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Adolf Hitler - Natal Chart

Symbolism of the houses in the horoscope
1st House

House of self, image and appearance, individuality, body type, vital energy and the ego. House of the beginning of life and symbol of all beginnings. Natural house of Aries.
2nd House
House of money, ability to earn money and ways of becoming rich. House of value, value systems, and priorities in life. Natural house of Taurus.
3rd House
House of intellect, the conscious self, primary education, language and writing. House of communication, circulation, short trips, letters and documents. House of brothers, sisters, neighbors and parents. Natural house of Gemini.
4th House
House of origins, ancestors, the psyche, inherited talents and illnesses. House of parents, the mother, home and childhood. Beginning and end of life, womb and tomb. Natural house of Cancer.
5th House
House of freely given love, eroticism, sexual pleasure and children. House of creativity, celebrations, adventures, easy winnings, gambling, speculation and sport. Natural house of Leo.
6th House
House of work, responsibility, workspace, assistants, novices and servants. House of the unconscious self, habits, services performed for others. House of health, nourishment, clothing, domestic animals. Natural house of Virgo.
7th House
House of marriage, partnerships, public relations, awards and public recognition. House of known enemies, rivals, and court cases. Natural house of Libra.
8th House
House of death, suffering, blows dealt by destiny. House of sex, regeneration and transformation. House of other people’s money, patronage, credit, taxes, partner’s money, insurance companies and inheritances. House of the occult, parapsychology and black magic. Natural house of Scorpio.
9th House
House of foreign lands and long voyages, higher education and the intellect. House of the law, publishing activities, a partner’s parents. House of Divine wisdom, spirituality, philosophy, religion and metaphysics. House of the Superego. Natural house of Sagittarius.
10th House
House of reputation, social status, career, glory, occupations linked to the public. House of the father. Natural house of Capricorn.
11th House
House of the intellect, plans, hopes, goals and desires. House of friends, relationships, protection, like-minded circles of friends. House of social and humanitarian work, circumstances beyond one’s control and love received. Natural house of Aquarius.
12th House
House of the unconscious self, hidden strength, isolation, secrets, limitations, chronic illness, physical problems and hardship. House of prisons, hospitals, monasteries, crime, deceit, frustrations, exile, sacrifice, secret enemies. Natural house of Pisces.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, one of the most controversial personalities not just of the 20thcentury, but of the entire history of humanity, was born on the evening of April 20, 1889 in Braunau, a small village located on the border between Germany and Austria. He was born at the moment that the Sun entered the part of the ecliptic belonging to Taurus, persistent, stubborn, yet lazy. His ascendant is found in the sign of Libra, endowed with a gift for the arts. His Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, captivated by power. The ruler of his Moon, incorruptible Saturn, is located near the Zenith, which indicates a bad relationship with his father. Young Adolf’s father really knew how to belittle his son, and his constant humiliations gave rise to an inferiority complex within Adolf. This explains why Hitler would later never find peace until he had gained power. Perhaps the most paradoxical aspect here is that the leader of a movement which placed great importance on the ascendance of the individual had very obscure origins himself, of which he was ashamed and hid his whole life.

Nevertheless, let us start from the beginning.

Alois, Adolf Hitler’s father, was a cruel and violent man. He was, in fact, the stumbling block to young Adolf’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Alois is but another piece of evidence that a wounded heart hides behind the cruel behavior of practically all men. More precisely, he was the illegitimate son of the cook Maria Schicklgruber. At that time, Alois was said to be the son of the humble miller Johann Hiedler. However, Maria Schicklgruber worked as a cook for the Frankenburgers, a rich Jewish family, and it was rumored that the son of her employer actually got her pregnant. The miller Hiedler married her in order to save her from shame. In any event, Maria Schicklgruber married Johann Hiedler when Alois was five years old. Adolf Hitler, his son and their grandson, would never know who his grandfather really was. Perhaps he was not very interested in learning the truth, afraid of receiving confirmation of his Jewish roots.

– Then where did the name ‘Hitler’ come from, still one of the most evil names in mankind’s collective memory?

The answer is trivial. When Alois Schicklgruber was 39 years old, he took the name of his stepfather Hiedler. However, when he went to sign the documents at the town hall, the name was spelled “Hitler”. Back then, nobody knew that name would shake the world over the course of the following century. The lack of confidence and contempt or shame that Alois felt towards his mother would bear negative consequences in his love life. At the age of 48, after several affairs and two marriages, Alois Hitler got Klara Pölzl pregnant. She was then 24 years old and the granddaughter of the man who had adopted him, Johann Hiedler. After changing his name from Schicklgruber to Hiedler, Alois was technically Klara’s uncle. The marriage was performed with the permission of the Catholic church. Adolf was born four years and three miscarriages later to Klara, in an obscure genealogical context.

Young Adolf Hitler was an altar boy. He loved to listen to stories of the Wild West and play Cowboys and Indians. He liked learning about the history of Germany, Bismarck, and Wagner, and dreamed of becoming a great artist.

