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Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova - Natal Chart

Symbolism of the houses in the horoscope
1st House

House of self, image and appearance, individuality, body type, vital energy and the ego. House of the beginning of life and symbol of all beginnings. Natural house of Aries.
2nd House
House of money, ability to earn money and ways of becoming rich. House of value, value systems, and priorities in life. Natural house of Taurus.
3rd House
House of intellect, the conscious self, primary education, language and writing. House of communication, circulation, short trips, letters and documents. House of brothers, sisters, neighbors and parents. Natural house of Gemini.
4th House
House of origins, ancestors, the psyche, inherited talents and illnesses. House of parents, the mother, home and childhood. Beginning and end of life, womb and tomb. Natural house of Cancer.
5th House
House of freely given love, eroticism, sexual pleasure and children. House of creativity, celebrations, adventures, easy winnings, gambling, speculation and sport. Natural house of Leo.
6th House
House of work, responsibility, workspace, assistants, novices and servants. House of the unconscious self, habits, services performed for others. House of health, nourishment, clothing, domestic animals. Natural house of Virgo.
7th House
House of marriage, partnerships, public relations, awards and public recognition. House of known enemies, rivals, and court cases. Natural house of Libra.
8th House
House of death, suffering, blows dealt by destiny. House of sex, regeneration and transformation. House of other people’s money, patronage, credit, taxes, partner’s money, insurance companies and inheritances. House of the occult, parapsychology and black magic. Natural house of Scorpio.
9th House
House of foreign lands and long voyages, higher education and the intellect. House of the law, publishing activities, a partner’s parents. House of Divine wisdom, spirituality, philosophy, religion and metaphysics. House of the Superego. Natural house of Sagittarius.
10th House
House of reputation, social status, career, glory, occupations linked to the public. House of the father. Natural house of Capricorn.
11th House
House of the intellect, plans, hopes, goals and desires. House of friends, relationships, protection, like-minded circles of friends. House of social and humanitarian work, circumstances beyond one’s control and love received. Natural house of Aquarius.
12th House
House of the unconscious self, hidden strength, isolation, secrets, limitations, chronic illness, physical problems and hardship. House of prisons, hospitals, monasteries, crime, deceit, frustrations, exile, sacrifice, secret enemies. Natural house of Pisces.

Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova, the greatest seducer of all time, was born in Venice on April 2, 1725. He was the son of actors Gaetano Giuseppe Casanova and Zanetta Farussi. Later, whether telling the truth or trying to make himself seem more important, Giacomo would proclaim that his real father was Venetian nobleman Michele Grimani, whose family owned the theatre where his parents worked. As his parents were constantly on tour with the theatre, Giacomo Casanova was raised by Maria Farusi, his maternal grandmother, in their absence. A sickly child, he would say his early years were akin to living in a vegetative state. He also suffered from chronic nosebleeds, but both the sluggishness and the nosebleeds ended suddenly when his father died in 1733. This is not surprising when one considers that the Sun, symbol of the ego and the father, was located in his horoscope’s house of health (6th), in close contact with Chiron. This indicates little Giacomo’s wounded ego as well as grief and scorn towards his father. This is why he probably made an unconscious agreement with himself to pay his father back. Thus, a large weight was lifted from his little shoulders upon the death of his father. This explains his immediate recovery. The ways by which he later betrayed women were nothing more than expressions of his need to punish his mother through them, and avenge his father.

1733Nevertheless, he could not have known such a feeling of liberation without the help of the stars. More precisely, in 1733, Saturn in transit, the executor of destiny, touched his natal Sun, symbol of the father and the ego, in his house of health (6th) which caused his health problems and the death of his father. Afterwards, Jupiter, planet of good luck, crossed his Ascendant and went through his house of self (1st), activating his natal Uranus, symbol of freedom. Simultaneously, Uranus and the North Node in transit crossed his natal Moon, symbol of the soul. This produced his feeling of liberation and soothed his soul.

