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The Word
of Destiny

Is there a question tormenting you? Do you need to make a decision and have no one to consult with?
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John Travolta - Natal Chart

Symbolism of the houses in the horoscope
1st House

House of self, image and appearance, individuality, body type, vital energy and the ego. House of the beginning of life and symbol of all beginnings. Natural house of Aries.
2nd House
House of money, ability to earn money and ways of becoming rich. House of value, value systems, and priorities in life. Natural house of Taurus.
3rd House
House of intellect, the conscious self, primary education, language and writing. House of communication, circulation, short trips, letters and documents. House of brothers, sisters, neighbors and parents. Natural house of Gemini.
4th House
House of origins, ancestors, the psyche, inherited talents and illnesses. House of parents, the mother, home and childhood. Beginning and end of life, womb and tomb. Natural house of Cancer.
5th House
House of freely given love, eroticism, sexual pleasure and children. House of creativity, celebrations, adventures, easy winnings, gambling, speculation and sport. Natural house of Leo.
6th House
House of work, responsibility, workspace, assistants, novices and servants. House of the unconscious self, habits, services performed for others. House of health, nourishment, clothing, domestic animals. Natural house of Virgo.
7th House
House of marriage, partnerships, public relations, awards and public recognition. House of known enemies, rivals, and court cases. Natural house of Libra.
8th House
House of death, suffering, blows dealt by destiny. House of sex, regeneration and transformation. House of other people’s money, patronage, credit, taxes, partner’s money, insurance companies and inheritances. House of the occult, parapsychology and black magic. Natural house of Scorpio.
9th House
House of foreign lands and long voyages, higher education and the intellect. House of the law, publishing activities, a partner’s parents. House of Divine wisdom, spirituality, philosophy, religion and metaphysics. House of the Superego. Natural house of Sagittarius.
10th House
House of reputation, social status, career, glory, occupations linked to the public. House of the father. Natural house of Capricorn.
11th House
House of the intellect, plans, hopes, goals and desires. House of friends, relationships, protection, like-minded circles of friends. House of social and humanitarian work, circumstances beyond one’s control and love received. Natural house of Aquarius.
12th House
House of the unconscious self, hidden strength, isolation, secrets, limitations, chronic illness, physical problems and hardship. House of prisons, hospitals, monasteries, crime, deceit, frustrations, exile, sacrifice, secret enemies. Natural house of Pisces.

John Travolta

In 1994, when John Travolta, fat and forgotten by the public, accepted the role of Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino’s cult film, Pulp Fiction, nobody believed that this controversial production would signal the spectacular comeback of this actor, once in the highest demand. At 40 years old, John Travolta returned to the big screen with confidence, showing the public and critics that his dramatic talents had never disappeared. The stars had predicted his comeback. 1994More precisely, in 1994, Saturn, the planet that instigates problems and ordeals so that we can develop, crossed his natal Sun and Venus. Furthermore, Jupiter, planet of happiness and ruler of his house of work (6th), in its transit touched Saturn, ruler of his house of public (7th). This signifies that after many ordeals, Saturn was trying to settle the score. In John Travolta’s case, this translates into a reward for his good actions and correct choices made in the past.

However, let’s start from the beginning.

John Travolta was born on February 18 th, 1954 in Englewood Cliffs, a suburb of New York. He is the youngest of the six children of Salvatore Travolta and Helen Cecilia Burke, who gave birth to him at the age of 42. Travolta’s father is of Italian ancestry, and his mother is Irish. Nothing that could help little John build his career. However, help came from the heavens. That is to say, at the time of his birth, the Sun, symbol of the ego, was found in the sign of inventive and anti-conformist Aquarius. His Ascendant is in the sign of Cancer, with a family oriented spirit. His Moon, symbol of feelings, is located in the sign of analytical Virgo. Mercury, planet of communication, and Venus, planet of art, are located in the domain of Pisces, gifted in dance. For its part, powerful Pluto in his house of money (2nd) indicates that John would earn an enormous fortune. The positive influences that his natal Sun received from creative Neptune, itself in the sign of refined Libra, as well as the embrace between the Sun and Venus, planet of art and beauty, represent a textbook case showing that the individual would have talent for comedy, music art and dance. In fact, little John learned to dance at the age of five. His teacher was the brother of Gene Kelly.