Astrology expresses that this is not at all surprising, given the importance of Taurus in his natal chart, which brings an innate sense of art and aesthetics. His Ascendant is found in the sign of sophisticated Libra. The energy of the Sun, symbol of the ego, Venus, symbol of art, and bellicose Mars is concentrated in his house of public interactions (7th). Jupiter is in close contact with the Moon, indicating popularity and the power to persuade popular masses through demagogy.

Perhaps the history of the world would have gone in an entirely different direction if Hitler had not twice failed, in 1907 and 1908, the entrance exam to the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. His work inspired commentary that “his drawings do not show any artistic talent and reveal a lack of respect for human figures”.

Rejected and disappointed, but lazy like all Taureans, he did not take on any work and went to live, starving and freezing, in a shelter for the homeless in Vienna during the winter of 1909. He remained there for several years. This happened while Saturn, the initiator of problems, transited his house of work (6th). Jupiter, planet of good luck, passed through his house of hospitals and homeless shelters (12th). During this period, Adolf earned a living by making drawings of the Viennese countryside and selling them to Jewish merchants.

In 1919, he joined the German Workers’ Party, which would later take on the name of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. In 1921, while charismatic Neptune went through his house of career (10th) and the North Node in transit touched unpredictable Uranus and his Ascendant, Hitler became the leader of his party. The rest is history. He then said about himself: “I follow the path assigned to me with the instinctive sureness of a sleepwalker. I cannot be mistaken. Everything that I will do and say will have historical significance.” Quite an arrogant and presumptuous declaration. However, the stars reveal that he was an arrogant and stubborn man, a genuine egocentric, bestowed with an exaggerated need for affirmation. More precisely, his Moon, symbol of feelings, is found in the sign of Capricorn, captivated by power. Saturn is in the 10th house, located in the sign of vain Leo, indicating a man of excessive ambition, willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve power. The strong embrace of powerful Pluto and Neptune, protector of narcotics, in the house of sex and transformation (8th), reveals strange fantasies, an obsession with magic and the occult as well as drug use aimed at reaching states of broadened consciousness. Additionally, the concentration of planets near the Descendant and in the 7thhouse, in the sign of Taurus, sensitive to the aesthetic qualities of shapes, shows that this chart could have belonged to an artist. It is common knowledge that Hitler loved architecture and knew the value of works of art. Thus, it is not surprising that the Nazi army stole artistic treasures from conquered countries, bringing them back to Germany by order of the Fuhrer, who like all Taureans, loved to collect works of art.

Hitler’s obsession with the occult is perhaps less known. This is what is shown by the predominance of the natural house of Scorpio and the occult (8th), in which Pluto and Neptune are found. Not many people know that as a child, Hitler was already interested in magic. He entered the ranks of the Thule sect, which practiced black magic. Thus, it was not by chance that he transformed the cross in the shape of the swastika, an Aryan and Indo-European religious symbol, sign of health, luck, and life, into a black swastika, symbol of Nazism and destruction. Some people even think that, “enlightened” by the leaders of the Thule sect, he would give speeches while in a trance, under the influence of drugs. According to the stars, this is quite probable. This would also explain the changes in his speech, voice and facial expressions as he faced the public. Witnesses relate that during his most serious crises, everyone would have to leave the room except for the doctor who administered the drugs and Martin Bormann, who would take him to the sect’s temple, where the strength of the Fuhrer would be restored to him through magic rituals. Some people also think that the annihilation of millions of human lives in the gas chambers was part of this sect’s rituals. Furthermore, Winston Churchill knew the importance of magic to Hitler, and enlisted a legion of chiromancers and mediums to weaken Hitler’s magic and predict his next moves. Hitler also hated astrologists. During his reign, the best known German astrologists perished in the death camps, thus putting an end to the German school of astrology.

Hitler also hated homosexuals. Some biographers affirm nonetheless that he himself had homosexual tendencies.

– What does astrology say about his sexuality?

Individuals whose charts show Saturn in the 10thhouse generally do not feel the masculine aspects of their personality very deeply, and thus doubt their masculinity. In Hitler’s case, this can be explained by the humiliations inflicted by his father, which prevented him from identifying with him during his childhood. On the other hand, the close contact of Venus, planet of love, and aggressive Mars reveals that Hitler was an irritable man, susceptible to violent reactions and outbursts, a man who used crude language, was tactless towards women, and neurotic in terms of sex. In fact, he was only attracted to people who resembled himself. In the most extreme cases, the relation between Venus and Mars leads to bisexuality. While considering all of these aspects, one can conclude that Hitler probably had strange sexual needs but was not a homosexual. He hated homosexuals from the depths of his soul because, uncertain of his manhood (he only had one testicle) he was probably afraid he would become one of them.

– What else is there to say about the most controversial figure in modern history?

He hated the Jews, but possibly had Jewish blood in his own veins.