1734Giacomo Casanova’s love life began very early, when he was 9 years old. Again, this is not by chance. In 1734, Jupiter, ardent Mars and eccentric Uranus in transit triggered his natal Moon, symbol of love. This shows that his first sexual experience took place under less than ordinary circumstances. It is also possible that this indicates abuse, which would later lead him to have relationships with men as well as women. Whatever the case, in memoirs written before his death, he describes no more and no less than 122 love affairs, and concludes by affirming that he does not regret anything that he did over the course of his life. From a modern point of view, with our accelerated lives and close communication between people all over the world, 122 perhaps does not seem like much. However, this was an impressive feat for a man who lived in the second half of the 18thcentury, when journeys were made on horseback, by carriage, or by boat.

Thus we ask the next question: What is the difference between other individuals of his time and the most well-known seducer of all time?

Astrology holds the answer. Casanova was born under the sign of the greatest conqueror of the Zodiac, adventurous Aries. His ascendant is in the sign of passionate and magnetically attractive Scorpio. His moon is in explorative Sagittarius. Men whose Moons lie in Sagittarius are resistant to marriage and most often remain celibate. Unpredictable Uranus in the Ascendant renders him interesting and unique in the eyes of others, while the stellium between Mars the conqueror, coquette Venus, and swift and intelligent Mercury in his house of love, gambling, and art (5th), renders him steadfastly sexually active, making him a real sexual bomb with a short fuse, a charmer and a liar. This is why Casanova did not stay in one place. He possessed an excess of energy that he needed to release. This explains why he went from affair to affair, tricking his lovers, living in erotic excess or in an ostentatious manner, experimenting in the subject of sex. Furthermore, the sexual scandals that he often provoked caused him to lose his social position, and several times led to stays in prison. However, the fireworks in his chart reveal yet another thing. It shows that he was an exceptionally intelligent and adaptable man.

In 1742, Jupiter, protector of higher education, law, and religion, transited his house of higher education (9th) and his house of career (10th). At that time, Casanova received his diploma in civil and religious law. Although he served many times as a counselor to bishops and cardinals of the era, his moody nature, which was not conducive to taking orders or abiding by limitations, always pushed him to abandon everything for the sake of freedom and new challenges. He even worked as a violinist at the San Samuele theatre in order to remain independent. During the same period, in 1746, the stars worked to improve his financial situation. That year, Jupiter, planet of prosperity, went through his house of money (2nd). Casanova met the Venetian nobleman Matteo Giovanni Bragadin and helped him to survive a heart attack. Casanova even paid the bills for his medical treatment. Bragadin, immediately after his recovery, showed his gratitude by making Casanova his adopted son and rewarding him richly. Bragadin also introduced Casanova to occultism, magic, and the Kabala.

1755The Inquisition kept Casanova under surveillance, due to his knowledge of the occult and especially his contact with foreign ambassadors. He was arrested in July 1755. In that era, Saturn in transit came to insist upon repayment of debts incurred by his previous behaviors, activating his natal Saturn in the house of communication (3rd), which was in an unharmonious relationship with his natal Sun located in the house of work (6th). The North Node in transit triggered his natal Pluto, symbol of power, located in the house of friends (11th). This indicates that one of his powerful friends probably turned his back to him and denounced him to the Inquisition. Casanova nevertheless succeeded in fleeing from Venice and arrived in Paris in November 1756. 1756He was helped in his flight by Neptune, the magus of illusions, which then went across his house of reputation (10th). Jupiter also came into play, weakening his persecutors by passing through his house of hidden enemies (12th). This reveals that Casanova found freedom thanks to a well-executed deception. His escape did not make him undesirable to high society in Paris. Much to the contrary, his embellished accounts of these events made him the most sought-after guest for parties. The contact of Uranus in transit with his natal Venus, planet of love, in the house of love (5th) shows that in Paris, in 1756, Casanova lived out his greatest perversions. He also abused his knowledge of the occult to wrangle money from rich and frustrated women.

Another question arises: How did he manage to do all of this?

Astrology shows us that the house of love and celebration, predominant in his chart, made him irresistible, sure of himself, and sexually attractive. Adding the influence of Scorpio to this scenario creates the explanation behind the magnetic spark dancing in his eyes, his ecstasy of mysticism and magic, as well as the powerful energy that flowed from his hands and dispelled feminine doubts.