At seven years old, he played his first part in a theatrical production. In 1970, when Jupiter transited his house of home (4th) while the North Node in transit touched his natal Venus and Mercury, something changed inside of him. He wanted to live alone and earn his living. Nothing surprising if one knows that the greatest need of every Aquarius is independence and the feeling of freedom. Thus, John Travolta first worked as an anonymous dancer on Broadway, in musicals such as Grease, not knowing then that a dozen years later his brilliant career would start with a role in the film with the same name.

He earned his first major amount of money at twenty years old, in 1974, by making a life insurance commercial. At that time, Jupiter went through his house of patronage and money from insurance companies (8th). Nothing extraordinary if one knows that people born when the Sun embraces Venus are distinguished by their beauty, charm and attractive qualities. In his case, his attractiveness was accentuated by his brown hair, blue eyes, vivaciousness, all brightened by a gentle demeanor. It was these qualities precisely that brought John Travolta to Hollywood. He then landed the roles of the wild student in the television series Welcome Back, Kotter which made him popular in the United States.

1976In 1975 and 1976, Jupiter transited his house of reputation and career (10th), opening the doors to the world of film. Despite a first appearance in The Devil’s Rain in 1975, his performance was so bad that Travolta himself considers his first role to be in the film Carrie by Brian de Palma, in which Sissi Spacek had the leading role. It was at this time that he began to be featured in movie star magazines. They published posters of him. He also received offers to record albums. Slowly but surely, the media made him a star. In 1977, the lines were long for the debut of his film Saturday Night Fever.

The movie as well as Travolta received excellent critical reviews. Many dollars poured into his bank account. More and more women dreamed of sleeping with him. Travolta then experienced the peak of his glory with the film Grease. He played, sang and interpreted his role with the exuberance typical of his Venus in Pisces, gifted in dance. John Travolta and his on-screen partner, Olivia Newton-John, then became the symbols of adolescent love for many generations to come. This of course could not have taken place without the help of the stars. Over the course of 1978, Jupiter crossed his Ascendant and went through his house of self (1st), helping him to enjoy the fruits of his unrelenting work, and announcing the beginning of a new 12-year cycle in his life. At the same time, Saturn, enforcer of destiny, touched his natal Moon in its transit, bringing him temptations in his love life and thus putting his maturity to the test.

However, the stars were just the catalysts for John Travolta’s success. Behind his success lie years and years of diligent work and lots of sweat. More precisely, patient Saturn is found in the sign of pugnacious Scorpio, and the Moon, symbol of feelings, is in the sign of disciplined Virgo. These indicate the long years of training, work and efforts. What’s more, one must recognize that John Travolta is one of those rare actors in Hollywood for whom fame has not gone to his head. Because of his Ascendant located in the sign of sensitive and family oriented Cancer, and the position of Uranus, ruler of his Sun and also located in Cancer, despite his enormous popularity and power of seduction, Travolta remains a simple man attached to his family.

After staggering success, when everyone believed that John Travolta’s future in the world of film was predictable, he suddenly disappeared from posters in 1985. He suddenly remained at the limits of obscurity until 1994. From this period, people hardly remember his three Look Who’s Talking films. 1991The stars know the reason for this mystery. They explain this “salto mortale” through the transit of powerful Pluto in Scorpio, which is not very favorable to his sign, Aquarius. Nevertheless, for every bad there is something good. This is shown by Kelly Preston’s entrance into his life, while his career was in crisis. In 1991, one of Hollywood’s most solid marriages began. However, as nothing happens by chance in the Universe, the marriage of John Travolta and Kelly Preston did not happen randomly. It was provoked by Jupiter, who crossed his natal moon, symbol of love and the wife, in 1991.

John Travolta would say of this lull in his career:

“I have always taken life seriously and modestly. I know that one day someone can praise you and insult you the next day. You need to learn to protect yourself from this. I force myself to stay unchanged and to not take compliments or insults too seriously. The best is to find the middle ground. Although I am touched by all the attention that the media has paid to me, I can never take it too seriously.”

Rather deep words, which do not come as a surprise if one knows that John Travolta is a member of the Church of Scientology since 1975. He says on the matter:

“I have been a successful actor for more than twenty years and Scientology has played a major role in that success. I have a wonderful child and a great marriage because I apply L. Ron Hubbard’s technology to this area of my life. As a Scientologist, I have the technology to handle life’s problems and I have used this to help others in life as well.”