He was suspicious of his parents’ incestuous marriage, but had an incestuous affair with his niece Geli Raubal, which continued until Geli’s death.

He hated his father for his cruelty, but he himself is remembered as the cruelest person in history.

He avoided military service in Austria, become involved as a volunteer in the First World War, and caused the Second.

He loathed meat after the death of Geli Raubal and became a vegetarian, which should have made him peaceful, but he maintained his aggression by eating one pound of chocolate per day.

He did not like sports, but for marketing reasons hosted the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. However, he refused to present medals to the quadruple champion, the black athlete Jesse Owens.

He was a man of the left who passed his entire life as a man of the extreme right.

The story of his life ended when he was 56 years old, in a Berlin bunker. Nevertheless, many years after his death, mixed opinions prevail on the circumstances and the time of his death. This is indicated by Neptune, planet of secrets, illusions and poisons located in the house of death (8th) on his chart. In 1992, it was definitively proven that the two burnt bodies found in the Berlin bunker on April 30, 1945 were really the bodies of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, his long-time mistress whom he married two days before meeting death. Astrology confirms this because Venus, ruler of his house of death (8th), is found in the house of the spouse (7th), in violent contact with aggressive Mars. At the same time, unpredictable Uranus crosses his house of death.

– Would world history have been different if Hitler was accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts in 1907?

The stars indicate that this is very probable, because Hitler would have been able to channel his energy in a constructive manner into creative work. As proof, Charlie Chaplin, born just a few days before Hitler on April 16, 1889, has a very similar star chart and therefore a very similar character. While Hitler actually gambled with the world, Chaplin pretended to do so in his comedy “The Great Dictator”. While Hitler went to war, Chaplin went to bed with many women. When Hitler scattered bombs, Chaplin “scattered” children all over the world. While Chaplin left a positive mark in history, Hitler is associated with evil. Lastly, if the second world war was supposed to happen, Destiny would have found another individual with similar characteristics to fulfill the karma of humanity.

Life shows that everything is relative. Without a doubt, Nostradamus named Napoleon and Hitler as Antichrists, but history is written by the victors. Today, the French still consider Napoleon one of their greatest emperors. This is probably how the Germans would have viewed Adolf Hitler if he had come out victorious. Destiny often allows those who violate the Universal Laws to win a few battles if this is in the interest of completing their karmic tasks. However, She never allows them to become victorious.
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Symbolism of planets in the horoscope

The Sun

Symbol of the ego, self, individuality, self-fulfillment, vitality and honor. Symbol of the father, aspiration to power and leadership abilities.

The Moon

Symbol of feelings, love, care, habits, the unconscious mind and instinctive reactions. Symbol of femininity, maternity, the mother and wife. Symbol of the soul and popularity.


Symbol of the intellect, the process of reflection, reason, logic, and expression. Symbol of language, hearing, writing, communication, speed and intelligence. Symbol of the brother.


Symbol of beauty, harmony, love, pleasure, art, grace, fashion and social life. Symbol of the sister and mistress.


Symbol of impulsiveness, initiative, action, personal energy, the spirit of competition, conquest, aggressiveness and the fighting spirit. Symbol of masculinity, man, the husband, passion and sexuality.


Symbol of happiness, expansion, well-being, prosperity, richness and excess. Symbol of justice, morality, the law, religion, spirituality and philosophy. Symbol of the need for freedom, long voyages and risk-taking. Protector of politicians and higher education.


Symbol of suffering and ordeals, limitations, ambition, the ability to perform difficult tasks, discipline and enforcer of Destiny. Symbol of patience, concentration, cruelty, asceticism, seriousness and incorruptible professor.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transcendental planets with several levels of vibrations. Each individual usually makes use of the vibrations corresponding to his or her level of consciousness.


Level 1:
Symbol of revolt, nonconformism, freedom, unpredictability, eccentricity, gambling and risk, radical change.
Level 2:
Symbol of non-linear logic, idealism, progress, emancipation from preconceived ideas, originality, invention, and electricity.
Level 3:
Symbol of the Divine will and antenna of Universal Mind.


Level 1:
Master of seas, symbol of mysticism, illusions, confusion, lies, mental illness, religious institutions, hospitals and prisons. Symbol of weakness for alcohol, medication, drugs and poison.
Level 2:
Symbol of charisma, creativity, imagination, visions, inspiration, idealism, missionary work. Symbol of seduction, patron of music, protector of art and artists.
Level 3:
Antenna of Universal Love.


Level 1:
Symbol of the underground world, souls, death, violence and control. Symbol of magnetic attraction, hidden power, sex, courage, police, secret service, detective work, surgery, and big businesses.
Level 2:
Symbol of transformation of the personality, regeneration, responsible for karmic lessons.
Level 3:
Symbol of higher spiritual consciousness

North Node (Karmic Node)

Symbol of karma, initiator of positive life changes.


Symbolic of the area of the soul’s deep wounds from the past. Chiron provokes experiences that emphasize the first experience of pain and rejection.

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