On the long list of the 122 hearts he conquered, Casanova wrote the names of many well-known European women of his time. He wanted to get married twice. The first time with the eunuch Bellino. The second time with Leonilda, who he later discovered was in fact his illegitimate daughter, born of his relationship with Donna Lucrecia.

In any event, Casanova will remain in history as an adventurer, lawyer, diplomat, agent of kings and cardinals, spy, card player, theatre director, journalist, officer, galleon commander, informer of the Inquisition and manipulator. In 1764-1765, when Jupiter passed through his houses of foreign lands and career, he was in Russia and wrote an ode to the Tsarina Catherine. He also recommended that she adopt the Gregorian calendar, as Western Europe had done much earlier. Later, in 1787, in Prague, he associated with Mozart.

The smiling and unequalled hero of the Rococo era died of bladder cancer at the age of 73. At least, that’s what his biographers say. Modern medical knowledge of the relationship between an unbridled sex life and prostate illnesses would likely say he died of something else. Astrology confirms this without a doubt, given that his Ascendant in Scorpio and the consequent Achilles’ heel, the sensitivity of the reproductive organs.

In fact, Giacomo Casanova validates the rule which states that what we live for we often die by.
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Thank you for the Natal Chart. WOW, truly amazing how the Chart hits the nail on the head in so many areas relating to me.
I have seen and read other astrological write-ups on me and this one exceedingly surpasses them all. Again, thank you so much as the Natal Chart gives me enlightenment and constructive critics on areas to be on guard about and areas in my life to be aware of and work on.
God Bless You. 

Vance Russell, USA

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Symbolism of planets in the horoscope

The Sun

Symbol of the ego, self, individuality, self-fulfillment, vitality and honor. Symbol of the father, aspiration to power and leadership abilities.

The Moon

Symbol of feelings, love, care, habits, the unconscious mind and instinctive reactions. Symbol of femininity, maternity, the mother and wife. Symbol of the soul and popularity.


Symbol of the intellect, the process of reflection, reason, logic, and expression. Symbol of language, hearing, writing, communication, speed and intelligence. Symbol of the brother.


Symbol of beauty, harmony, love, pleasure, art, grace, fashion and social life. Symbol of the sister and mistress.


Symbol of impulsiveness, initiative, action, personal energy, the spirit of competition, conquest, aggressiveness and the fighting spirit. Symbol of masculinity, man, the husband, passion and sexuality.


Symbol of happiness, expansion, well-being, prosperity, richness and excess. Symbol of justice, morality, the law, religion, spirituality and philosophy. Symbol of the need for freedom, long voyages and risk-taking. Protector of politicians and higher education.


Symbol of suffering and ordeals, limitations, ambition, the ability to perform difficult tasks, discipline and enforcer of Destiny. Symbol of patience, concentration, cruelty, asceticism, seriousness and incorruptible professor.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transcendental planets with several levels of vibrations. Each individual usually makes use of the vibrations corresponding to his or her level of consciousness.


Level 1:
Symbol of revolt, nonconformism, freedom, unpredictability, eccentricity, gambling and risk, radical change.
Level 2:
Symbol of non-linear logic, idealism, progress, emancipation from preconceived ideas, originality, invention, and electricity.
Level 3:
Symbol of the Divine will and antenna of Universal Mind.


Level 1:
Master of seas, symbol of mysticism, illusions, confusion, lies, mental illness, religious institutions, hospitals and prisons. Symbol of weakness for alcohol, medication, drugs and poison.
Level 2:
Symbol of charisma, creativity, imagination, visions, inspiration, idealism, missionary work. Symbol of seduction, patron of music, protector of art and artists.
Level 3:
Antenna of Universal Love.


Level 1:
Symbol of the underground world, souls, death, violence and control. Symbol of magnetic attraction, hidden power, sex, courage, police, secret service, detective work, surgery, and big businesses.
Level 2:
Symbol of transformation of the personality, regeneration, responsible for karmic lessons.
Level 3:
Symbol of higher spiritual consciousness

North Node (Karmic Node)

Symbol of karma, initiator of positive life changes.


Symbolic of the area of the soul’s deep wounds from the past. Chiron provokes experiences that emphasize the first experience of pain and rejection.

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