The merits of Ron L. Hubbard’s techniques, and the merits of his balanced character, undoubtedly only he knows. However, astrology confirms that his need to help others is a characteristic of all evolved representatives of altruistic Aquarius.

Every evolved representative of Aquarius is also horrified by weapons, war and violence. The return of John Travolta on the screens however came through unconventional and violent characters. He said on the subject:

“I am not always okay with violence in films. However, violence is just a form of realism, like in the film Schindler’s List. We must not allow this to become the most important part of a film.”

Like any Aquarian who loves freedom above all else and adores its symbol, the airplane, John Travolta practices aviation. He began to challenge gravity at the age of 24 and became a jet aircraft pilot at the age of 40. Meanwhile, he has not stopped making films and has another child. Seen from the exterior, his private life resembles a phrase often heard in fairy tales: “They lived happily ever after until the end of their days.” Let’s hope it stays that way for him. All the more reason that the year 2008 could bring him to face challenges on the emotional or financial level, or experiences that could push him to change his value system. That is why in 2009 and 2010, the stars will reward him with possibilities for positive changes on all levels.
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I just want to thank you for my natal chart. I honestly saw parts of me in each page that I read. I was really impressed at the parts where I had some barriers in my life that I eventually over came and was only able to get past them by surrendering and acknowledging that I did not have control over the situation, I had to let go and let God. There were some things that were inaccurate however I must say that had my life not taken the turns they did my life could very well have ended in those ways. Also, I was quite amazed at the references to drug and alcohol addiction. I have also overcome those obstacles, again by surrendering. I am now on a more spiritual journey. Thanks. 

Debra, USA

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Symbolism of planets in the horoscope

The Sun

Symbol of the ego, self, individuality, self-fulfillment, vitality and honor. Symbol of the father, aspiration to power and leadership abilities.

The Moon

Symbol of feelings, love, care, habits, the unconscious mind and instinctive reactions. Symbol of femininity, maternity, the mother and wife. Symbol of the soul and popularity.


Symbol of the intellect, the process of reflection, reason, logic, and expression. Symbol of language, hearing, writing, communication, speed and intelligence. Symbol of the brother.


Symbol of beauty, harmony, love, pleasure, art, grace, fashion and social life. Symbol of the sister and mistress.


Symbol of impulsiveness, initiative, action, personal energy, the spirit of competition, conquest, aggressiveness and the fighting spirit. Symbol of masculinity, man, the husband, passion and sexuality.


Symbol of happiness, expansion, well-being, prosperity, richness and excess. Symbol of justice, morality, the law, religion, spirituality and philosophy. Symbol of the need for freedom, long voyages and risk-taking. Protector of politicians and higher education.


Symbol of suffering and ordeals, limitations, ambition, the ability to perform difficult tasks, discipline and enforcer of Destiny. Symbol of patience, concentration, cruelty, asceticism, seriousness and incorruptible professor.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transcendental planets with several levels of vibrations. Each individual usually makes use of the vibrations corresponding to his or her level of consciousness.


Level 1:
Symbol of revolt, nonconformism, freedom, unpredictability, eccentricity, gambling and risk, radical change.
Level 2:
Symbol of non-linear logic, idealism, progress, emancipation from preconceived ideas, originality, invention, and electricity.
Level 3:
Symbol of the Divine will and antenna of Universal Mind.


Level 1:
Master of seas, symbol of mysticism, illusions, confusion, lies, mental illness, religious institutions, hospitals and prisons. Symbol of weakness for alcohol, medication, drugs and poison.
Level 2:
Symbol of charisma, creativity, imagination, visions, inspiration, idealism, missionary work. Symbol of seduction, patron of music, protector of art and artists.
Level 3:
Antenna of Universal Love.


Level 1:
Symbol of the underground world, souls, death, violence and control. Symbol of magnetic attraction, hidden power, sex, courage, police, secret service, detective work, surgery, and big businesses.
Level 2:
Symbol of transformation of the personality, regeneration, responsible for karmic lessons.
Level 3:
Symbol of higher spiritual consciousness

North Node (Karmic Node)

Symbol of karma, initiator of positive life changes.


Symbolic of the area of the soul’s deep wounds from the past. Chiron provokes experiences that emphasize the first experience of pain and rejection.

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