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The girl you like and often meet in the evening at the coffee shops is nearly always dressed in red and black, sexy, and wearing high heals. However, do not be shocked to run across her in the daytime dressed in a tracksuit, wearing a man’s shirt and tennis shoes. You can bet she is born under the Aries sign. The color red is simply the link with the planet Mars which rules this sign and makes its subjects individuals with a well-established temperament, aggressive, athletic, and competitive. This is the reason why Arian men, besides the sports wardrobe, are crazy about wearing clothes that remind one of the army and the police.


In a crowd your eyes settle on a person who at first sight is simply dressed, in pastel tones, without any jewelry or fashionable accessories. However, after a more careful examination, you notice that each one of her garments is top quality, expensive and carefully chosen. Without a doubt, you are facing a Taurus sign representative. The Taureans, practical and collection-oriented, are precisely the ones who promote the notion that “I am not rich enough to buy myself cheap stuff.”


In the line of people waiting to pay their telephone bill you notice someone dressed according to the latest fashion, with clothes that quite obviously do not match his age. You may be sure that you are facing a representative of the childish Gemini. These are horrified by old age. This is why they attempt to conquer the passage of time by advancing continuously with it. Subjects of the restless Mercury, Geminians are nuts about fashion details, dress in tune with their mood and know how to mix all styles, models and materials together. A Geminian woman, for her part, is able to fake everything thanks to her clothes, from being a fatal seductress to a little girl in socks.


Your neighbor, who never throws away her rags but manages instead to sew together something new out of the old, may ask you to look into your grandmother’s trunk for a woven white sheet you can give her so she will be able to put together an interesting shirt or skirt. Do not be surprised; simply ask her whether she belongs to the Cancer sign. Caressed by the subtle vibrations of their protector, the Moon, this sign’s representatives know how to join the present to the past and to tradition. However, they are by no means conformists. They can go to church in a transparent blouse or attend a fancy restaurant in faded jeans.


In the course of a reception, your eyes are constantly drawn to someone who stands at the center of everyone’s attention, who behaves theatrically and regally relaxed. No need to ask. It is certainly a representative of the proud and vane Leo. Subjects of the golden Sun, Leos adore warm and luminous colors, always try to be “in”, and never leave behind their impressive gold jewelry. And if they are lucky enough to earn their living well, they will seek out the best fashion designer, whatever it may cost them. Indeed, they would be ashamed of wearing any assembly line produced piece of rag.


If you find yourself at the bank teller’s window tended to by a most reserved and courteous character, elegantly and discretely dressed, well-combed, glasses hanging from his nose, the space around you conveying the scent of soap and of thorough cleanliness, entertain not the slightest doubt; on the other side of the counter a groomed Virgoan is to be found. It is precisely they, the Virgoans, who, influenced by practical and rational Mercury, refuse to go along with anything that is not simple, discrete and of high quality while Virgoan women may sometimes sin by wearing lace details, earrings, scarves or conspicuous hats.


Plays, fashion magazines and cultural events can not be imagined without them. They are at the forefront, always wearing tip-top garments, tasteful, measured and always in harmony with nature. And how would it not be so when their ruling planet, the planet of beauty, Venus, gives them a sharp sense of aesthetics, and this since the day they were born. Of course, we are dealing with Librans. Being among the greatest connoisseurs of the Zodiac in matters having to do with beauty and fashion, Librans dedicate a great deal of time to their appearance and their choice of wardrobe. They always try to accentuate their unmatchable elegance with silk garments, shoes that match what they are wearing, currently fashionable accessories, with pastel tones, their face, hands and hair neatly cared for. They are true ladies and gentlemen.


Strong, audacious and magnetically attractive, they can not go unnoticed. And this is precisely their secret desire whenever they choose their clothes. This is why you should not feel surprised if in 100 F degree, in the darkest corner of the nightclub, you notice someone who does not sweat, even when dressed in black leather from head to toes. There is no doubt you are looking at a representative of the Scorpio sign. Black precisely is the color that ties him to his protector, Pluto, the underworld god of death. Those who have had the experience tell the story that Scorpio women conquer with their vamp-like appearance, their plunging neck-lines and the individuality of each of the dresses they wear.


If you come across your soul mate at a sports event, at the race track or at a sports auditorium and he is dressed in sweat-pants or a t-shirt and blue jeans, do not imagine you can go out on a first date casually dressed. Indeed, while in the daytime he may like to dress in a relaxed fashion, at night you will find him dressed with cosmopolitan elegance. And you would certainly not have found yourself in such an embarrassing situation had you known that you are dealing with a representative of the Sagittarius sign. Under the influence of their patron, Jupiter, Sagittarians love to travel. So do not be surprised to find in their closet clothes, materials and jewelry they have picked up on their travels. Do not feel surprised, either if your Sagittarian date, who you would have sworn is casually oriented clothes wise, startles you with a tiger or leopard motif.


If one of your colleagues always stays late at work, if he is always dressed simply and elegantly, in a sports outfit, in grayish tones, black and white or dark green, you could bet that you are in the face of representative of the Capricorn sign. Influenced by Saturn, their patron and god of time, Capricorns choose classical clothes in which they feel good and which they can wear till the end of their life. Thus, they satisfy their deep set need to economize. It is precisely this desire to save on silk stockings that makes Capricornian women always dress in pants. Unless what is involved is their need to be taken seriously by their entourage.


As you are speeding down the street, lost in your thoughts, your attention is drawn to a person dressed in fluorescent or silvery colors. If you feel shocked by the way this person happily wears such a variety of styles and colors, a strange hairstyle, a weird hat or big jewelry pieces, and notice that it all fits quite well, do not have the slightest doubt: you are before an Aquarian. Under the auspices of the very eccentric, unforeseeable and original Uranus, Aquarians only can carry out their whims, be different and laugh at other people’s slander. After all, are they not ahead of their times?


Should your eyes be drawn to a colleague who dresses exactly the same day in day out and who gives the impression of being lost in space, then you are in the presence of romantic and confused Piscean. The chaotic side of their life and dress is due to the influence of a dreamy Neptune who rules their sign. This is the reason why Pisceans feel best in their comfortably layered garments. They hate everything that fits tightly around their bodies, are crazy about natural and unusual materials—muslin, silk, lace. They would sell their soul for ancient jewelry, bathe in oriental perfumes, in incense, and have an exotic look even in a heavy pullover.
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