough food. This explains why those born under this sign love a healthy lifestyle, sport and nature. However, your need for adventure can not be satisfied other than by a wild and intact natural environment, the virginal forests of the Amazon, a close contact with animals, the exotic regions and ancient civilizations. This explains why your voice rises to its highest pitch when you speak out against deforestation created by road building, you defend the freedom of wild horses and protect minorities threatened by extinction.


Orderly and methodical, you respect rules and the law and expect others to do as well. In your world, one in which nothing falls from heaven, one always knows what to expect. Absorbed by your pursuit of power and wealth, you neglect even your private life, without mentioning the protection of nature. However, since you are someone who loves security, you will commit yourself to reforestation or to protecting the mountain closest to you. Since you always see the most practical side of everything, you might care for plants that yield a good market value. Once you have understood that there is no tree without roots, perhaps you will do your best to protect historical places.


On account of your unforeseeable nature, no one knows how you will react in any given situation. If your humanist nature and your interest in a healthy life are predominant, you will surely become a committed vegetarian who cultivates his own food, in natural conditions. You will certainly be a member of some organization for the protection of animals. You will certainly give shelter to lost dogs and look after species menaced with extinction such as the white tiger and the panda. If your rebellion is still the main driving force behind your reactions, you will certainly oppose everything that resembles an interdict. This is why you will love junk food, alcohol and drugs. You may perhaps throw your garbage through the window and in the best case protect animals that no one cares for such as hyenas, snakes or sharks. Nonetheless, while you do your best to be original, you will justify your lack of interest for the overall state of the natural habitat by saying: “it is natural for nature to take care of herself.”


Your hatred of violence is the reason why you immediately and unthinkingly take the side of the weak and oppressed, whether people, animals or plants. Up to a certain point, however. Soft on your own weaknesses, whenever your comfort or pleasures may be compromised, you arrange things in favor of your own interests. This is the reason why you will never be worried about the last cherry tree being cut down—that is, as long as you receive the unique coffee table made from its wood. You will not worry if the last fish you ate at lunch is a species on its way to extinction, as long as its meat is a delicacy for you. Equally so, you will not sue a restaurant owner serving deer meat. Finally, if you go camping on a riverside, you will never consider the fact that you are polluting the water as you wash your car.
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